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Imagine your trip from one of the world’s famed ancient capitals to the holy and pure land at the roof of the world, the Beijing Tibet tour will definitely be a lifetime eye-opening chance for you.

Firstly, Beijing will welcome you with its glorious history and brilliant Chinese culture. Here you can visit the famed Temple of Heaven, explore the imperial Forbidden City, go for a walk on the Great Wall, or roam around the Hutongs of old Beijing, to name a few.

Then taking the Tibet train or flight to Lhasa, you will set foot in another different world of nature wonders and unique Buddhist culture. Depending on your time and schedule, you can choose to enjoy a classic Lhasa city tour, or go deep into Tibet to explore Namtso Lake, Everest Base Camp etc.

As the leading local Tibet tour operator with years of experience, we offer you the most popular Beijing Tibet tour packages. We can help to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit, arrange suitable accommodation and dinning, book Tibet train ticket etc., to offer a one-stop service for your hassle-free trip. Our professional team can also customize your preferred itinerary on request. Join in us now for your dream journey to Beijing and Tibet!

Best Beijing Tibet Tour Packages

We have carefully designed a wide selection of Beijing Tibet tour packages for your choice. Taking a train or flight, you can enjoy a classic trip in Beijing and Lhasa, or choose to explore more of Tibet at Everest Base Camp, Shigatse, and even head to Kathmandu. If there is no suitable trip you prefer, we can also help to customize your perfect itinerary according to your own needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Beijing Tibet Tour

What travel documents to obtain for Beijing Tibet tour?

The first thing to start your Beijing Tibet tour is to get the travel documents as required. To enter China, you need to get the Chinese Visa. In most cases, you can get your Chinese Visa in your home country or a third country, with your original passport of at least six mounts remaining validity.

Then when it comes to Tibet, you will need to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit before entering the plateau. Differently, Tibet Travel Permit can only be applied through an authorized travel agency on behalf of international tourists. And your Chinese Visa and valid passport will be needed for application. The best option is to book your Beijing Tibet tour with us, and we can help to get your Tibet Travel Permit through simple steps, as well as more documents for touring Tibet.

Why choose Beijing to start a China Tibet tour?

First, it is much more convenient to get to Beijing from all around the world. Multiple direct flights fly to Beijing every day, landing at Beijing Capital International Airport and the newly opened Beijing Daxing International Airport. Whether you are from America, Europe or Austria, you can find an easy way to fly to Beijing.

Secondly, Beijing offers both direct flights and trains to Tibet, which surpasses many other cities in China. The non-stop flight from Beijing to Tibet departs twice daily and only takes about 4 to 5 hours. The train from Beijing to Lhasa leaves once a day, and takes about 40 hours to cross the vast land of China to reach Tibetan Plateau. Tourists can also flexibly choose to break the journey on the way in Xi’an or Xining etc.

Last but not the least, Beijing is the destination you should not miss if you want to visit China and Tibet together. From ancient imperial palaces to developed modern architectures, there are so many places worth your sightseeing, including the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven etc., to name a few.

When is the best time to visit Beijing and Tibet?

The best time to visit Beijing and Tibet together is spring and autumn. Strictly speaking, Beijing is friendly to visit throughout the year, despite of the cold weather in deep winter. While Tibet, on the other hand, have a better weather condition in spring and autumn. Considering its high altitude, it is recommended to visit Tibet from April to June and September to November, when the weather is temperate and stable. Summer season can be avoided if you tend to enjoy hiking in Tibet, as the heavy rainfall may cause landslide.

Should I travel to Tibet from Beijing by flight or train?

The flight to Tibet from Beijing departs twice a day in the morning, and it separately takes about 4.5 h and 7h to get to Lhasa. If you take the flight, you can enjoy a fast and quick transfer to Tibet, while bear a relative expensive transportation cost. Since the flight price always fluctuates a lot, from high season to low season, it is recommended to book your flight in advance.

The train from Beijing to Lhasa will take about 40 hours on the way. From late evening to the early morning of the third day, you will experience quite a long time on board the train. But as the train passes Xining to enter the route of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, you will start to enjoy impressive nature landscape that can not be found on any other places of the planet. Besides, Tibet train also offer a relatively affordable price for budget travelers.

As a third choice taking a balanced position, you can also combine the Tibet train and flight to get to Tibet from Beijing. It is recommended to first fly to Xining from Beijing, and then take the train from Xining to Lhasa. Xining as the starting point of Qinghai-Tibet rail line, offer the most frequent trains to Tibet. So, you will not miss the legendary Tibet train journey but avoid long-time transfer on the way.

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China Tibet Tours from Other Cities

Wanna enjoy a China Tibet tour starting from other gateway cities? No problem! Our travel experts have also designed a series of Tibet Tours from Shanghai, Chengdu, Xining and Xi'an, etc. Check as follows.

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