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Beijing to Lhasa Train

Z21 train from Beijing to Lhasa departs every day. It leaves from Beijing West Railway Station at 19:53. And two nights later, Z21 train from Beijing would drive you safely at Lhasa Railway Station at 11:36. That’s to say, you would stay on Beijing-Lhasa train (Z21) for 39:43 hours to complete the whole 3,757 km’s journey. On the way back, Lhasa-Beijing train (Z22) leaves at 15:50.

Train No.Dep./Arr.Dep. StationDurationHard seatHard sleeperSoft sleeper
Z21 Beijing-Lhasa 19:53 / 11:36 Beijing West Railway Station 39hr, 43min (3,757km) ¥360 ¥720 ¥1,144
Z22 Lhasa-Beijing 15:50 / 08:28 Lhasa Railway Station 40hr, 38min (3,757km) ¥360 ¥720 ¥1,144
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Travel tips: All the ticket prices are the net price. The actual booking price is higher with service fee included. Since Beijing to Lhasa train is one of the most favorite routes to Tibet. It is suggested to make your booking as soon as possible.

Beijing to Lhasa Train Schedule (Z21)

Beijing-Lhasa train crosses 6 provinces before reaching Tibet. During the 39:43 hours’ journey, you will experience a rollercoaster ride especially as the Tibet train leaves Taiyuan and gradually climbs from Qinghai Provinces to lofty Tibetan Plateau. Check the major railway stations, altitude change ascent along the way in the following real time train schedule.

Beijing Lhasa Train Route Map
DaysStationAltitudeArr. /Dep.Time
1 West Beijing 44 m --/19:53
1 Shijiazhuang 80 m 22:30/22:36
2 Taiyuan 820 m 00:18/00:26
2 Zhongwei 3,000 m 06:56/07:16
2 Lanzhou 1,520 m 12:19/12:31
2 Xining 2,200 m 14:59/15:24
2 Delingha 2,982 m 19:13/19:19
2 Golmud 2,780 m 21:33/21:58
3 Nagchu 4,500 m 07:44/07:50
3 Lhasa 3,650 m 11:36/--

About the Starting Station (Beijing West Railway Station)

To take the Beijing-Lhasa train, make sure you travel to Beijing West Railway Station. It’s the only railway station in Beijing that has regular trains bound for Tibet. Due to the huge number of travelers in this gigantic railway station, it’s advisable to arrive at the Beijing West Railway Station early to line up to be checked to board the train.

Address: No. 118, Lianhuachi East Road, Fengtai District, Beijing (丰台区莲花池东路118号)

Subway to West Railway Station: Line 9 and Line 7

Beijing Capital International Airport to West Railway Station

  • Take Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus (Route 7; Service Time: 06:30-21:00)
    It will take around 55 minutes and cost 30 CNY to reach the bus stop of Beijing West Railway Station South Square, and after getting off you need to walk 292m to reach the station.

  • Take a Taxi from the Airport to Railway Station
    It takes about 1h11m by taking taxi, and it costs around 120 CNY. (Taxi fares are for reference only and do not take into account waiting times and traffic jams)

Beijing West Railway Station

Life on the Beijing-Lhasa Train

The unique life aboard Tibet train gives you a rare chance to experience the real engineering wonder running on lofty Tibetan Plateau. You will be surprised to find many tourist-friendly facilities and cutting-edge technology that help to give you a thrilling ride all the way to holy Lhasa.

Luggage Storage

If you happen to stay in a soft sleeper cabin, you can put your big suitcase below the lower bunk and leave your small handbag either in the corner of your bed or store it in the upper storage area above the door. If you stay in a hard sleeper, you can leave your heavy suitcase below the lowest bunk or put it above the luggage rack above the narrow aisle. For travelers of the hard seat, putting your big belongings above public luggage rack is the only option.

Food and Drink

Quite similar to what happens when you take the flight, the staff will pass your cabin with a food trolley at meal times. You can easily buy a boxed meal or some snack or soft drinks like orange juice and coke from him. Of course, if you prefer some formal dishes, you can move to the dining carriage where the professional chef will make mostly traditional Chinese food for you. The meal costs around 15 CNY, the lunch and dinner cost around 25-50 for each person.

And you can buy some snack or fruit before you board the Tibet train to fill the leisurely time while enjoying the stunning window view. For a vegetarian, you may also find tasty food. If you wanna some drinks, you may also buy some beers and wine in the train. However, just don’t drink too much because it won’t help for the acclimatization to Tibetan Plateau.

Air Conditioning and Oxygen Supply

The windows and exterior of Tibet train are airtight and can protect you from extreme temperature change outside. As the Beijing-Lhasa train leaves Golmud, the oxygen will be released pervasively in passengers’ carriages. Meanwhile, if you still have shortness of breath, you may ask for an oxygen tube from the conductor and connect it to the oxygen outlet inside the soft sleeper or in the corridor to inhale oxygen. However, it’s advisable not to become addictive to the oxygen supply. Normally, your discomfort such as headache, and fast pulse and dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, etc. will disappear within two days.

