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In 2002, three young Tibet men, from a big Kham Tibetan family, engaged themselves as Tibet tour guides with great passion and burning desire to show their hometown to travelers from all over the world through their eyes. In the past years, they took thousands travelers to explore Tibet by bike, by hiking, by motorbike, by trekking, etc. They were getting familiar with every corner of this mysterious land and knew what the most essential parts were. Every year, they took over 1,000 travelers fulfill their dreams to travel Tibet and the number of their customers raises fast in recent years.

However, when they guided more and more tourists across the globe, they realized that many travelers to Tibet paid more for an unauthentic Tibet travel experience. And many questions from the travelers could be only answered by them, the real local guides who really know the destination.

How to visit three or four sites fluently in one day?

What is the best angle to take photos of the Potala Palace?

What is the best time to see the pilgrims in front of the Jokhang Temple?

How is the road condition to Mount Everest?

What should be prepared for a Mount Kailash Kora?

So they decided to run their own business and launched Tibettour.org to ensure an authentic lifetime travel experience for more tourists by traveling Tibet with the local guide.

Now, we are not only cousins from a big family, but also the closest partners for our lifelong career.

We aim to offer you an authentic experience with a reasonable itinerary in the REAL Tibet while traveling Tibet with local guides. Not only take you to the must-see travel attractions, we also take you to many less-known local destinations where few travelers go. Perhaps you'll find yourself admiring the handiwork at a women's weaving cooperative, or lending a hand during the local rice harvest, or sing a song with children in a Tibet orphanage, or enjoy a private cooking in a Tibet family. What we offer you are always the unique experience you can get then travel with us, the local Tibetan guides.

  • Sonam Tenphel

    12 years of travel guide experience

    I’m 37 years’ old and came from Chamdu, a nice and beautiful city in the eastern parf of Tibet. After getting a college degree from Lhasa Universiy, I started to be a tour guide since 2004. During the past 12 years, over 260 of tourists toured Tibet with me annually.
    It’s the great honor to indroduce all of you to the real Tibet.

  • Kunga Yeashi

    12 years of travel guide experience

    I was born in 1987 and graduated from Tibet University since 2004. Influenced by my cousins, I became a Tibet tour guide in 2008. During the past few years, I traveled almost everywhere in Tibet with hundreds of tourists from all over the world. I like outdoor activities, expecially trekking and biking.
    Let me be your guide to explore the marvelous Tibet plateau.

  • Tashi Namgyal

    10 years of travel guide experience

    Born in 1981, I engages myself as a tour guide since 2006. Guided average 307 days a year, I was always on the way. From Lhasa city to the Everest Base Camp, from the tent house at Lake Namtso to the small village near Mount Kailash, I explored almost every coner of Tibet.
    Hope to see you soon in Tibet!

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Why Travel with Us

Your destination is our home, we know Tibet like the back of our hands and can show you to the coolest hidden corners and off-the-beaten-paths that you could never find in any guidebook.

  • Reasonable Itinerary Designed by Local Travel Guides

    All of our Tibet tours are designed by ourselves, the real Tibetan local guide who live and work here. Based on the consideration of the real situations and years' of working experience, our Tibet tour offers you an authentic travel experience in a more fluent way.

  • Discover the Real Tibet in Local Ways

    We will not only take you to the must-see travel attractions, we also take you to many lesser-known local destinations where few travelers go. You may enjoy a priate cokking in a Tibet family, sing a song with local children in a Tibet orphanage, or lend a hand during the local rice harvest.

  • Get Back to Tibet

    If there is one thing we are certain of, it's that we want to promote positive changes in our fellows’ lives. By your trip with our local guide not only will you experience the real Tibet where they live, work and play, you'll also be supporting the local economy, to help more Tibetans lead a better life.

What Our Customers Say

  • I had a fantastic trip in Tibet, too short for sure. It was a well organised tour and our guide Penpa was very knowledgable about the monasteries and history of Tibet, I learnt a lot.

    Harlly,from United States
    made a Everest Base Camp Tour in May 10,2016
  • I want to say that our tour guide Tashi was the best,most flexible, passionate and professional tour guide.I’ve ever had as we traveled a lot. He has vast knowledge.

    Sammuel, from United States
    made a Lhasa Tour in July 4,2015

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