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Lhasa Restaurants: 9 Foodie Paradises to Indulge in a Tibetan Feast

Last Update: September 6, 2023

In the heart of the high-altitude plateau, Lhasa, this international metropolis gathers the cultures of Nepal, India, and Tibet, drawing tourists from all around the world. The specialty restaurants here blend influences from diverse cultures, offering you a rich array of culinary choices.

We suggest 9 special Tibetan restaurants in Lhasa. Whether you prefer traditional Tibetan dishes or want to try innovative fusion cuisine, these places will delight your taste buds, making your culinary adventure unforgettable.

Lhasa Restaurant 1: Tibetan Family Kitchen - A Haven for Tibetan Home Cooking

Address: No.6 Danjielin Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa City
Cuisines: Sichuan, Tibetan, Simple Western, Vegetarian
Signature Dishes: Yak Meat Momo, Sizzling Yak Meat, Potato Pancakes, Beef Curry, Yogurt Rice

Lhasa Tibetan family kitchenLhasa Tibetan family kitchen is a haven for Tibetan home cooking.

Tibetan Family Kitchen is a typical Tibetan home-style restaurant located in a standalone building adorned with alternating red and yellow colors. Prayer flags flutter on the exterior walls, and there is an outdoor dining area on the rooftop that serves afternoon tea.

The interior is adorned with vibrant colors, exquisite paintings hang on the walls, and the window frames are made of wood, creating an atmosphere that exudes an ancient and unique charm, much loved by foreign tourists. The main dining area is located on the second floor, and visitors must ascend a narrow, winding, old-fashioned wooden staircase to reach the dining area. Stepping inside feels like entering a Tibetan home.

What sets this restaurant apart is the diversity of its dishes and the fusion of various culinary styles. They blend Tibetan potato pancakes with cheese into French cuisine and mix yak meat with onions to create Sichuan-style sizzling dishes. Home-cooked meals, fusion, and innovation are the hallmarks of this home-style eatery, delivering a truly unique culinary experience.

Lhasa Restaurant 2: Shambhala Tibetan Restaurant - Showcasing Tibetan and Western Cuisine

Address: No.1 Danjielin Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa City
Cuisines: Tibetan, Vegetarian, Indian
Signature Dishes: Spinach Cheese, Potato Dumplings, Fried Vegetable Balls, Yak Meat Pizza

Shambhala Tibetan Restaurant is situated within an ancient traditional courtyard, offering exquisite and authentic Tibetan cuisine. The restaurant's walls are adorned with alternating red and yellow colors, and its fine decor leaves a lasting impression. The rooftop terrace provides views of distant mountains, adding tranquility and scenic beauty to your dining experience.

Shambhala Tibetan RestaurantEnjoying tasty Tibetan foods in Shambhala Tibetan Restaurant

Operated by the Shambhala Palace Hotel, the restaurant boasts a simple and bright overall style, preserving traditional Tibetan aesthetics. Catering to the needs of foreign tourists, it serves both traditional Tibetan dishes and simple Western cuisine, along with special fusion dishes. Here, you can savor authentic Tibetan cuisine or venture into innovative dishes that blend different flavors, catering to a variety of tastes.

Lhasa Restaurant 3: Lhasa Namaste Restaurant - Focusing on Nepalese Cuisine

Address: 2nd Floor, Everest Great Business, No. 30 Yutuo Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa City
Cuisines: Nepalese, Tibetan, Indian, Vegetarian
Signature Dishes: Chicken Masala with Naan, Yogurt Cake, Kathi Rolls, Yak Steak, Curry Beef with Naan, Curry Beef (or Lamb) Rice Set

Namaste Restaurant is a specialty restaurant with a focus on Nepalese cuisine. Its name, "Namaste," means "hello" in Nepali, and just like this friendly greeting, the restaurant warmly welcomes every guest with hospitable service.

Nepalese and Indian FoodYou can enjoy delicious Nepalese meals in Lhasa Namaste Restaurant.

Operated by Nepalese individuals, both the owner and the staff hail from Nepal, providing you with authentic Nepalese cuisine. The dishes here blend the characteristics of Indian and Western cuisine, with curry, chicken, and cheese as primary ingredients. You can savor a diverse range of Nepalese dishes that showcase the collision and fusion of different cultures, letting your taste buds dance amidst the interplay of spices.

Namaste Restaurant not only attracts diners with its unique Nepalese dishes but also offers tourists an intimate experience of Nepalese culture. When you visit here, you can enjoy delicious Nepalese cuisine, immerse yourself in exotic vibes, and deepen your understanding of Nepalese culture.

