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Tibet Winter Tours

Have ideas of a Tibet winter tour? Well, you are thinking in the right way. Tibet in winter is not that cold, and offers brilliant unique landscape at the same time. With less crowded tourists, more local pilgrims, as well as cheaper travel cost during this low season, touring Tibet in winter turns out to be a clever choice for many.

As the leading local agency of Tibet tours, we offer a collection of winter tour packages for you. Our thoughtful local guides are passionate to show you the charm of winter Tibet, whether it is the magnificent Buddhist monastery in sun-shining Lhasa city, or the blue Yamdrok Lake embraced by snow-white mountains, or even the awe-inspiring summit of Mount Everest. Join in us now for a legendary winter journey in Tibet.

Most Popular Tibet Winter Tours in Group

Choose from the following well-tailored packages to enjoy a lifetime Tibet winter tour. From classic Lhasa sightseeing to cultural Ganden monastery visit, from nearby Yamdrok Lake to distant Everest Base Camp. Pick the one that work best for your winter trip in Tibet. If there is no suitable trip you prefer, we can also help to customize your perfect itinerary.

Most Recommended Tibet Winter Tours in Private

To meet different needs of our clients, we collect a series of Tibet winter private tours ranging from 4 to 9 days. In addition to Lhasa and surrounding sightseeing, you can also experience hot spring in Yangpenchen, take holy trekking, enjoy local customs during Tibetan New Year Festival etc. If there is no suitable trip you prefer, please contact us to customize your perfect itinerary.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tibet Winter Tour

1. Is it too cold to visit Tibet in winter? How about the weather of winter Tibet?

The fact is that the winter of Tibet is not so cold as many suppose, despite of its high elevation on the plateau. The average temperature in the daytime is around 10 degrees, and at night it will drop to a few degrees below zero. Even at the Everest Base Camp region, the temperature still stays a few degrees above zero during the day. And in the lower Nyingchi region, the night temperature can reach up to -1 degrees.

The sky in winter Tibet is generally cloudless and sunny, but the air tends to rather dry with thin oxygen content. In Lhasa, one can always have a comfortable sunbath, because of the strong and abundant sunshine there. Therefore, except some extreme-cold high mountain areas, Tibet is still suitable for visiting in winter months.

Why travel to Tibet in winter season?

First, there are fewer tourists that will travel to Tibet during winter season, which makes it is less crowded across the land, even in some popular destinations. Also, the scenery in winter Tibet is not inferior to that of summer. As a result, Tibet presents its different beauty in winter months, with blue skies and clear air. It is a good time to see the clear view of snow-capped mountains, to watch the magnificent Mount Everest at its most solemn state.

In addition, you will save a lot on your budget when travelling to Tibet during winter time. In the low travel season, the flights to Tibet tend to be much cheaper, and hotels will also become more affordable with lower prices. Some tourist attractions may also offer tempting discounts on admissions.

What are the best places to visit for a Tibet winter tour?

Lhasa city, as the provincial capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, is definitely the first-choice for a Tibet winter tour. There you can visit the iconic Potala Palace, revered Jokhang Temple and explore the important Tibetan monasteries, Drepung and Sera. It will be fairly pleasant to stroll the Barkhor Street, especially when the sun shines in winter months.

Beyond Lhasa, tourists can visit the holy Yamdrok Lake, which is available even in winter. The lake only freezes for a short time in deep winter, and appears to be dreamy beautiful when the white snows covered the surrounding mountains. Also, the Ganden Monastery, around 50 km from Lhasa, is a fine place one can take a scenic trek to view the beautiful Lhasa valley.

Mount Everest, unexpectedly, is indeed a good place to visit in winter. The temperature at the base camp is cold but bearable, and the air is dry with fewer fog. One can have a better chance to see the summit of Mount Everest during this time. But to remember, the tents at the camp will be removed, and the Rongbuk Monastery guesthouse will be the nearest accommodation at Everest Base Camp in winter season.

Besides, we also recommend the Nyingchi region for your Tibet winter tour. At lower elevation with sufficient oxygen content, Nyingchi gives you the chance to enjoy the winter scenery of Tibet ranging from 2000 to 3000 meters. It is also recognized as the best season to watch the Nnamjagbarwa Mountain, the fifteenth peak of the world.

Can I visit Namtso Lake in winter?

Namtso Lake is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, and the second largest saline lake in China, sitting at an altitude of 4,718 meters. In the winter season (November to February), there are heavy snows around the lake region, and the road from Lhasa to Namtso will become too icy to drive. So, Namtso Lake will be closed during winter days. If you particularly want to visit Namtso Lake, you are suggested to go in summer and autumn seasons, when the temperature is warm, and the grassland is green.

What should I pay attention to when travelling to Tibet in winter?

1. In winter, Lhasa has a temperature of 15 degrees during the day and a temperature of minus 5 degrees at night. The temperature difference is large. You need to wear winter down jacket, and pay attention to keep warm at night.

2. Pack the essential medicines including anti-altitude response drugs. Because winter temperatures are low in Tibet and the air contains less oxygen, it is more likely to suffer from altitude sickness. It is recommended to start taking Rhodiola two weeks earlier before your go to Tibet. In addition, prepare cold medication, cough mixture, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins and gastrointestinal drugs, etc.

3. Pay attention to sun protection. Prepare sunglasses, sunscreen, body lotion and lip balm etc. In winter, the air in Tibet is particularly dry and the sunshine is quite strong. It is important for every traveler to protect your skin.

4. When go to Mount Everest Base Camp, take thick warm pants, casual shoes or sports shoes. The sandstone road is common in the journey, so one can wear hard-bottom outdoor shoes to buffer extrusion.

5. The snowy scenery of Tibet in winter is very fanscinating. However, if you expose your eyes directly to this snow land for a long time on a sunny day, you may suffer from snow blindness. If this happens, wash your eyes with liquid medicine, cover your eyes in the dark, and chill with a cold towel; do not apply heat compress, because high temperatures will aggravate the pain.

6. If you plan to go to Tibet in winter, you’d better consult the local travel agency in Tibet online in advance. Since many agencies will stop providing services in winter seasons. It is recommended to make preparation earlier in case your plan is delayed. As the leading tour operator for Tibet tours, we offer a range of Tibet winter tours with multiple departure date choices. Please feel free to contact us for any questions and doubts.

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