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Lhasa Restaurants: What to Eat and Where to Eat during Your Lhasa Tour

Last Update: June 30, 2020

What to eat and where to eat in Lhasa city? During your Lhasa tour, you can easily find something to eat, such as Tibetan food, Nepalese and Indian food, western food, Sichuan cuisine, and etc. Various snacks and drinks can also meet your needs in Lhasa. Most of the Lhasa restaurants are around the Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street. Most western-style restaurants are on the Beijing Road of Lhasa. Besides, the most popular dining place for the local people in Lhasa is the Deji Road.

The following is the guide for dining in Lhasa, which will show you the Lhasa restaurants according to the food type for you to refer to.

Tibetan Food

During your days in Lhasa, you can’t miss the Tibetan food, which can make you know the culture in Tibet more deeply. Tibetan cuisine is quite unique due to its environment, tradition and beliefs. The daily diet of Tibetans mainly includes meat and dairy products, which is rich in protein and energy. The flavor of the Tibetan food is strong and there are only a few kinds of vegetables in it due to the lack of vegetable proteins in the region. The locals have developed four basic staples of Tibetan food, including tsampa (roasted barley flour and tea), butter tea (po cha), high-protein meats, and noodles. The meat there consists of mutton, yak, and goat (Tibetans do not eat fish, a useful source of protein, as they believe the fishes in the lakes of Tibet are holy). You can also enjoy the cheese, butter, and yogurt in Tibetan food, which is made from the milk of the Dri (the female yak).

Tibetan FoodEnjoy a variety of Tibetan foods in Lhasa

As for where to eat Tibetan food in Lhasa, you can go to the local Tibetan restaurants. If you are interested in Tibetan food very much, you can ask your Tibetan tour guide for help to recommend a proper Tibetan restaurant according to your flavor.

Going to a local Tibetan Tea House is one of the things that you will not miss in your Tibet tour. The Tibetan tea house is a quite welcoming and hospitable place, where you can relax yourself after an extraneous sightseeing walk and enjoy a nice meal with friends. It is a kind of Tibetan culture and local people here like to chat with each other to have a good rest. Visitors can have the Tibetan’s specialty’s fried yak meat dish and the famous Yak-Butter Tea in the tea house. The Lhasa Beer will also make you satisfied with its light flavor, which is made from barley and well known in Tibet. The local snakes in it are very delicious, and you can have a try. Coming to the Tibetan tea house will surely give you an unforgettable and special experience. Visitors can learn a lot of Tibetan culture in the tea house and can feel the living atmosphere in Lhasa more deeply.

Nepalese and Indian Food

For some Nepalese and Indian travelers, they may want to know where to eat the Nepalese and Indian food in Lhasa. In fact, the two kinds of food are also available in Lhasa downtown city even though the main food in Lhasa is Tibetan food and Chinese dishes.

Nepalese and Indian FoodYou can enjoy delicious Nepalese meals in Lhasa

Some Restaurants for Nepalese and Indian Food in Lhasa

Mandala Restaurant lies in the Barkhor Street, which offers customers with a wide range of dishes from Indian curries to pizza. Some special-occasion Tibetan dishes and decent breakfasts are also available here. You can also ask for the 'real' spices to add flavor to the bland Indian dishes.

Snowland Restaurant is near the famous Barkhor Square and Jokhang Temple on the Zangyiyuan Road. It is quite popular for its various food supply, including Western, Nepali, Indian and Tibetan food. The wonderful service has won the good reviews of lots of customers. Its opening hours are from 7:30am to 10:30pm, and it also provides English menu for travelers' convenience.

Lhasa Namaste Restaurant is a Nepalese restaurant, which also serves Tibetan and Indian cuisines. It sometimes is very crowded in the peak seasons. The outside appearance of it seems commonplace, but the interior decorations are elaborate, with many Tibet and Nepalese ornaments, and a photo of the whole Potala Palace. Travelers all like to sit near the window to enjoy the view of the picturesque scenery and the far-away mountains.

Western Food

For those who are not used to Chinese food and Tibetan food, they can also find some restaurants and cafés that offer western food in Lhasa downtown city. In the luxury hotels in Lhasa, there are also western buffets for choose.

Sichuan Cuisine

Besides the local Tibetan food, Sichuan cuisine is the most popular food in Lhasa, as well as in the whole Tibet. Many local restaurants provide simple Sichuan dishes. The Sichuan dishes are always spicy but really tasty.

Vegetarian Food

For vegetarians, you don’t need to worry about the food in Tibet. There are some restaurants offering vegetarian food in Lhasa city. Just check as below.

Vegetarian FoodEnjoy a healthy and unique vegetarian food

Vegetarian Restaurants in Lhasa

Tibetan Family Kitchen offers guest with nice vegetarian food, and vegetarians will not be disappointed here. The tasty food and the friendly service will make you comfortable. You can choose to have some vegetables or some vegetarian food here.

House of Shambhala Restaurant offers food with reasonable prices and the Yak Momo and Lentil Dal are amazing. Vegetarians can also get their desired food from the menu list.

Dunya Restaurant and Namaste Restaurant are both vegetarian friendly places for travelers to choose, which has been introduced in the parts shown above.

Of cause, there are more restaurants in Lhasa city and more things to eat. If you have any questions about the dining in Lhasa, or need some suggestions about where to eat during your Lhasa city tour, please feel free to contact us or consult your Tibetan travel guide. Our local guides will recommend the proper restaurant based on your needs.

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