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How to get to Tibet from Beijing

Last Update: June 16, 2020

Nowadays, Tibet tourism becomes more and more popular for foreigner tourists. Beijing, as one of the most popular entry cities in china, is also an important gateway to Tibet. Choosing Beijing as the first station of your Tibet tour may make your journey more wonderful. After experiencing the strong historical and cultural atmosphere of Beijing, you can go to Tibet by train or plane.

Get to Tibet from Beijing by Train

It is indeed a special experience for you if you travel to Tibet from Beijing by train . The train route, total stretch of 3,757 km, is truly mesmerizing. The main highlight of this wonderful train tour is the section of Xining- Lhasa. On the way, you can enjoy a lot of stunning views through the window, such as snowcapped mountains, desolate Gobi and desert, beautiful Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, clear Namtso Lake, vast grasslands, etc.

Get to Lhasa from Beijing by TrainGet to Lhasa from Beijing by Train

The average altitude of the Beijing-Tibet railway is 3,379 m and is known to run on the roof of the world. After going through Xining, the train progressively ascends to the highest point of the Qinghai-Tibet railway which is the Tanggula Mountain Pass at 5,072 m.

The main highlight of the train ride is the section of Xining- LhasaThe main highlight of the train ride is the section of Xining- Lhasa

There are 10 stops totally from West Beijing Railway Station to the Lhasa Railway Station. The train stops at each station for about 10 to 15 minutes. The whole trip will take about three days.

Different seats on Beijing to Tibet Train

There are 3 kinds of seats available on the train. They are known as the hard seat, hard sleeper, and soft sleeper. If you and your family want more privacy and comfort, the soft sleeper is a good choice. The soft sleeper cabin consists of 4 berths with some facilities such as television, socket, folding tables, etc.

Soft sleeper in Tibet TrainSoft sleeper in Tibet Train

There are 6 bunks in the hard sleeper carriage. Due to there is no door, the privacy of the hard sleeper is not as good as the soft sleeper. However, the majority of tourists still like choosing the hard sleeper to get Tibet, because of the comparatively cheaper price.

Hard sleeper in Tibet TrainHard sleeper in Tibet Train

The last one is the hard seat which is the most economical choice for Tibet train tour, but it is not recommended for long-distance travelers. According to the newest railway timetable, from Beijing to Lhasa by train will be over 40 hours. Sitting for a long time may make you feel tired. Therefore, it is best for you to opt for the soft sleeper or hard sleeper, instead of the hard seat.

Hard seat in Tibet TrainHard seat in Tibet Train

Facilities on Beijing to Lhasa Train

Oxygen Supply Outlet

This train will pass through Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, you may face altitude sickness with increasing altitude. But, don't worry about it. There are 2 kinds of oxygen supply systems on Tibet trains, which can keep the required oxygen level in the train when the train passes through the high-altitude area. One is a 'dispersion-mode' oxygen supply system, which can convey oxygen to carriage through the air-conditioning system. The other is an independent system, which is directly used by passengers through the independent port.

Oxygen outlet and reading lightOxygen outlet and reading light

Dining Car

Each Tibet train is equipped with a dining car that offers passengers 3 meals a day. The menu offers limited types of Chinese and Tibetan dishes. If you are not used to eating Chinese food, you can bring your own food before departure. You can carry instant noodles, biscuits, chips, fruits, etc.

There are drinking water dispensers on each end of each carriage, where you can get hot water for free. You can also buy bottled water from the food trolleys.

Get to Tibet from Beijing by Flight

At present, there are 8 flights from Beijing to Lhasa every day, respectively operated by Air China, Tibet Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, and Hainan Airlines. It takes around four and a half hours to directly fly to Lhasa from Beijing. However, Five of these flights will stopovers at Xi’an or Chengdu. it will take you nearly seven hours.

Get to Lhasa from Beijing by flightGet to Lhasa from Beijing by flight

How to Apply for Tibet Travel Permit from Beijing

Whether you get to Tibet from Beijing by train or plane, Tibet Travel Permit , also known as Tibet visa, is one of the indispensable necessary documents required for a tour in Tibet. Though it not required when booking tickets, it needed for boarding.

Tibet travel permitTibet travel permit

Besides, you cannot apply for the Tibet Travel permit by yourself. You can only let a local authorized travel agency to obtain it on your behalf. The only one thing you need to do is sending the photo image of the passport information page and Chinese Visa page to your travel consultant. Application procedure of Tibet Travel Permit normally takes 8-9 business days. It is recommended to apply for it 10 or 15 days before you travel to Tibet.

How About the Cost of Beijing Tibet Tour?

The number of days you stay in Tibet is one of the important factors that determine how much you will spend on your Beijing Tibet tour. Furthermore, the way of travel, accommodation condition, travel routes and attractions will affect your travel costs.

If you arrive at Lhasa by flight, it would be the most expensive choice. Taking a train to go to Tibet is the most economical way. As well, the private and customization tour is expensive than group travel.

Contact our experienced travel consultant who can help you in the best way book and plan your entire tour so that you have an enjoyable and hassle-free journey.


There are two major ways to get to Tibet from Beijing: by train and by flight. You can decide which way you want to choose depending on your time, budget, plan, etc. If your budget is limited, you can choose the train; If you don’t have enough time, you can opt for the plane; If you have to think about both time and money, you can fly to Xining first and then get to Lhasa by train. Besides, it is advised spending one or two days to visit some famous attractions in Beijing.

If you still have any problems concerning the Beijing Tibet tour, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always at your service.

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