Lhasa Restaurant 4: Yangqing Cang Restaurant - Known for Tibetan Hot Pot

Address: No. 9, Balangxue Third Lane, Chengguan District, Lhasa City
Signature Dishes: Yak Meat Hot Pot

Lhasa Yangqing Cang RestaurantThe yak meat hot pot of Lhasa Yangqing Cang Restaurant

Yangqing Cang Restaurant is located at the junction of Beijing East Road and Balang Street Lane. The restaurant's most famous specialty is the Yak Meat Hot Pot. The hot pot broth is rich, and the portions of yak meat are generous. There is a wide variety of side ingredients available, including yak meat, beef meatballs, yak tongue, Tibetan-style chicken, and various vegetarian options. You can create a unique hot pot experience by choosing from these ingredients according to your personal taste.

In addition to the yak meat hot pot, Yangqing Cang Restaurant also offers traditional Tibetan dishes such as grilled lamb chops, hand-grabbed yak meat, pan-fried lamb chops with potatoes, and potato dumplings. These traditional dishes will provide you with an authentic Tibetan culinary experience, allowing you to savor the unique flavors of Tibetan cuisine.

Lhasa Restaurant 5: GuangMing GangQiong Sweet Tea House / Jiri Tea House - Specializing in Traditional Tibetan Fast Food and Sweet Tea

Address: Barkhor Street, Lhasa
Cuisines: Tibetan
Signature Dishes: Tibetan Noodles, Shabale (fried pastry), Tibetan Dumplings, Sweet Tea

GuangMing GangQiong Sweet Tea House and Jiri Tea House are two large sweet tea houses located near Barkhor Street. They are renowned for serving traditional Tibetan fast food such as dumplings, steamed buns (known as "momo"), and Tibetan noodles. These sweet tea houses not only serve meals but also serve as social gathering places for Tibetans to chat, socialize, and enjoy tea.

Tibetan Sweet Tea HouseTasting a cup of authentic Tibetan sweet tea in GuangMing GangQiong Sweet Tea House.

The decor of these tea houses is simple, with spacious halls filled with tables and chairs. Both GuangMing GangQiong Sweet Tea House and Jiri Tea House can accommodate around a hundred people for dining and tea drinking at the same time. These establishments are not tourist restaurants but genuine tea houses that cater to the local residents. Here, you can buy Tibetan noodles for 5 yuan per bowl, steamed buns for 12 yuan per serving, and sweet tea for 1 yuan per cup.

The tea houses are always bustling with people, and you'll find groups of friends and acquaintances chatting about everyday life or discussing business matters. These places offer an excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with the daily life of the local people. Whether you want to experience the daily life of the locals or simply seek a relaxed place for conversation, these sweet tea houses are an ideal choice.

Lhasa Restaurant 6: Lhasa Kitchen - Specializing in Nepalese, Indian, and Tibetan Cuisine

Address: Opposite Jokhang Square, No. 3 Tibetan Hospital Road, Chengguan District
Cuisines: Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian, Chinese
Signature Dishes: Crispy Beef Pancakes, Lamb Biryani (Lamb Curry Fried Rice), Tibetan Yogurt, Nepalese Beef Curry Set (Nepalese Cuisine), Chicken Curry Rice (Indian Cuisine), Beef Masala (Beef Sauce Mixed Rice)

Located in front of Jokhang Square, Lhasa Kitchen, although modestly decorated, exudes a unique charm. Dining at this restaurant allows you to enjoy the bustling scene of Jokhang Square, with a constant flow of people and devout believers performing prostrations, making it the best spot to admire Jokhang Temple.

Lhasa KitchenAlthough modestly decorated, Lhasa Kitchen exudes a unique charm.

Lhasa Kitchen offers authentic Tibetan, Nepalese, and Indian cuisine, allowing you to indulge in three different flavors under one roof. The restaurant's waitstaff are fluent in English, and the hygiene standards are excellent, creating a peaceful dining environment. Moreover, the prices are reasonable, avoiding the inflated pricing often found in other touristy restaurants, with an average cost of 50-80 yuan per person.

At Lhasa Kitchen, you can savor authentic Tibetan dishes, and experience the essence of Nepalese and Indian cooking, all while enjoying the lively atmosphere of Jokhang Square. It's an ideal place to satisfy your taste buds and soak in beautiful surroundings.

Lhasa Restaurant 7: Makye Ame - A Tibetan Restaurant That Sells Stories

Address: Southeast corner of Barkhor Street
Cuisines: Tibetan
Signature Dishes: Tibetan Sweet Milk Tea, Tibetan-style Grilled Wild Mushrooms, Stone-grilled Beef, Pan-fried Lamb Chops with Potatoes

Makye Ame Restaurant is located on Barkhor Street, housed in an ancient two-story Tibetan wooden building. While this restaurant primarily serves Tibetan, Western, and Nepalese cuisine, it offers more than just food -it tells a beautiful story. In Tibetan history, the 6th Dalai Lama fled from the Potala Palace at a young age and encountered his beloved girl, Makye Ame, in this yellow house.

