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How to Prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek

Last Update: March 25, 2020

It will be a lifetime journey for all tourists to trek to the Everest Base Camp and face the top of the world. Not matter you decide to take an easy trek for a half day to the base camp, or want to challenge yourself to complete the moderate trekking through the Gama valley or go further to the ABC from the Everest Base Camp, a better preparation will helps a lot to keep you away from trouble. Here we will introduce you the detailed packing list for the Everest Base Camp trek. Hoping this will help you better prepare for your EBC trekking tour.

Required Travel Documents for EBC Trek in Tibet

The first thing you need to prepare for your Everest Base Camp Tour is the travel document. Beside the basic Chinese Visa for entering mainland China, there are also some other important travel documents you need to apply for before you go, like Tibet Travel Permit and Aliens’ Travel Permit for all trips to Mount Everest in Tibet.

Tibet Travel Permit

No matter you are going to have an Everest Base Camp tour or a just a classic city tour in Lhasa, you need to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit before you arrive in Tibet. Tibet Travel Permit is one of the most important travel documents for all Tibet tours. Foreign travelers can only apply this entry permit through a Tibet local travel agency. And it will be checked at the airport or the railway station when you board the plane or the train to Tibet.

Aliens' Travel Permit

For an Everest Trekking tour in Tibet, you need to apply for an extra travel permit called Aliens’ Travel Permit. It is a kind of travel permit for foreign tourists travel to some further areas outside Lhasa city, like Shigatse, Nyingchi, Mount Everest area and Mount Kailash.

Aliens' Travel Permit for EBC TrekApart from Tibet permit, Aliens' Travel Permit is also required for EBC trek in Tibet.

Different from Tibet Travel Permit, the Aliens’ Travel Permit should be applied after you arrive in Tibet. Just before your trip to Everest Base Camp, your travel guide will collect your Tibet travel permit and your passport and apply for the Aliens’ Travel Permit through the office of local public security bureau in Lhasa or Shigatse. Just waiting for 1 to 2 hours, you will get your Aliens’ Travel Permit.

Things Needed for Everest Base Camp Trek

Beside the required travel documents for the Everest Base Camp tour, there are some other items you need to prepare for the trekking to the Base Camp.


Keeping yourself away from the chilly weather at the Mount Everest area is important for any trip to Everest Base Camp, especially when you need to stay overnight at the base camp. For the trekking to Everest Base Camp, it is suggested to bring wool base layer, wind layer, insulation layer and hard shell layer. For inner wears, the cotton ones are better than woolen ones. For safety measures, you may also need to pack raincoat and windcheater with you. Other things, such as woolen scarves and gloves are also needed.

Enjoy EBC Trek with Warm ClothesWarm clothes should be prepared for your EBC trekking, even when it is in summer.

Even in summer, it could be cold due to the high altitude of Everest Base Camp (5200m). The average temperature of Everest trekking areas is around 10 C, and the difference of the temperature between day and night is quite huge. In the day time, the temperature may raise up to 20 C or so from May to September, when it is the best time to trekking in Everest regions. However, even in the hottest seasons, the temperature at night drop down to 17 degrees centigrade.

To keep yourself away from getting cold in this environment, it is important to take proper clothes for your Everest Base Camp trekking tour. You need to consider your own tolerance of the cold and the exact weather condition at Everest Base Camp of your preferred travel time.

Trekking Gears

Trekking sticks are the basic gears for Everest Base Camp trek, which can help you keep balance and ascend on the routes. You can bring your own ones to Tibet, or just rent ones upon you arrive in Lhasa or Shigatse. A pair of comfortable hiking shoes and a suitable backpack are also important for your trekking tour. The bag need to be light in weight for the trekking at such a high altitude is much difficult than trekking in original places.

Enjoy EBC Trek with GearsTrekking sticks and hiking shoes are necessaries to enjoy a comfortale EBC trekking tour.

If you are planing to take a light trek,which only takes hours, you don’t need to bring your tent. If you plan to take some days trekking in Gama Valley at the eastern slope of Mount Everest, you also need to bring the waterproof tent with you. Some other things, such as water bottle, sunglasses and sunscreen are also needed.

Personal Stuff

A trekking towel will be helpful for drying yourself quickly. And baby wipes are also useful for cleaning yourself if there is no water and shower en route. Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper and some other basic toiletries.

Food and Drinks

It is important to keep yourself dynamic and energetic during the trekking in Mount Everest area. So it is suggested to bring some carbohydrate-rich food with you, such as chocolates, dry fruite and so on. The trekking trails in Everest regions is desolate, you need to cook for yourself. Taking some instant noodles can be a good choice. At Everest Base Camp, generally the final destination of an EBC trekking tour, there are tent hotels offering simple food, and instant noodles.

For drinks, you can take some tea and coffee along with you during your Everest Base Camp trekking tour. Please remember that, do not drink the unboiled water directly from clowing steams. Know more about What Food and Drinks Available during an EBC Tour

Do I Need to Bring My Sleeping Bag?

Whenever you trek in Everest regions, even in summer, the sleeping bag is one of the basic items you need to take with you. If you trek to Everest Base Camp in summer, you can just bring a duck down-filled sleeping bag. But in winter, you need to prepare thick down-filled sleeping bag.

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