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For cultural explorers, travelling to Tibet during its varied Tibetan festivals promises a marvelous chance for you to dive into highlights of Tibetan culture and customs.

Throughout the year, Tibet is never short of exciting and exotic festivals.

Unlike the other carnival atmosphere you’ve experienced elsewhere, festivities of Tibetan festivals carry a strong influence of Tibetan Buddhism. Whether when it comes to gigantic Thangka Buddha unfolding ceremony and yogurt eating during Shoton Festival in Lhasa or massive Tibetan pilgrims prostrating around holy Mt. Kailash on Saga Dawa Festival, etc, you will find the time-honored traditions and legendary Buddhist stories are deeply-rooted in Tibetan culture and Tibetans’ daily life.

Other top of that, the stunning alpine topography and unique climate on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau also help to breed a great number of festivals, honoring great nature and happy life. Festivals like Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival, Nagqu Horse Racing Festival, Ongkor Festival for bumper harvest are purely observed for marrying-making and gratitude towards harmonious life between human beings and nature.

Our Tibet travel experts know where and how to how to experience the essence of Tibetan culture during Tibetan festivals. And they will show you what a different Tibet looks like during its traditional festivals. Join us, for the remarkable journey.

Most Recommended Tibetan Festival Tours

Have no idea when and where to go? Don’t Worry! Our experienced Tibet travel gurus bring you all the exciting Tibetan festival tour together. You can easily follow our diverse itineraries of Tibet Festival tours, either budget small group tour or private tour, to travel to the right place at the right time. What await you would be awful lots of rarely-seen performances, religious shows and little-known Tibetan food only eaten during Tibetan festivals, etc. So, what are you waiting for?

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Of course, travelling in and around Lhasa is only a small appetizer of awful lots of adventurous tours lying ahead in Tibet. With time permitting and decent budget, never miss the chance to explore mind-blowing mountains vista in Everest region and walk the kora in holy Mt. Kailash and enjoy other wild Tibetan festivities. Check more thrilling Tibet tour packages below.

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Our tours are fully customizable and available 365 days a year! Just tell us your rough travel idea, and one of our seasoned Tibetan tour experts will reach back to you and work with you to customize your Tibet tour, with a favorable quotation and exciting itinerary FOR FREE.

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