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Tibet Train Tours

Given the travelling cost, tour experience and acclimatization to high altitude, no means of transport can beat travelling by train to get to Tibet. Overall, there are eight major cities where international tourists can easily board the Tibet train to Lhasa.

To the first-timers to Tibet, international tourists can easily land in Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou, etc. After finished a couple of days’ tours, you can take scenic Tibet train and head directly to Tibet while enjoying the mind-blowing alpine scenery along the way.

With over 10 years Tibet tour running experience, offers one-stop service for 100% Tibet Travel Permit Application and a wide choice of China and Tibet tour via Tibet train. With hassle-free tour service, and great reputation in the Tibet inbound tourism industry, you can customize our Tibet train tour from different cities, effortlessly with great reliability.

Our Best-Selling Tibet Train Tours

If travelling to Tibet via scenic Tibet train is only a small appetizer, you will have a treat shortly after you begin your exploration in Tibet. The following classic Tibet train tour packages give you a glimpse of popular destinations in Tibet. Join in our top itineraries like Lhasa to Namtso, Lhasa to EBC, Mount Kailash, or Kathmandu, etc. Pick the one that suits you best.

Tibet Train Tours from Starting Cities

The easy availability of Tibet train from different cities across China makes it easier for international tourists to reach Tibet. We sum up top 7 cities where you can embark on your Tibet tour via scenic Tibet train journey. Each with its distinct beauty and historical charm. Check the following Tibet train tour packages in detail.

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With over 10 years’ Tibet train tour running experience and long-term partnership with the insiders of China railway system, we promise to secure your Tibet train ticket as planned. Just tell us your tour date, and personal preference, then leave the rest for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tibet Train Tour

Why take Tibet train to Lhasa?

Several reasons might persuade you to take Tibet train to Lhasa. First, traveling to Tibet by train proves to be cheaper than taking a flight. As for departure cities, there are totally of 8 available, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xining, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Chengdu, and Chongqing. Furthermore, along the Qinghai-Tibet railway, stunning landscapes can be seen, vast grassland, desolate desert, lofty snow mountains, fabulous highland lakes, etc. Finally, it is believed that taking the train to Tibet is able to help visitors adapt to high altitude gradually.

What kind of train ticket class to choose? Hard sleeper or soft sleeper?

It usually takes about 2 to 3 days to travel to Tibet by train, so you are advised to book the sleeper tickets, as they include a comfortable bed to sleep. The tickets of hard sleepers are cheaper than that of the soft sleepers, and they are the most popular options for most travelers.

Soft sleeper carriage has only 4 berths in each compartment, which proves to be less cramped than the hard sleeper cabin with 6 berths in each compartment. Also there is a lockable door for soft sleeper cabin. If you have more budget and want a more cozy environment on the train, you can choose the soft sleeper as well.

Which city is recommended for taking a train to Tibet?

There are a total of 8 departure cities available to take you to Tibet by train. For first-timers to China, you are advised to choose the train routes to Tibet from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, the three largest cities in China.

Xining offers the shortest ride on the way and it is the start of Qinghai Tibet Railway, from where amazing natural landscapes outside the train window can be seen. If you want to tour the capital city of ancient China, you can start your train journey to Tibet from Xi'an. Chengdu and Chongqing are easy for entry from overseas cities and also two of the cheaper options for train tickets.

How to book the Tibet train ticket? How can I get it?

You are advised to book the Tibet train ticket with us. Email us your inquiry and we can help you to get the train ticket of your required date and sleeper type. After everything is settled, we will send the Tibet train ticket, along with the Tibet Travel Permit, to your hotel or address in mainland China. Or, we will tell you the booking confirmation No. of your Tibet train ticket, with which you can pick the ticket at the railway station in person.

Do I need to apply for the Tibet Travel permit before taking the train?

The truth is that you need to show the Tibet Travel Permit before boarding the Tibet train. For departure cities including Chongqing, Xi'an and Lanzhou, you need to have the original Tibet permit. For the other popular Tibet-entry cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, etc., you need only a copy of the original Tibet Travel Permit.

We can help you apply for the Tibet Travel Permit. Just email us your passport information page, Chinese Visa page and your photo image at least 25 days before your journey to Tibet.

Is it safe for kids to take the Qinghai Tibet train?

Of course, it is safe for kids to take the Qinghai Tibet train. All trains to Tibet have police officers on board and the train staff patrols the carriage on time. Just in case of any emergency, you should keep your kids with you at all times. Moreover, all Tibet trains guarantee good function in the harsh environment, warmth and sufficient oxygen.

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