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Where to Stay in Lhasa: Accommodation Suggestions for Your Lhasa Tour

Last Update: April 15, 2023

If you plan to visit Tibet and want to stay overnight in Lhasa, you may want to know where to stay, this guidance will show you some accommodation recommendations, which allows you to choose the most proper hotel or guesthouse to spend the night in Lhasa.

Luxury Hotels in Lhasa

If you want to stay comfortably in Lhasa, luxury hotels can meet all your demands. As Lhasa is the provincial capital city of Tibet, it is not old nor ragged as you think. Continue to read the following contents to get to know some five-star hotels in Lhasa.

The most popular luxury hotels in Lhasa include St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise, Shangri-La Hotel Lhasa, Songtsam Lhasa Linka and Lhasa Hotel Vip Building. Staying in these hotels will enable you to obtain a wonderful experience. You can relax yourself in the hotel to the greatest degree and entertain yourself happily. The perfect locations of the luxury hotels allow visitors to enjoy the most magnificent view of the whole city.

The Luxury St. Regis Lhasa Resort is a stunning retreat and is opened in 2011. With breathtaking views of the Himalayas and a host of world-class amenities, it offers the ultimate relaxation and indulgence.

St. Regis Resort HotelSt. Regis Resort Hotel in Lhasa

Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise is a top contender for Lhasa's most luxurious hotel, offering stunning Himalayan views. With spacious rooms, banquet halls, a 24-hour oxygen bar, and multiple restaurants, it's conveniently located 7 km from Potala Palace and Barkhor Street, and 1 hr 15 min from Lhasa Gonga Airport.

Shangri-La Hotel Lhasa is a new luxury hotel in the city's commercial district, blending contemporary Tibetan design with modern amenities. Its 279 rooms and suites feature traditional artwork, and there are several restaurants, bars, spa, and fitness facilities. Guests can enjoy an observation platform and a 24-hour oxygen bar.

Lhasa Shangri-la HotelYou can see Potala Palace from Lhasa Shangri-la Hotel.

Although the services and facilities in these luxury five-star hotels are top-class, you should know the price to live in these luxury hotels is high. If you want to choose some economical or cheap places to live in Lhasa, you can continue to read the contents of this guidance to help you to save money on accommodation.

Economic Hotels in Lhasa

In order to spend money more sensibly, it is recommended to choose some economic hotels in Lhasa to relax yourself at night. Thus, you can budget your Lhasa tour to some degree. There are hundreds of economic and clean hotels in Lhasa as well, such as Lhasa Yak Hotel, Lhasa Gang Gyan Hotel, Lhasa Thangka Hotel, Lhasa New Mandala Hotel and so on.

Lhasa Yak Hotel (4-star) has 62 rooms and 185 beds at diverse levels, which is in the center of Lhasa. It is not far away from the Jokhang, and Ramoche monastery as well. It has been in business since April 1986. The staff in this hotel can speak Chinese, Tibetan and English, which makes it convenient for you to get the necessary services here.

Lhasa Yak HotelLhasa Yak Hotel

Lhasa Gang Gyan Hotel (4-Star) is close to the Ramoche Temple, which belongs to the Tibet Gang-gyan Development Company. You can go sightseeing and go shopping in Barkhor Street and other wonderful places as you prefer. You can enjoy the full views of the famous Potala Palace by just lying in bed.

Lhasa New Mandala Hotel (3-Star) is also an economic one, whose left is just the Jokhang Temple. You can choose one room from the suite rooms, standard rooms, single rooms and triple rooms, and totaled 79 guest rooms as you need. All the rooms are mainly decorated with the classical Tibetan decoration style. The environment is clean and cozy. You can make yourself at home with the considerate services of the staff in this hotel.

Lhasa Thangka Hotel (3-star), located near Jokhang Temple Square, offers single rooms, standard rooms, and suites decorated in Tibetan style. Guests can enjoy Chinese and Western cuisine, with Tibetan dishes as the specialty, at the hotel's restaurant. All rooms are equipped with internet access.

Lhasa's economic hotels are diverse and the number of them is large, so travelers can choose one suitable for them for a comfortable and enjoyable visit to Lhasa. If you do want to budget your tour, you can also give up these economic hotels and choose to live in some guesthouses in Lhasa. Thus you may save much money doing other things on your trip.

Budget Guesthouse in Lhasa

The guest houses in Lhasa or youth hostels in Lhasa are quite popular among backpackers, some are photography lovers or writers. They come to visit Tibet to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and they do not care about the accommodation very much. As for them, the guesthouse can meet their accommodation needs perfectly.

Among these guesthouses, it is recommended to choose Phuntsok Kasang International Youth Hostel, Dongcuo International Youth Hostel, and Snow Lotus, for they offer visitors economic standard doubles and triples with attached restrooms as well as 8-bed to 12-bed rooms. You only need to pay a few dozen RMB for spending one night here.

Dongcuo International Youth HostelDongcuo International Youth Hostel

These guesthouses are the best choice for visitors who have strict limitations on the tourism budget in Tibet. The referred three hostels are near Barkhor, which is quite convenient for tourists, but do not offer payment of credit cards.

You can gain a 24-hour hot water supply in these cheap guesthouses and some simple Chinese-style breakfasts. You should know there is no air-conditioner or heating system. A heater or electric blanket is available in these guesthouses on cold days. You can make use of the free Internet access at ease in the dorm beds or private rooms.


In general, you can choose your desired hotels at different levels to spend the night in Lhasa. If you want to have a luxurious and comfortable stay in Lhasa, you can select the luxury 5-star hotels. If you do not want to spend too much money on accommodation, the economic hotels will be your best choice. If you want to have a budget trip in Lhasa, you can just sleep in the guesthouses to have a good night. If it is hard for you to determine which type of hotel to choose, you can contact us to help you to book a suitable hotel for you.

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