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What Activities Can I Do When Touring Mount Everest in Tibetan Side?

Last Update: May 18, 2020

A trip to Mount Everest in Tibet is the epic adventure of a lifetime. Standing in the shadow of the world’s highest mountain is the dream of almost everyone that takes this trip. But standing in the base camp (EBC) at the foot of Mount Everest is not the only thing that you can do while you are here. There are, in fact, a number of other things you can try while you are at EBC, which can only make your trip even better.

Enjoy Everest Base Camp Trekking

Trekking is one of the most popular activities in Tibet, and at EBC, you have a couple of options for trekking that can enhance your tour and give you the experience that you desire. From easy comfortable treks and scenic challenges to attempting the highest trek on the planet, you can tackle any of three major treks while touring around Mount Everest.

Old Tingri to EBC Trek (Easy & Comfortable)

The famous Old Tingri to EBC trek is one of the most popular treks in Tibet, and is a classic four-day hike through some extremely outstanding scenery as you make your way to the base camp. The trek begins at Old Tingri, on the G318 Friendship Highway. Old Tingri is the point where you turn off the main highway to take the Zhufeng Road to get to Rongbuk Monastery and EBC.

Old Tingri to Tibet Everest Base CampEnjoy trekking from Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp

Starting from Old Tingri, the trek takes you out across the Tingri Plain and along the Ra-Chu Valley as you head for the first night of camping at Lungthang. The route takes you through some stunning scenic countryside, and you will have the chance to explore the small gompa at Chholun as you trek past. The second day is a little more of a challenge, as you will climb constantly up to the pass at Lamna La, just before your campsite for the night.

On day three you descend into the valley below into the lush greenery of the plains, where you can find plenty of yaks and their herders roaming the area. Your trek will carry you beyond the lush valley to the small village of Zommug, which has some amazing views of the sunset from its barren open location. The final day of this four-day hike takes you across the barren landscape around Everest, finally reaching your destination at Everest Base Camp and Rongbuk Monastery.

We have the ideal tour for you to take to experience this amazing trek. Our awesome 12-day Classic Tingri to EBC Trek tour gives you time in the Tibetan capital, exploration of the area between Lhasa and Mount Everest, and the chance to take this amazing hike to the world’s highest mountain.

Gama Valley Trek (Challenging but Scenic)

An overwhelming experience, trekking in the famous Gama Valley is considered to be one of the top ten treks in the world. This stunningly beautiful valley, set in the slopes of Mount Everest and one of the four Great Valleys of Everest, has a unique natural landscape, which varies along the valley’s 55km length.

Gama Valley trekkingGama Valley Trekking featues fanscinating nature scenery en route.

Treks to the Gama Valley can be for a couple of days up to a week, and take you along the wonderful environment of this primeval pristine valley floor. Trekking along riverbanks and through primeval forests that are as old as the plateau itself, this is a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the most unique botanical paradise locations on the planet.

However, the scenery may be pleasant, but the hiking is arduous and challenging. It is not possible to drive into the valley, so hiking or horses are the only way in. And the trek along the valley requires stamina and a relative level of fitness to complete.

Advanced Trek to ABC (Highest Trek in the World)

The highest trek in the world, taking you to altitudes of around 6,500 meters above sea level, the Advanced Base Camp Trek, or ABC Trek, is considered to be one of the most gruelling treks on earth. Few people are able to tackle this amazing hike up the north face of Mount Everest, to the Advance Base Camp at 6,500 meters, just before the infamous North Col.

Hiking to Rongbuk GlacierHiking to Rongbuk Glacier will be an adventure to most people.

A route that covers 28 kilometers, you start at the famous EBC, and move up along the undulating moraine of the Rongbuk Glacier to the C1 Camp (5,500m), where you will stop for the first night. The second day takes you even higher, ascending another 300 meters to reach the Intermediate Camp (5,800m). Day 3 will bring you on up to the C2 Camp, where you will stop for the night, to make ready for the push up to ABC in the morning.

The final day of ascent takes you up to the Advance Base Camp at 6,500 meters, the highest anyone without a mountaineering pass can go. You return to C2 the same day, and rest for the night before taking the hike back down to EBC on the final day.

