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A Tibet Nepal Tour gives you a chance to travel from soaring Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to enchanting Kathmandu Valley. You can explore the majestic Himalayas from its north to its south and find out the subtle difference between Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism and experience varied cultures and local customs.

The most popular way to enjoy a Tibet Nepal tour is to take the week-long Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour via Gyirong border. The epic road trip combines landmark Tibetan monasteries with intriguing natural scenery all the way to Kathmandu. The highlights of the tour culminate when you make it to Mount Everest Base Camp. You may also extend your journey to holy Mt. Kailash for the most divine experience in Tibet.

Of course, you may do it the opposite way to travel from Nepal to Tibet. Having finished the classic tour in Kathmandu and Pokhara or even EBC trek, you can either enter Tibet by flight or take a road trip via the famous Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway. The differences on religion, culture and landscape will provide you lots of opportunities to understand these two neighboring tourist destinations on both sides of the great Himalayas.

As a leading Tibet and Nepal tour operators, we bring you the most popular Tibet Nepal Tour Packages. To ensure you a hassle-free journey, we help to get the Tibet Travel Permit and other important travel documents, book proper hotels and dining and customize your Tibet Nepal tour. With diverse itineraries, thrilling activities and tourists-friendly services, you will surely enjoy a lifetime memorable experience you deserve.

Our Best-Selling Tibet Nepal Group Tours

If you are looking forward to travelling to Tibet and Nepal on a budget, then our best-selling Tibet Nepal group tour packages could be your option. Whether you prefer to travel overland or take a fast flight, there would be an itinerary for you. You can also choose to travel from Kathmandu to Lhasa or the other way around. Just check the following two-thumbs up tours to start your journey now!

Most Recommended Tibet Nepal Private Tours

To facilitate our clients with varied preferences, we designed a series of Tibet Nepal private tours ranging from one week to half a month. From classic trip to cultural exploration to scenic discovery, you can find the one that work best for your holiday. If there is no suitable trip you prefer, we can also help to customize your perfect itinerary according to your own needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tibet Nepal Tour

Travel to Tibet and Nepal in one tour is quite wise, you can find the difference and similarity between the two destinations both beneath the mighty Himalayas. However, many tourists have no idea how to travel, what should prepare, whether traveling at this high altitude is safe or not…Just take it easy! Here we will offer the detailed response to FAQs about Tibet Nepal Tour to help you!

What travel documents should I prepare for Tibet Nepal tour?

Actually, different travel routes of Tibet Nepal Tour will need different travel documents. In general, there are two routes. The first is to start your journey from Tibet or mainland China. Like that, you need to get Chinese Visa in your own country at first, then, find a local Tibetan Travel Agency, like us, to help you apply for Tibet Travel Permit, the entry permit for your Tibet tour. The second is to travel from Nepal to Tibet. The Tibet Travel Permit is also necessary in this occasion. But instead of a Chinese Visa, you only need to apply for a Chinese Group Visa in Nepal.

In addition, if you want to travel some restricted places in Tibet, such as Mount Kailash, Mount Everest, Lake Manasarovar…You still need to get the Aliens’ Travel Permit, Military Area Entry Permit, and Frontier Pass etc.

How to Get to Tibet from Nepal or Nepal from Tibet?

Well, if you enter Tibet from Nepal, driving from Kathmandu to Tibet via Gyirong Port is the best choice. Not only can you save money, but also appreciate the snow-covered mountains, vast alpine meadow, cute yaks, hospitable locals, and historical scenic spots and so on. Of course, if you don’t have enough time by overland, taking an international flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu is also available.

And if starting the journey from Tibet or mainland China, you can take a flight to Xining, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Lanzhou, then, taking a direct train to Lhasa via the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Besides, you can also fly to Lhasa directly. To be honest, we highly recommend you take a train to Tibet if time permits, owing to the enchanting scenery along the way. More importantly, taking the train can help you get acclimatized to the high altitude to lessen the risk of altitude sickness. Then you will leave for Kathmandu via Gyirong Port by road or take a flight from Lhasa.

When Is the Best Time for Tibet Nepal Tour?

Normally, April to October is the best time to tour Tibet, March to April and October to November are the best time to travel Nepal, also are trekking seasons to Everest Base Camp. So the best seasons for Tibet Nepal Tour are from March to April and September to October. In fact, Tibet Nepal Tour can be done all year around. Summer is the peak season. It is difficult to book all kinds of tickets, hotels. The tourist cost will correspondingly increase. And for many rainy days from June to September, Mount Everest will be shrouded in mist. When traveling in winter, maybe the temperature is lower than that of other seasons, however, you will save a sum of money.

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