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Tibet Train

Among different ways to enter Tibet, taking Tibet train to Lhasa is undoubtedly a recommendable choice to reach Tibet. Ultra-convenient and cost-effective, Tibet train gives you a lot of flexibility to combine the tours from your favorite Tibet-entry cities to Lhasa.

You can easily take Tibet trains from popular cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Xi’an, Xining, Chongqing, etc. to enter lofty Tibetan Plateau. And the highlights of the epic ride come when the train travels from Xining to Lhasa. Be prepared to sit beside your train widow and capture the incredible alpine scenery like snow-capped mountains, grassy pasture and Gobi deserts etc.

As an expert specializing in Tibet train tours, we help to obtain your Tibet train ticket and Tibet Travel Permit. We also offer professional and tourist-friendly services to arrange your hotel, dining and customize the tour date and activities to ensure you a worry-free Tibet train journey.

All Tibet Train Routes That Connects Mainland China and Lhasa

Though the essential part of Tibet train begins from Xining to Lhasa, all together there are 8 train routes that can take you from all directions of mainland China to Tibet. Check the details of Tibet train route map and schedules below. There's got to be one that works best for you.

Tibet Train Route Map
Train RouteDep./Arr.DistanceFrequencyDuration
Beijing to Lhasa 20:00/12:45 3,757km Daily 40:45h
Shanghai to Lhasa 20:08/19:35 4,373km Daily 47:27h
Guangzhou to Lhasa 11:52/16:45 4,980km Daily 52:53h
Chengdu to Lhasa 21:37/09:55 3,070km Every Other Day 36:18h
Xi'an to Lhasa 09:45/16:45 2,864km Daily 31:00h
Xining to Lhasa 14:01/11:20 1,972km Daily 21:19h
Lanzhou to Lhasa 11:20/11:20 2,188km Every Other Day 24:00h
Chongqing to Lhasa 22:12/09:55 3,030km Every Other Day 35:43h

Most Recommended Tibet Train Tour Packages

Feel puzzled when faced with so many choices for Tibet train journey? No worries! Based on years of Tibet train tour running experience, we offer the most recommended Tibet train tours from different departure cities. Check the following Tibet train tour routes and pick your favorite one.

We Guarantee You Tibet Train Tickets.

With over 10 years’ Tibet train tour running experience and long-term partnership with the insiders of China railway system, we promise to secure your Tibet train ticket as planned. Just tell us your tour date, and personal preference, then leave the rest for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tibet Train

How to book a Tibet train tour?

Well, it’s quite easy. Just check the Tibet train tours from one of the gateway cities, like Beijing or Shanghai. Then email us your inquiry and after a thorough discussion with our friendly travel consultant, you can get your perfect Tibet train itinerary settled, before you pay the down payment and sign the contract.

How to get a Tibet train ticket?

Normally, one can buy a Tibet train ticket online or from the railway station. In case of language barrier or a waste of time on long queue at the station, you can turn to us for professional help.

We can help to get the Tibet train ticket of your required date and sleeper type, and then deliver it to you in person, along with your Tibet Travel Permit. Or, our travel consultant will tell you about the Tibet train booking confirmation No. And you need to arrive at the railway station earlier to pick your train ticket, with the confirmation No., your passport and the Tibet travel permit.

How to prevent altitude sickness when taking the Tibet train?

You won’t feel a thing in the initial part of the train journey. The altitude ascent begins as Tibet train leaves Xining to Lhasa, especially when passing Tanggula Pass (5072m). The oxygen supply system will activate automatically after the train passes Golmud. Just keep calm and drink enough water.

It’s common to have mild symptoms like a headache and dizziness and shortness of breath. If you need, you can ask for an oxygen tube from the conductor and insert it into oxygen outlet in the train cabin or in the corridor to inhale oxygen. Don’t eat too much and never catch a cold.

What travel documents are needed to board the Tibet train?

Basically, you need a Chinese Visa, Tibet Travel Permit and a train ticket to board the Tibet train. If you travel from cities like Chongqing, Xi’an and Lanzhou. You have to get your original Tibet Permit. For other Tibet-entry cities, only the copy of Tibet permit will be eligible.

What to eat on Tibet train?

You can get traditional Chinese dishes while aboard the train. At meal times, the staff will push a food trolley, loaded with soft drinks, boxed meal and instant noodles, snacks for sale in the different carriage. If you prefer some formal dishes, you can go to dining cabin, where the chef will make tasty Chinese cuisine for you. The price ranges from 15-50CNY for each dish.

Is it safe to take the Tibet train?

It’s pretty safe to take the Tibet train. The train staff will patrol different carriages every so often. If you need something, just reach the nearby staff. The expertly-designed Tibet train is also able to function well in the harsh environment on the Tibetan Plateau and guarantee enough oxygen and warmth in the train cabin.

Can I have a shower on Tibet train?

There are no shower facilities in the train. You can go the washing area to wash your face or hands. And the hot water served on Tibet trains are only for drinking. Since it may be dangerous to catch a cold on soaring Tibetan plateau, you need to pay attention to keep yourself warm.

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