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Tibet Photography Tours

Blessed with unique topography, diverse landscape, alpine weather and intense Buddhist atmosphere, Tibet is a perfect destination for global photographers, from photography novices to big names for national geographic.

As the real local experts on Tibet tours, we can help you to fulfill your dream photography journey in Tibet. Whether you want to shoot majestic Himalayan ranges or gilded Tibetan monasteries perched on lofty mountain passes, turquoise alpine lakes or diverse wildlife, we have the proper itinerary for you to take the most stunning photos.

And our seasoned Tibetan local guides know by heart where and when to take the best shots. They can show you how to take ideal portrait shots like devout Tibetan pilgrims, where to shoot impressive sunrise of Mount Everest, when to encounter beautiful starry sky in Tibet, and more. With their company and insider guidance, you will capture the best of Tibet.

Most Recommended Tibet Photography Private Tours

We have carefully designed a series of Tibet photography tours as follows. You can choose from the most popular destinations for photography in Tibet, from holy Namtso Lake to Mount Everest, from scenic Nyingchi to culture-rich central Tibet. If there is no suitable trip you prefer, or you want to discover other places instead, we can also help to customize your perfect itinerary according to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tibet Photography Tour

Why should I travel to Tibet for photography?

For shutterbugs and photographers, Tibet is the place one should not miss. The diversified alpine landscapes and unique mysterious Tibetan culture allow you to take different kinds of impressive photos. You can always shoot amazing things that unique to the vast land of Tibet, from lofty mountains like Mount Everest to sacred lakes as Namtso, from magnificent Buddhist architectures like Potala Palace and Ganden Monastery to hospitable locals who practice their ancient traditions and customs all the time.

The distinct terrain and climate also make the plateau present different charming views in four seasons, varying from region to region. While it is a solemn snow-white world in the region of Mount Kailash, you may witness another scene of green land and lush trees in eastern Tibet in Nyingchi at the same time. It will be worthwhile to bring your camera to discover the fascinating land of Tibet.

When is the best season to take photos in Tibet?

Generally, you can take a good photo in Tibet at any time of the year, since there is different highlighted scenery in each season. As a suggestion, we recommend you to take a Tibet photography trip in Summer season of July and August. During this time, the weather is warm and mild with strong sunshine, dry and cool atmosphere. You will not need to bring equipment or clothing as much as in winter when travelling in the open air.

Also, you will have more chances to see the most extraordinary changes of clouds under the blue sky, especially before or after the rain. The lakes and mountains always are at their best state, with rich and bright colors for better imaging. Besides, since the major Tibetan festivals always fall on summer season, you can capture the most grand and hilarious occasion of celebration.

What are the dos and don’ts for photographing in Tibet?

Respect local Tibetan customs. Ask for first for permission of the people you want to photograph, since in some areas people believe that it is inauspicious to have their photo taken. You can return their favor by offering tiny presents as a token of thanks. You should avoid asking women to take pictures for you as it may annoy their husbands.

When taking photos in Tibetan monasteries and temples, you need to seek permission of the Lamas first. Taking pictures inside holy places is most probably forbidden, especially the statue in the shrine. You will probably have to pay the much higher price for photographing. Do not take photos secretly in these places, as it may bring about unexpected trouble and may even be against local regulations. Also remember not to take photos in sensitive military areas.

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