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Why let your grinning selfie before Potala Palace be your only sign of Tibet visit? It’s time to spice up your spiritual Tibet tour with real divine experience. Enjoying the 3-day Mt. Kailash kora along with a visit of holy Manasarovar in Ngari is the right answer to you.

Revered as the “king of holy mountains” in Tibet, holy Mt. Kailashproudly stands as the major peak of the Gangdise Range, adjoining to India and Nepal with an altitude of 6656m in Ngari, western Tibet. Itspyramid-shaped peak proves the epitome of miraculous natural wonders. In Buddhist and Hinduist and Jain mythology, the white and never-melting peak believes to be the residence ofdeities of Buddha Demchok, Lord Shiva and Tirthankara respectively. To many, esp. followers of Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism and Janism, travelling to Mt. Kailash is life-time dream with great glory.

In the pilgrimage season (such as Gaga Dawa Festival, Chinese year of Horse, etc.), Tibetan pilgrims take their friends or relatives to walk the kora around holy Mt. Kailash, plenty of even by continuous prostration along rugged mountain trails. It is said that going one circle round the holy mountain can remove all sin in an entire year. However, more people circumambulate Mt.Kailash to pray for the blessings for love and peace for all creatures.

With blinding sunshine, thin air and arduous stony roads, the 3-day Mt. Kailash kora would be a test of mind and soul to all. THE 52km trekking starts from enchanting village of Darchen at the foot of Mt. Kailash. You are expected to travel in regions with an average altitude of above 4675m, with the highest Drolma La Pass (5630m). Surrounded by jaw-dropping mountain vista, you will follow the ancient pilgrimage trails, with pious prostrating Tibetan pilgrims moving beside you.

Lofty snowy peaks, gushing alpine spring below fluttering Tibetan flags, and hospitable Tibetan families, long Tibetan yak caravan, palpable sense of holiness, etc, will make a spiritually uplifting journey to remember.

Although, travelling to Mt. Kailash is never easy, physically, with seasoned Tibetan guides and a team of professional Mt.Kailash tour staff, our clients can safely enjoy our Mt. Kailash tour to their heart’s content.

With over 10 years tour Tibet running experience, and top Tibet tour ranking on Tripadvisor, travelling with promises you hassle-free Mt.Kailash tour in Tibet, the very first right decision for a life-time experience. 

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Travelling to Tibet involves a long journey around 1200km's road trip from Lhasa to Burang County, in Ngari. We offer you with the a wide range of well-selected Lhasa to Mt. Kailash tours. Whether you a religious person for ultimatespiritual experience or photographer haunting for unique landscape in Ngari, you will find one that caters to your taste.

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Of course, travelling in and around Lhasa is only a small appetizer of awful lots of adventurous tours lying ahead in Tibet. With time permitting and decent budget, never miss the chance to explore mind-blowing mountains vista in Everest region and walk the kora in holy Mt. Kailash and enjoy other wild Tibetan festivities. Check more thrilling Tibet tour packages below.

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