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In the years gone by, has dedicated to offering genuine Tibet tour experiences, with discreet one-stop travel service yet surprisingly lowest tour price available online, to budget travelers worldwide.

The story of began with the alliance of a bunch of like-minded Tibetan travel experts. With great passion for life and adventure, we began to engage in Tibet tour business via providing pro consultancy and customized Tibet tour service in early years.

Aiming to take global tourists to experience the elemental beauty of Tibet, with the modest budget, Tibettour.orghas grown into one of the leading Tibet tour operators over the past 10 years in Tibet inbound tourism industry. Our one-stop service features 100% Tibet Travel Permit application, easy flight and Tibet train tour booking, and China Tibet tour and Nepal Tibet tour as well.

With a professional team of more than 150 staff, from consultancy to actual booking and travelling in Tibet, tourists can enjoy a hassle-free service. By putting tourists’ experience and comfort in the first place, we ensure you a safe and pleasing travel in Tibet. So, why not join us, for an uplifting spiritual journey on the roof of the world. 


Most Budget Tibet Tour Packages

Travelling in Tibet is not cheap due to the tough alpine environment and shortage of material supply. However, for years, we have managed to narrow down the tour cost to benefit our clients. Check the best budget Tibet tour packages below. 

Best-Value China, Tibet and Nepal Tour Packages

Though Tibet remains the focus of the tour to many, in reality plenty of our clients opt for visiting other cities in China first and then take Tibet train or flight to Tibet and finally further travel to Nepal. To meet the demand of these tourists, we design a wide range of best-value China Tibet and Nepal Tour Packages. There’s got to be one that suits you best. 

What Makes Us Stand out from the Crowd

Our philosophy is simple. To offer you the genuine Tibet tour experience, with the best bargain you can get online, but with genuine local experience. 

Budget Tours

Years of Tibet tour running experience allows us to have a massive networking in the industry. Our abundant tour resource gives us the edge over other Tibet tour operators concerning the tour price. Our clients can enjoy the tourist-oriented service throughout the tour with the best budget.

Genuine Tibet Tour Experience

From theguide to drivers and other staff that serve you, all of them are Tibet-born, with years of Tibet tour experience. As the insiders, they will reveal the hidden beauty of Tibet to your eyes. In addition to must-see Tibetan monasteries and common attractions, they will take you to drink sweet tea in the local tea house in Lhasa, visit the Tibetans’ family and even work with Tibetan farmers on the farm, etc. 

One-Stop Service from China to Tibet and Nepal tour 

For those who want to cover the classic long trip from China all the way to Tibet and wind up in Nepal, we, one of the handful Tibet tour operators, can provide customized one-stop service from beginning to the end. In this way, you travel easily with great fun, free from the complicated travel documents applications and flight and Tibet train booking, and hotel booking issues, etc. 

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We are Tibetan Specialists

Travelling with an expert guide matters a lots, esp. in places like Tibet. With overflowing passion, spontaneous humor and deep care, not only can he ensure your safety on Tibetan Plateau, but also usher you into the essence of profound Tibetan culture and history. Just tell us your rough idea of Tibet tour; we will work with you to materialize it.

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