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How to Apply for Tibet Travel Permit from Different Countries

Last Update: March 27, 2020

In fact, getting Tibet Travel Permit is far easier than you thought. And no matter which countries you come from, the basic procedure stays the same. As a professional travel agency with rich experience of the application of Tibet travel permits, we will offer you insider tips as how to apply for Tibet Permit from counties like US, Australia, Singapore, and UK, Canadian, etc.

What Is Tibet Travel Permit

For those who have never been to Tibet, Tibet Travel Permit is much stranger, if you are planning a Tibet tour, this is the information you must know. Tibet Travel Permit is also called Tibet Entry Permit, when you enter Tibet, it is will be checked by the staff of train or airport. And according to the regulation of National Tourism Administration, tourists who hold the alien passport, including Taiwanese, need to apply for Tibet Travel Permit before entering Tibet. In other words, tourists like US citizen, UK citizen and Australian Citizen, Canadian passport holders and Singaporean passport holders, etc. absolutely should apply for this permit, if you don’t have this permit, you can’t travel to Tibet.

How to Apply for Tibet Permit from Different Countries

Wherever you are from, Tibet Travel Permit will be applied in Tibet by the local travel agency, like us. You need to come to China first and before that you are expected to email us the copy of your Chinese Visa and passport and your photo image to us. At the same time, you should let us know your destinations in Tibet, your travel purpose, and the number of tourists, and your personal information and so on.

Tibet Travel PermitTibet Travel Permit

As we all know, Tibet is a sensitive place where you are not allowed to pay a visit independently. If you want to go sightseeing, you must find a Tibetan travel agency to help you complete the tour. Certainly, as a professional travel agency, we are worth being chosen. We have already helped many tourists get the permit successfully, by the way, if you are a pilgrim from Singapore, UK, and US, Australia, and Canada with an Indian Passport, and will do a kora around Mount Kailash, the Tibetan local travel agencies have no right to help you apply for Tibet Travel Permit. You can refer to the Travel Permit for Indian.

In addition, we recommend you apply for Tibet Travel Permit ahead of at least 20 days, because there are lots of tourists in the peak season of Tibet, it will take a long time to transact. If you want to have an excellent Tibet tour, please remember this.

Do I Need Chinese Visa to Visit Tibet

Besides applying for Tibet Travel Permit, Chinese Visa is also a necessary document for entering Tibet. Actually, there are two ways to get your Chinese Visa. One is to get the visa on your own from the nearest Chinese Embassy to your country if you are planning to visit Tibet from mainland China. Another is to apply for your Chinese Group Visa in Chinese Embassy located in Kathmandu. Please check detailed information about how to Chinese Group Visa in Kathmandu

Chinese VisaChinese Visa for the UK

However, if you enter Tibet from Nepal, you must reapply for Chinese Visa in line with regulation, whether you have or not. More importantly, if your Chinese Visa is special, we do not recommend you start the Tibet tour from Nepal, because when you get the visa in Kathmandu, the visa you have gotten will be invalid. In addition, you need to pay attention to the time of application, particularly in the peak season of Tibet, because you need Chinese Visa when applying for Tibet Travel Permit.

More Travel Documents Required to a Tibet Tour

In addition to the Chinese Visa and Tibet Travel Permit, different scenic spots you visit will need you to offer different documents. In general, you still apply for the Aliens’ Travel Permit and Military Area Entry Permit when paying a visit to some unopened places or some border regions. The following content will provide you with detailed information about the application of these two permits.

Aliens' Travel Permit

When traveling some unopened places in Tibet, you should apply for Aliens' Travel Permit. These unopened sites are Basum Lake in Nyingchi, Samye Monastery, Mount Everest, Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, etc. It is not too difficult to get. You can take a plane, train or car to Tibet at first, upon your arrival, you can take a break in the hotel to get acclimatized at this high altitude.

Aliens' Travel PermitAliens' Travel Permit

Then, you deliver up all necessary things regarding the application of Aliens’ Travel Permit to your tour guide who will help you apply for it. You just waiting at the hotel about 1-2 hours, the permit will be prepared. If you don’t know whether you should need this permit, take it easy when you contact us, please explain the destinations in Tibet, our professional advisor will inform you about that.

Military Area Entry Permit

Military Area Entry Permit is the same as Aliens’ Travel Permit, also used for some unopened places in Tibet. Visiting some places, not only will you need Aliens’ Travel Permit, but also Military Area Entry Permit, owing to the particularity of Tibet. In fact, there are lots of sites in Tibet that you can’t go sightseeing, no matter what documents you apply for, those places are forbidden to be visited.

You may want to know where you visited needs this permits and how to apply for it, here you will get the answer. If you go to Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar in Nagri, Rawu, Bome in Nyingchi, and some remote places of Shannan, ect., you need to apply for the permit. Besides, if you just take the plane to Ngari from Lhasa, Urumqi, or Kashgar, the Military Area Entry Permit will be used, as well as the overland tour to Tibet from Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang, or Qinghai. Applying for the permit is not difficult, you can arrive in Lhasa, then get it in Lhasa or Shigatse according to your travel plan.

In addition, no matter what kind of permit you apply for, please pay more attention to the time of application, especially in the peak season of Tibet. And you must keep your Tibet Travel Permit well for entering Tibet.

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