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Everest Base Camp Permit: Do I Need a Permit to Visit Everest Base Camp in Tibet?

Last Update: April 28, 2024

If you're planning to visit Everest Base Camp on the Tibet side, you can't simply head there without obtaining the necessary permits. You'll need to prepare at least two permits, the Tibet Travel Permit and the Alien's Travel Permit. Check out this article to find out exactly which permits you need to visit Tibet's Everest Base Camp and how you can obtain them, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trip to your dream destination.

Tibet Travel Permit is Essential for All Tibet Tours including Everest Base Camp Visits

The Tibet Travel Permit, also known as the Tibet Visa, is the first permit you will need to visit Mount Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side. It is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau and is a prerequisite for applying for other necessary documents for Tibet tours. Without it, you cannot even board a flight or train to Lhasa.

To get the Tibet Travel Permit, you must first book your Tibet tour with us, as the permit can only be applied for through an authorized local Tibet travel agency. The process is straightforward: just email us copies of your Chinese Visa and valid passport, and we will take care of the rest of the application procedures.

Tibet Travel PermitTibet Travel Permit is the first permit you will need to visit Mount Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side.

Typically, it takes 8-9 business days to issue the Tibet Travel Permit. Afterward, it takes several additional days for us to send it to your address in mainland China before you can take a flight or train to Tibet.

If you are entering Tibet from Nepal, the situation remains similar. The only difference is that you need to obtain a Chinese Group Visa instead of a Chinese Visa. We can assist you in obtaining both the Tibet Travel Permit and the Chinese Group Visa on this occasion. Simply contact us in advance and be in Kathmandu at least 4 days before your trip for the application process.

Alien’s Travel Permit is also Necessary for Visiting Everest Base Camp in Tibet

In addition to the Tibet Travel Permit, you will also need to obtain the Alien's Travel Permit to visit the Everest Base Camp region in Tibet. The Alien's Travel Permit, also known as the PSB Permit, is issued by the Public Security Bureau to allow international tourists to visit "closed" or restricted areas in Tibet.

Getting the Alien's Travel Permit is easier than obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit and can only be arranged by travel agencies. It is obtained after you enter Tibet and can be applied for either in Lhasa or Shigatse, with the process typically taking 1-2 hours. Our tour guide will assist in processing the application on your behalf.

Alien's Travel PermitAlien's Travel Permit is also needed to visit the Everest Base Camp region in Tibet.

During your journey to Tibet Everest Base Camp, the Alien's Travel Permit will be checked at various road checkpoints. It is suggested to discuss your travel itinerary with us so that we can make arrangements in advance for when the permit is required.

To Visit ABC from EBC, You will Also Need a Tibet Trekking Permit

The Everest Base Camp is usually the final destination for most travelers to go to Mount Everest in Tibet. But you can try to trek from the EBC to Advanced Base Camp or climb higher if your physical condition allows and the required permits are prepared.

View of the majestic Everest peak at Everest Base CampView of the majestic Everest peak at Everest Base Camp

If you plan to trek from EBC (5,200m) to ABC (6,400m-6,500m), you need to obtain the Tibet Trekking Permit. Our tour guide will help you submit the permit application at the Tibet Mountaineering Association (TMA).

It is a pity that the Tibet Trekking Permit service was canceled in April 2018, to protect the environment of Mount Everest. It has not resumed until now. Yet, we promise to inform you in the first place if it becomes available.

For Mount Everest Climbing, You will Need Also Everest Climbing Permit

For most mountaineers, climbing Mount Everest via Tibet is a lifetime dream, as the north route in Tibet is far more challenging than the south one in Nepal. If you intend to climb to the top of Mount Everest via Tibet, you will have to apply for another permit, the Everest Climbing Permit issued by the Tibet Mountaineering Association.

And a professional coordinator for climbing is required for the issuance of the license. You will not be permitted to pass the checkpoint at EBC without the license and the coordinator.

Join our Tibet EBC Tour to Ensure a Smooth Handling of Travel Documents!

While It sounds like a complex and daunting task to get all of these permits, the fact is that you don’t need to bother too much, because you do not have to do this by yourself. It is regulated that all international travelers should join in an organized tour through a travel agency like us, which can handle the Tibet travel permits, including those to Everest Base Camp.

Join a trip to Everest Base CampOur professional Tibet tour guide ensures a smooth trip to Everest Base Camp.

As experts in Tibetan tours with over 20 years of experience, we offer a variety of Tibet tours covering Everest Base Camp. Once you book a Tibet tour with us, we handle everything, from permit applications to accommodation arrangements and providing vehicles and tour guides.

Booking with us not only simplifies permit applications but also saves you money. Costs for guides, vehicles, fuel, etc., are shared among tour group members, resulting in significant savings. Moreover, you can make new friends along the way. And it is also a great way to expand your horizons.


In short, for most tourists, the Tibet Travel Permit and Alien’s Travel Permit are all you need to visit EBC in Tibet. However, if you plan to trek from EBC to ABC or climb Mount Everest in Tibet, you'll need to obtain additional permits: the Tibet Trekking Permit or Everest Climbing Permit.

As a reputable local Tibet travel agency, booking your EBC tour through us is the ideal choice. We not only handle permit applications but also arrange all necessary details to ensure your Tibet Everest Base Camp journey goes smoothly. Feel free to contact us anytime to book your tour or to get more information.

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