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  • food and drink on Tibet train
  • oxygen supply on Tibet train

Train Tickets Online Booking

Tell us your tour date, Tibet-entry city and other personal needs, we secure your train ticket and arrange easy Tibet train tour.

Top Highlights along the Beijing-Lhasa Train Route

The highlights of Tibet train center from Golmud to Lhasa. Do wipe off the dirt from your cabin’s window at Golumd because you are about to enjoy a real treat to your eyes. Grazing yaks in vast Nagqu grassland, snow-blanketed peaks and shimmering alpine lakes at sunset, etc. It’s time to wield your camera for a test shot before arriving in Lhasa.

  • Yuzhu Peak

    With an altitude of 6,178 meters, Yuzhu peak is the first major attraction as the Tibet train leaves Golmud to Lhasa. As the Tibet train runs below the spectacular Kunlun Mountain range, you will be deeply impressed by the snow-topped summit of Yuzhu peak in the distance. To the mountaineers in China, Yuzhu peak is no strange. It has served as a great destination for entry-level mountaineering and climbing training for years.

    Yuzhu Peak
  • Kekexili Nature Reserve

    Kekexili Nature Reserve

    Believed to be a safe haven for the wildlife, Kekexili Nature Reserve, also known as Hoh Xil, is the largest (83,000 square kilometres) and highest (4800m) nature reserve with one of the most diverse flora and fauna in China. It is home to a variety of alpine wildlife, such as Tibetan antelope, wild yak and Tibetan wild ass, white-lipped deer, and brown bear, etc. If you happen to take Tibet train from May to July, you may have higher chance to catch a glimpse of migration of lively Tibetan antelopes.

  • Tuotuo River

    Originating from the melting glaciers of Tanggula Mountains, the enchanting Tuotuo River, also known as "Red River" in Mongolian, constitutes the source of great Yangtze River. You are expected to enjoy the train ride and cross the glittering Tuotuo River via a gigantic Tuotuo River bridge, which symbolizes the first bridge (1389.6 meters long with 42 piers) over the source of Yangtze River. Do get ready for the epic shot.

    Tuotuo River
  • Tanggula Mountain

    Tanggula Mountain

    After passing the source of Yangtse River, we are about to reach the highest place of Tibetan train, i.e. Tanggula Mountain Pass (5072m) while the famous Tanggula Railway Station is located at an elevation of 5,068m. You have a short time to take a picture with the landmark Tanggula sign on the platform. And the incredible vista of Tanggula mountains afar will blow your mind away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beijing Lhasa Train

  • What kind of travel document is needed when board the train?

    To board to Tibet train, you need to have Tibet Travel Permit . The permit will be checked before your board the train at the railway station. The Tibet Travel Permit can only be applied through a registered travel agency on behalf of the individual traveler.

    In this case, our travel consultant can help you get the permit. You just need to email us your passport information page, Chinese Visa page and your photo image for application. It is suggested to start the application 14 days before your Tibet tour departure dates.

  • How to shorten the Beijing Lhasa Train journey?

    If you happen to travel during the high season of Tibet tour (July, August, Oct) and cannot get your Beijing-Lhasa train ticket, we suggest you firstly flying from Beijing to Xining and later board the Xining-Lhasa train to Tibet. Though it costs a bit more, it saves you lots of time and won't ruin your planned tour, and most importantly it still allows you to enjoy the highlights of Tibet train journey from Xining to Lhasa.

  • How to book the Beijing Lhasa Train ticket?

    The best and most reliable way to book Beijing Lhasa train tickets is through our Tibet train booking service. We can secure your Tibet train ticket and give you more chance to choose the exact type of train sleepers, such as soft sleeper or hard sleeper. Of course, you may try booking train ticket yourself online, if you know mandarin and have exactly the same way of payments like Wechat, AliPay or bank account in China. However, it's often the case that you still can't get your train ticket, because a large part of Tibet train ticket is reserved or booked via big travel agencies.

  • How to get my Beijing Lhasa train ticket after booking?

    Well, normally after you book our Tibet train tour, our staff will help you get the Train ticket for you and give it to your hand in person. In some cases, our travel consultant will teach you how to get your booked Train ticket with your booking confirmation No. and your passport at the ticket office in the railway station. In this case, do arrive at the railway station at least 2hours earlier to follow the procedure because the huge crowds are pretty common in China. You need to line up in a long queue to get train tickets and wait to be checked to board the train.

Most Recommended Beijing Tibet Train Tour Packages

Based on our over 10 years’ Tibet train tour running experience, we handpick the top 4 most recommended Beijing Tibet train tours for you. You can easily combine the cultural tours in Beijing with an exciting Tibet train tour all the way to holy Tibet. With reliable service for Tibet train booking and Tibet Travel Permit, we promise you a once-in-a-lifetime Beijing Tibet train journey. Just tell us your tour date and personal preferences for your Tibet train tour, we love to make it happen for you.

Tibet Train from Other Gateway Cities

In addition to Beijing, you can also enjoy the fascinating Tibet train journey from main provincial cities like Shanghai, Chengdu, Xining, Lanzhou, Guangzhou, Xi’an, and Chongqing etc. And each city features a totally different tour experience. Much excitement awaits your discovery and come and join our expertly designed Tibet train tours.