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Tibet Travel Permit: who and when need one; your ultimate guide about Tibet visa.

Last Update: July 28, 2017

Most Updated Information about Tibet Travel Permit (Tibet Visa) Updated on Jul.24,2017

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Tibet travel permit, or Tibet Permit, is the approval document a foreigner must have before s/he is allowed to travel in Tibet. All non-Chinese citizens or anyone holding a non-Chinese passport or ID card (such as Taiwanese) need to apply for this permit. It is needed even for overseas Chinese who do not have a Chinese passport. Macau and Hong Kong Residents may go to Tibet without having the permit provided that they have the ‘Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents’.

Tibet travel permit

Sample of the latest Tibet travel permit and travel group list.

Where Can You Obtain Tibet Permit?

Where can you get one? If you google, a lot of information would indicate that you may get the permit in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Golmud, etc. They are all misleading! Trust me. The one and ONLY place to apply for Tibet Permit is Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasha, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)!

Please don’t confuse Tibet Permit with your visa to China. The latter is the very first one document you need to have before you can get into TAR (A Province of China), You may visit anywhere in China other than TAR without having Tibet Permit. But you MUST have it when you want to visit Tibet. Simple as that. One very crucial precaution: you cannot apply for Tibet Permit if your occupation on the permit is diplomat, journalist or government official. In that case you have to apply for entry through the Tibet Foreign Affairs Office, not the Tibet Tourism Bureau.

It is also important to decide on which city you will leave for Tibet before applying for Tibet Permit. The departure city will be written on the permit and you can only depart from that city. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a new Tibet Permit.

How to Apply for Tibet Permit?

To obtain your Tibet Permit, you have to go through a local travel agency in Tibet. Tibet Tourism Bureau does NOT issue the permit to individual applicants. You just need to send a scanned copy of your passport and Chinese Visa to your travel agency, which will then apply for the permit on your behalf. Once done, your agency will send you a “Tibet Permit Confirmation”, with which you may purchase air tickets, reserve ground transportation and join a tour group. When you enter China, your travel agency will arrange how you get your Tibet Permit, mostly through Express Mail Services.

How to apply for Tibet travel permit

The whole steps about applying for Tibet travel permit for foreign tourists.

When is Your Tibet Permit Used?

When you go to Tibet from inside China, the first time you will have to use the Tibet Permit is at your departure train station or airport. But it will be checked at any time while you are in Tibet, typically, when you enter Lhasa City and check into hotels. It is a good idea to leave your permit with your guide just in case you might lose it. And, mind you, it is the local policy that you have to stick with the tour group all the time, unless you don’t walk out of the hotel or a souvenir market. You are NOT allowed to travel alone in Tibet.

Other Permits You Might Need

There are many permits or travel documents you have to deal with when you travel in Tibet. It is a little confusing sometimes. Remember, Tibet Travel Permit does not legitimize visiting anywhere in Tibet—you are not allowed to get out of Lhasa City or nearby an 'unopen area'. If you do wish to, you will have to apply for another permit—the Aliens' Travel Permit, which is issued by Tibet Public Security Bureau. You will need this Aliens' Travel Permit if you want to visit Mount Everest Base Camp in Shigatse, or Samye Monastery in Tsedang, as well. Aren’t there a lot of unfamiliar names? No hassle. Just remember to tell your travel agency each and every one of your travel plans. They will help you secure all the needy documents.

Aliens' Tibet travel permit

Sample of aliens' Tibet travel permit.

Entering Tibet from Nepal

You would need a Group Visa if you decide to enter Tibet from Nepal. It may be directly issued to a solo traveler. You can get the visa from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu normally within three working days. The simplest way is, again, through your local travel agency, like us ( We will help secure your Tibet Permit, then send you an invitation letter and itinerary, with which you can apply for the Tibet Group Visa. Again, it would be much easier if you go through a Travel Agency in Nepal. Staff in our Kathmandu office will be very happy to serve you.

To wrap up, we highly recommend you to entrust a local travel agency, You are welcome to contact us for safe and efficient Tibet permit application. We deal with thousands of applications each year. We will secure all your travel documents.

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