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Shanghai to Lhasa Flight: How to Take the Flight from Shanghai to Tibet

Last Update: June 14, 2024

Shanghai, the most dynamic city of China, is one of the most important gateways of China for tourists from all over the world. It is also one of the top departure cities for travelers from both home and abroad to start a Tibet tour.

Compared with the 44-hour train journey from Shanghai to Lhasa, it is more convenient to get to Tibet by flight from Shanghai. Direct flight bounds for Lhasa from Shanghai every day, and only takes around 4 hours or the trip. Check this passage to know detail guide on how to take a flight from Shanghai to Tibet.

Why Take the Flights to Lhasa from Shanghai?

Numerous travelers choose to enter China via the international metropolis of Shanghai, since it has convenient flights connecting to the rest of the world. Whether you are from the United States or Australia, you will have easy transfer from your hometown to this city.

Shanghai CityShanghai is one of the most popular gateways to Tibet.

Also, the city itself is as charming as it has been acclaimed. Unique history of centuries blend with the prominent high technology, Shanghai being the destination for people to visit from different interests. It is a good choice to tour Shanghai for a couple of days before your trip to Tibet.

Besides, for travelers who have limited time, getting to Tibet via Shanghai by flight can make you quickly transfer on the way. Compared to the train to Tibet from Shanghai, you can save around 40 hours on the way by taking the flight

Shanghai to Lhasa Flight Schedule

There is a non-stop flight from Shanghai to Tibet every day. The flight No.MU6717 of China Eastern Airlines takes 4 hours to arrive in Lhasa. Besides, there are two daily flights fly from Shanghai to Lhasa with a stopover in Chengdu or Xian. One is the flight MU2335 of China Eastern Airlines which departs from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and the other flight to Lhasa (TV9882) departs from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. It is respectively scheduled to take 7h 40 min and 7h 10m to reach Lhasa.

Shanghai to Lhasa Flight Schedule

Dep. - Arr.Flight No.Air LineStopover
06:10 - 10:10 MU6717 China Eastern Airlines nonstop
06:45 - 14:35 MU2335 China Eastern Airlines Xi'an
14:10 - 21:20 TV9882 Tibet Airlines Chengdu

Please Note: The above schedules are only for reference. Please feel free to contact us for an enquiry about a Tibet tour with the flight to Tibet.

Lhasa to Shanghai Flight Schedule

On the return trip, there is a non-stop flight from Lhasa to Shanghai every day. The flight MU6718 departs from Lhasa Gonggar Airport to Shanghai Pudong International Airport taking about 3h 50m. And there are two other flights from Lhasa to Shanghai every day, with a stopover in Chengdu or Xian. The whole journey takes about 6 hours 10 minutes, including the one-hour layover in the airport in the stop-over city. While the MU2336 flight arrives in Shanghai at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the other flight arrives in Shanghai at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

Lhasa to Shanghai Flight Schedule

Dep. - Arr.Flight No.Air LineStopover
11:25 - 15:15 MU6718 China Eastern Airlines Nonstop
09:25 - 15:30 GJ5525 Tibet Airlines Chengdu
15:30 - 21:40 MU2336 China Eastern Airlines Xi’an

Please Note: The above schedules are only for reference.

FAQs about Taking Shanghai to Lhasa Flight

1) How to book the flight from Shanghai to Lhasa?

You can book your Shanghai to Lhasa flight online by yourself or let us to help you for booking. There are many online booking websites offering flights information, like Expedia, Ctrip etc.

Shanghai Lhasa Flight MapShanghai Lhasa Flight Map

Just make more comparisons before you decide your bookings, so that you may find discounted flight therein. Also, be aware that whether the booking platform provides free ticket changing or cancelling policies based on some conditions.

If you feel troublesome to handle a series of the flight booking procedures, you can also turn to us. We can keep up with the latest flight news and help to book a cheaper flight based on your travel schedule.

2) What are the airlines flying from Shanghai to Lhasa?

The airlines that fly to Tibet from Shanghai include the China Eastern Airlines and Tibet Airlines. China Eastern Airlines is a large Chinese central enterprise headquartered in Shanghai, one of the three largest airlines in China. It provides direct flights to many domestic and international cities. The free luggage allowance is 20 kg per person, and one can carry a bag of no more than 10 kg onboard the plane.

Arrived above Lhasa riverThe Tibet Airlines plane flies above Lhasa River.

The Tibet Airlines is the first airline in the world to operate based on the highlands. It is mainly engaged in domestic air passenger and cargo transportation business, headquartered at Lhasa Gonggar Airport. For the flight from Shanghai to Lhasa operated by Tibet Airlines, it uses the large aircraft, offering relatively comfortable flying experience.

3) Do I need to get Tibet permit before taking the flight to Tibet?

It is a must to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit before one taking the flight to Tibet. Without the permit, you will not be allowed to board the plane which bounds for Tibet.

As for the application, you need to contact a local travel agency to help you get the permit, since individual application of the permit is not permitted according to the policy. Your passport and Chinese Visa will be needed to apply for the permit. And it usually takes around one to two weeks to get the permit issued.

For your convenience, we can help you to get your permit. As the leading tour operator with years of experiences, we have handled Tibet Travel Permit applications for thousands of travelers. Once we get the permit, we will hand it to your address in Shanghai. Then you can carry it to board the booked flight from Shanghai to Lhasa.

4) Which airport in Shanghai should I go for the flight to Tibet?

It depends on which flight you have booked from Shanghai to Lhasa. The two daily flights leave respectively from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

Shanghai Hongqiao International AirportFlight is departing from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

For travelers taking the MU2335 and MU2335 flights (based on current schedule and it may change), you need to go to T1 of Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It is approximately 30 km from downtown area, in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai. You can take the airport shuttle bus (totally 8 lines available), or Metro Line 2 to reach the airport.

If you take the other flight from Shanghai, you will need to go to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, which is located in the Changning District of Shanghai, 13 kilometers from the city center. Both the Metro Line 2 and Line 10 can take passengers to the airport. And there are many buses you can take to reach the airport too, like But No. 176, No.807, No.941 etc.

5) how to get to my hotel after arriving in Lhasa Airport?

After flying for around 8 hours, the Shanghai to Lhasa flight will land at Lhasa Gonggar Airport, which is 85 kilometers away from Lhasa downtown. Tourists can take the airport shuttle bus, which will take you to the station besides the Potala Palace in downtown from the airport. It takes about 1 hour and costs CNY 25.

Arrived Lhasa Gonggar AirportOur local Tibetan guide is meeting with the clients arriving at the airport.

Or, if you have booked your Tibet tour with us, you can enjoy free airport shuttle service. In this case, our local Tibetan guide will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel by private car. And it is recommended to have a good rest after your arrival in Lhasa, and spend the rest two or three days in this city before you head to other high places in Tibet for discovery. This can make it much easier for you to acclimate to the high altitude and avoid heavy symptom of the altitude sickness.


For tourists who are planning to travel from Shanghai to Tibet, it is a good choice to take the flight, to enjoy a faster and time-saving journey. But you need to first get the Tibet Travel permit, which will be checked in at the airport. As one of the leading tour operators based in Lhasa, we can help you book the flight ticket, and obtain the Tibet Travel Permit, to ensure you a worry-free trip to Tibet.

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