Makye Ame restaurantMakye Ame Restaurant is located in southeast corner of Barkhor Street.

Although the restaurant's dishes may not have many standout specialties, it exudes a rich cultural atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy the love poems and writings of the 6th Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso, and feel his youthful yearnings for freedom and beautiful love. Makye Ame Restaurant has become a must-visit for tourists due to its unique historical background and emotional story.

Through the restaurant's glass windows, you can see a diverse crowd bustling along Barkhor Street, as if narrating the passage of time and the cycle of life. Here, you can not only taste delicious dishes but also experience an emotional connection to the love story of the 6th Dalai Lama and Makye Ame.

Lhasa Restaurant 8: One Leaf One World Tibetan Tea Vegan Hot Pot - Specializing in Light Vegetarian Fare and Tibetan Tea Hot Pot

Address: No. 10 Yutuo Road, Chengguan District
Signature Dishes: Love ZaSa (noodles), Wild Mushroom Pot Rice, Peach Blossom Tears (dessert), Original Tea Soup Hot Pot, Medicinal Soup Hot Pot, Mushroom Soup Hot Pot

One Leaf One World Tibetan Tea Vegan Hot Pot Restaurant preserves the unique charm of traditional Tibetan tea and combines it with vegetarian and Chinese cuisine to create a distinct hot pot experience.

Tibetan Tea Vegan Hot PotThe distinct hot pot in the One Leaf One World Tibetan Tea Vegan Hot Pot Restaurant

Traditional black tea is brewed with various seasonings to create a tea soup, with each guest receiving a small pot of tea soup for cooking various vegetarian ingredients. These ingredients include vegetables, noodles, mushrooms, and beans, which combine with the fragrant Tibetan tea soup for a refreshing taste. This innovative hot pot is particularly suitable for vegetarians and tourists interested in trying fresh flavors.

The restaurant's name is derived from a line in the Buddhist classic, the "Avatamsaka Sutra," which says, "One flower, one world; one leaf, one bodhi," symbolizing the enlightened state where all things are interconnected and mutually dependent. The restaurant's overall ambiance and decor reflect a Zen-like atmosphere. Each table in the dining hall is set up as a small private space with some distance between them, creating a tranquil and comfortable environment that's perfect for relaxation and conversations with friends.

Lhasa Restaurant 9: Fengrui Stone Pot Chicken and Yak Meat Restaurant - Specializing in Nourishing Stone Pot Stews with Tibetan Chicken

Address: No. 38 Yutuo Road, Chengguan District
Signature Dishes: Stone Pot Wild Mushroom Chicken, Matsutake Mushroom Stone Pot Tibetan Chicken, Nyingchi Wild Mushroom Stone Pot Ecological Chicken, Stone Pot Bean Soup Chicken

Nyingchi Stone Pot Chicken is one of Tibet's distinctive delicacies, blending Tibetan chicken from the forests and wild mushrooms. It's slow-cooked in a specially crafted Tibetan stone pot, resulting in a nutritionally rich and delicious dish. Fengrui Stone Pot Chicken is renowned among Lhasa's famous restaurants, thanks to its unique flavor and exquisite preparation.

Nourishing Stone Pot Stews with Tibetan ChickenNourishing stone pot wtews with Tibetan Chicken served in Fengrui Stone Pot Chicken and Yak Meat Restaurant

When a serving of stone pot chicken is brought to the table, the rich aroma is irresistibly appetizing. The dish features the use of Partridge chicken from Nyingchi in eastern Tibet, known for its tender and silky meat, which perfectly complements high-quality wild mushrooms.

During the season of matsutake mushrooms, fresh matsutakes are added, giving the stone pot chicken a unique flavor. While different from traditional Tibetan dishes that often include beef and mutton, Nyingchi Stone Pot Chicken is a specialty from the eastern Tibet region of Nyingchi. It's definitely one of the must-try dishes for travelers visiting Tibet.


In Lhasa, you can savor a blend of traditional and innovative dishes, including pastries. Each recommended restaurant is worth a try, as they showcase the rich diversity of Tibetan culinary culture.

You can sample authentic Tibetan dishes such as stone pot chicken and Tibetan noodles. Additionally, you can enjoy dishes that blend multiple cultures, such as Nepalese and Indian cuisines. During your trip to Tibet, don't miss the opportunity to taste a wide variety of delicious foods. Let the delectable cuisine enhance your experience and make your trip to Tibet even more perfect.

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