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If travelling to Tibet via scenic Tibet train is only a small appetizer, you will be having a treat shortly after you begin your exploration in Lhasa and elsewhere in Tibet. The following classic Tibet train tour packages give you a glimpse of popular destinations and varied itineraries in Tibet. You can join top 4 itineraries such as Lhasa to holy Namtso; Lhasa to Everest Base Camp via Shigatse; Lhasa to EBC and Mt.Kailash kora, even move further to Kathmandu, Nepal, etc. Just have a look and pick one that suits your interests and budget most.

Tibet Train Tours from Starting Cities

The easy availability of Tibet train from different cities across China makes it easier for international tourists to reach Tibet. We sum up top 5 cities where you can embark on your Tibet tour via scenic Tibet train journey. Each with its distinct beauty and historical charm, check the following Tibet train tour packages in detail.

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Wanna learn more about Tibet train itself and Tibet train journey? No problem! Our travel experts have written awful lots of useful articles concerning all the aspects of Tibet train journey. Click the following articles and learn more of the travel tips for the scenic train ride.

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