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Top 3 Recommended Everest Base Camp Trekking Routes in Tibet

Last Update: April 30, 2022

Mount Everest is one of the major attractions in Tibet, and the dreamy destination for many tourists from all over the world. To explore the Mount Everest area, the best way is to take a trekking route to the Base Camp. Here are the most recommended trekking routes to Everest Base Camp in Tibet.

Easy Trekking from Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp

It is a classic trekking route from Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp at the northern side of the Mount Everest. Generally, it takes about 4 days to finish the 70 kilometers trekking trail. This Everest Base Camp trekking tour starts from Old Tingri. On the first day, you will hike about 12 kilometers through the Tingri plain and pass through a section of the Ra-chu Valley. You can see the vast farmland with snow-capped mountains at the background, and yaks, sheep and goats kept by the local pastoralists. It is a good way to get close to the local life.

Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp TrekThe trekking from Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp is easy and suitable for most travellers.

After a good rest on the first day, you will meet a challenge on the second day since you will hike up into the mountain area. The total journey covers about 21 kilometers. You will hike up to the Nam-La pass at 5150 meters above the sea level. The following day, you will continue the tough journey to go down to Zommug village. You may need 8 hours to finish the 22 kilometers’ trekking rail. The last day is a 6 hours’ trek to the final destination, the Everest Base Camp. It is highly suggested to stay for one night at the Base Camp to enjoy the marvelous view of the peak of the Mount Everest.

Altitude and Physical Demands

During the Everest Base Camp tour, you will trek up to 5200 meters from 4510 meters (Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp). The altitude change of every day is around 200 meters. And it is the easiest trek in the Mount Everest area that suitable for all fitness.

Trekking Tips

1. The living condition along this way is quite basic. You need to live in the guesthouse of local monasteries or camping. At Everest Base Camp, you can live in the tent hotel or the Rongbuk Monastery.
2. The best time to trek from Tingri to Everest is from April to October. And from April to May and September to October, you will have more chances to enjoy a clear view of the peak of Mount Everest.

Challenging Trekking through the Gama Valley

Praised as one of the TOP ten classic trekking routes in the world, the Gama Valley trekking tour to North Face Base Camp of Mount Everest in Tibet offers the most beautiful scenery of the valley in the Himalayas. The scenery along the way is constantly changing, from the low-altitude virgin forest to the high-altitude alpine desert. You will fully explore this area from this off-the-beaten-path.

Sample Trekking Route

The Gama Valley trek at the eastern side of Mount Everest usually costs 8 days. And it is not an easy trek for all travelers. If you want to challenge this route, you need to have some experiences of high altitude trek.

Trekking Schedule for Your Reference

Day 1 Youpa Village – Showo-tso Pond 3770 m to 4900 m 10 km
Day 2 Showo-tso Pond - Dolshang 4900 m to 4030m 14 km
Day 3 Dolshang – Tangsung Viewing Platform 4030 m to 4510m 12 km
Day 4 Tangsung Viewing Platform - Paltang 4510m to 4950m 11 km
Day 5 Paltang – EBC - Paltang 4950m to 5310m and back to 4950m 18 km
Day 6 Paltang – Tangsung Viewing Platform 4950m to 4510m 14 km
Day 7 Tangsung Viewing Platform – Tsosho-rim 4510m to 5013m 11 km
Day 8 Tsoho-rim – Lhundupling Village 5013m to 3990m 21 km

One of the highlights of this Tibet trekking tour is the base camp at the eastern side of Mount Everest, where you can have a look at the Mt. Chomo Lanzo. You will hike up and down through the valley, where you will appreciate the majestic snow-capped mountains, the crystal lakes, the highland pasture and the splendid glaciers of the Himalaya region.

Trekking Tips

1. Since you need to camp in the snow mountain area, you need to take the warmest sleeping bag with you to keep you warm at the chilly night.
2. Besides a local guide, you may also need to hire some yaks and yak porters with you to carry your package and trekking gears for you.
3. The best time to trek through the Gama Valley is from April to June and from September to October. During these months, you can see the most vibrant forest and grassland in the valley.

Advanced Trekking from Rongbuk to ABC

The trekking from Rongbuk Monastery to the Advanced Base Camp of Mount Everest from 5200 meters to 6500 meters above the sea level is the highest trekking route in the world. With professional climbing gears and some mountaineering skill, tourists who challenge this route can get to the closest base camp to the summit of Mount Everest to enjoy the breathtaking view of the top of the world.

Rongbuk to ABC TrekThe advanced trekking route from Rongbuk to ABC is a challenging one with unexpectedly breathtaking view.

The trekking trail to the Advanced Base Camp covers 22 kilometers beside the Rongbuk Glacier. Different from trekking at the low altitude places, during this trek, you only need to trek for 5 to 6 kilometers a day. But the trekking over 5000 meters up to 6000 meters above the sea level requires more physical strength and more physical fitness.

The general 5-day trekking route from Rongbuk Monastery to the Advanced Base Camp is : Rongbuk Monastery – Camp 1 – Interim Camp – Camp 2 – Advanced Base Camp – Camp 2 – Rongbuk Monastery.

Trekking Tips

1. Before this trek, it is suggested to spend one night at Everest Base Camp to better acclimatize the high altitude.
2. Whenever you go, even in the summer time, please remember to take warm clothes and warm sleeping bag with you.
3. The best time for this high altitude trekking in Mount Everest is from April to May and from September to October.

Please Notice: Beside the ordinary Tibet Travel Permit and Aliens’ Travel Permit to visit Mount Everest, you need to apply for another trekking permit from EBC to ABC. However, the application of this trekking permit is no longer available (updated June 8, 2018).

If you are interested in this kind of tough Tibet trekking tours, please feel free to contact us. Our professional Tibet trekking experts will help you arrange another suitable trekking tour according to your needs.

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