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Guangzhou Tibet Train Tours

As the southern gateway city, Guangzhou has been China’s busiest trading center for centuries. Before the train tour to Tibet, you can stop one day or two in Guangzhou to witness the modern skyscrapers’ coexistence with traditional architecture and heritage.

Then you catch the world’s highest train to get to the mysterious Tibetan Plateau to start your exploration. You can take around the streets of Lhasa to encounter the devout pilgrims, go to Sera Monastery to watch the wonderful monk debating, drive further to EBC to witness the highest mountain on the planet, experience the Mount Kailash kora trek, etc.

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Most Popular Tibet Train Tours from Guangzhou

We handpick the top 6 best traveler-choice itineraries and ingeniously make them into the best Guangzhou Tibet train tours for worldwide travelers. With tourist-friendly service and quality guarantee, we make sure you enjoy the authentic Tibetan experience, with the affordable and reasonable budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Guangzhou Tibet Train Tour

How to book the Guangzhou Lhasa train ticket?

The train from Guangzhou to Lhasa is the longest of all the trains to Tibet, taking around 53 hours to reach the plateau capital. However, it is not always easy for international tourists to book their own train tickets, for a number of reasons. The main one is the date of availability for Tibet train booking. Booking opens in China 60 days before travel, and unless you have a contact in China to book it on your behalf, online booking is impossible from outside China.

Tickets also generally sell out rather quickly, especially in summer, so if you wait to book when you arrive for the tour, you may not be able to get the tickets. The easiest option is to allow us to book your tickets for you. We can make the booking as soon as the ticket sales for your trip opens, and we can guarantee we can get the tickets for your expected dates of departure.

How to get to Guangzhou Railway Station?

Guangzhou Railway Station is located in central Guangzhou in Yuexiu District, and is relatively easy to get to from all over the city, as well as the airport. Generally, unless you are familiar with the bus routes across the city, the easiest way to get to the station is by taxi or on the Metro lines. Buses do run regularly to the station, but are only listed on the stops in Chinese, and can be confusing.

Taxis are usually the easiest way to travel to the station, and you can get them from anywhere in the city. From the city center it takes around 20 minutes, while from the airport it is around 32 minutes. Shuttles also run from the airport direct to the station, and are much cheaper. For the adventurous, the Metro lines run to the airport on Line 2 and Line 5.

Are there other routes suggested for traveling from Guangzhou to Tibet by train?

If you are traveling to Lhasa from Guangzhou, and are looking for a shorter trip, then you can get a flight direct to Chengdu and take the train from there. There are regular daily direct flights to Chengdu from Guangzhou, and you can stop off and visit the pandas in Chengdu before heading off to Lhasa. The train from Chengdu takes around 36 hours to reach Lhasa, which is a lot less than from Guangzhou, and is just as exciting as you cross the mountains onto the plateau.

Can I take a shower on the Tibet train from Guangzhou to Lhasa?

There are no shower facilities on the trains to Tibet, though there are facilities for washing in every carriage on the train. Showers are not advisable when traveling into and around Tibet for the first couple of days, as you are more likely to catch a cold after showering at this altitude, until you have acclimatized properly. Each carriage has washing facilities at both ends of the cars, where you can clean up and feel refreshed.

How to kill the time onboard the Tibet train?

The train from Guangzhou generally takes around 53 hours to travel to Lhasa, and the trip covers three different days. For part of the trip, you will travel through mainland China, and if you are not into staring out of the window here, you can always bring a good book with you, download some films to your mobile device, or expand your music collection. This will give you plenty of things to keep you occupied while the train makes its way to Lhasa.

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