Visit Rongbuk Monastery - Highest in the World

At an elevation of 5,000 meters, give or take a bit, Rongbuk Monastery is listed as the highest Buddhist monastery in the world. Located at the end of the Zhufeng Road from Old Tingri, the monastery lies next to the new site of EBC, after the tourist site was moved back from the climber’s base camp in 2019. The monastery was built in 1902, and is located in an area of meditation caves that had been used by nuns in the region since the early 18th century.

Rongbuk Monastery in TibetRongbuk Monastery is the highest Buddhist monastery in the world.

Rongbuk Monastery was one of the last stops of many climbers in the early days of exploration of Mount Everest, and was the monastery where the famous Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay, was given his name. A sacred site for Sherpas for more than a thousand years, the monastery and caves are a popular pilgrimage destination for the Sherpa people that live in the high Himalayas.

Photograph Mount Everest

Everyone who goes to Mount Everest wants to take photos of the mountain. But for some, this is a unique opportunity to take some amazing shots of the mountain in its best poses and scenes. And there are some great spots to get the absolute best photos of the mountain, in all its radiant glory. From sunrise and sunset shots at the Tingri Viewing Platform, up on the hill behind the monastery, to the vast panorama of the Himalayas from Gawula Pass, with Everest sat right in the middle.

Gawula Pass in TibetPhoto the panorama of the Himalayas from Gawula Pass

You can also get good shots of the mountain along the valley floor from just outside Rongbuk Monastery, giving you the chance to take your own version of the most classic Everest photo that has ever been taken. For the convenience of travellers, we also designed an 8-day Mount Everest photography tour to help you catch the most impressive pictures of this holy mountain.

Experience EBC Motorcycling

While traveling on a tour across the plateau to Mount Everest is one of the most epic adventures in Tibet, taking a motorcycle across the vast open plateau to the world’s highest mountain is the pinnacle of exciting and exotic adventures. If you want a little more open freedom than you can get in a tour vehicle, you can opt to ride a high-powered motorcycle across Tibet from Lhasa to EBC and back. The trip takes you out of the Tibetan capital and on to Lake Yamdrok, Gyantse, and Shigatse, before taking you out to Old Tingri to head along the winding road to EBC.

Everest Base Camp motorcycle trip in TibetThe motorcycle trip from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp is a wonderful challenge.

For anyone with a love of motorbikes, there is no better way to cross the plateau, and with the option now available for most of the year, this epic adventure takes on a whole new meaning. The motorcycle trip from Lhasa to EBC generally last for around nine days, and gives you more than you could ever have imagined for your lifetime Tibet adventure.

Watch Sunset or Sunrise at EBC

Sunsets and sunrises are the epitome of the highlights of Mount Everest, and a tour to the mountain from Lhasa means you stay overnight at the base camp. This gives you the opportunity to see those amazing sights of the sun turning the slopes of the mountain orange, in various shades.

Enjoy Mount Everest sunrise in TibetEnjoy Mount Everest sunrise at EBC

Before you sleep, you can sit and catch the burnished burnt orange colour that drenches the western slopes of Mount Everest, as the sun sets in the western skies below the mountain. And in the morning, you can rise early to see the brighter orange of the new day as it hits the eastern slopes of Everest, bringing with it the hopes of the new day and new dawn.

Camp at EBC for Beautiful Night Sky View

Staying overnight at EBC means you can opt to camp out in the Tibetan Tent Guesthouses, which allow you the chance to get a great view of the night sky. Once the night falls fully at the base camp, all the lights and generators go off, revealing the true nature of the starry skies above you. Billions of bright stars shine in the clear night sky, and you can even see the rest of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, clearly hanging in the north skies above the plateau.

Tibet Everest Base Camp beautiful nightThe EBC at Tibetan side is one of the best places for stargazing starry night sky.


As if the trip to visit Mount Everest is not enough, there are a number of great things you can do while you are here at the famous mountain. From trekking and hiking to resting under the stars, taking the best of the photos, or even riding a motorbike to reach the world’s highest peak. So whatever you want to try, Everest has something for everyone.

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