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Last Update: July 13, 2017

Mount Kailash, also known as Gang Rinboche, is one of the most holiest mountain in the world. At the altitude of 6,656 meters, Mt.Kailash, the main peak of the Gangdise Mountains, is regarded as the world center by Tibetan Buddhists, the Hindus, Jains and Bon practitioners. It's said that a kora around Mt.Kailash would clean off all the sins in their lifetime. Besides, Mount Kailash is appraised as one of the top ten most beautiful mountains in China by Chinese National Geography. Thus, swarms of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world would come to pay their homage to Mount Kailash.

When to Visit Kailash

The best time to trek Mt.Kailash are May to June and September to October, during which you can perfectly avoid the rainy season and muddy road. And winter of Ngari comes much earlier than other parts of Tibet. This area would be covered in heavy snow from November to April.

How to Get to Mt.Kailash

Most tourists would like to travel overland from Lhasa to Darchen via Xinjiang-Tibet Highway. And you can also take flights to Ali Kunsha Airport first and then transfer to Mount Kailash. As for travelers who enter Tibet from Nepal, they can also take a helicopter flight to Mt.Kailash to cut down the whole traveling time.

What to Pack for Kailash Tour

Considering the harsh weather and temperature, you'd better bring a pair of gloves, sunglasses, woolen sweaters, thermal underwear, down jacket, hiking boots, waterproof backpack, etc.

Accommodation in Kailash Kora

The overall level of accommodation in Ngari is very poor and basic. While trekking Mount Kailash, tourists can only have to stay overnight at the monastery guesthouse or camping outside.

Foods and Drinks in Kailash Trek

Darchen, a small village at the foot of Mount Kailash, is a starting and ending point of this tough trek. Here you can get some supplies but the price would be much higher. Thus, we suggest you to buy some bread, chocolate, biscuits, instant noodles, in Lhasa City or Shiquanhe Town.

If you still have some questions about how to plan a visit to Mount Kailash, you'll find the most useful information in the following articles, including best time to tour Mount Kailash, the most classic mount Kailash tourist itinerary, what to pack for mount Kailash tour, top things to do around Mount Kailash, tour Mount Kailash from Nepla by helicopter, the high altitude of Mount Kailash inner and outer kora and so on.

Mount Kailash Tour

When Is The Best Time to Tour Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar?

Updated on March 22, 2017    by Tashi Namgyal

The best time to visit Mt.Kailash are May to June and September to October for avoiding the monsoon and chilly winter. Besides, you'll have the chace to enjoy hilarious Bangongcuo Festival and Ongkor Festival. Read more about Ngari weather and temperature.

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Mount Kailash Tour

What Is The Most Classic Mount Kailash Tourist Itinerary?

Updated on March 22, 2017    by Jigme

The classic 15-day tour of Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar takes you deep into the wilds of Tibet, on a three-day trek with the pilgrims around one of their holiest sites. And you'll see wondrous attractions of Tibet, including Potala Palace,Tashilhunpo Monastery, Mt.Everest, etc.

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Mount Kailash Tour

What to Pack for Mount Kailash tour

Updated on March 22, 2017    by Tashi Namgyal

With an average altitude of 4500 meters, Ngari Prefecture is much higher than other parts of Tibet. Tourists who want to do Kailash kora will need some specific items to make their trekking more comfortable. Check more about Kailash packing list.

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Mount Kailash Tour

Top Things to Do and Experience around Mount Kailash

Updated on March 22, 2017    by Tashi Namgyal

While touring Mt.Kailash, travellers can not only do the holy kora with pilgrims, but also catch a glimpse of Kangkyam Glacier, visit ancient monasteries, enjoy hot springs, appreciate Lake Manasarovar and Rakshastal, etc. Here is a detailed list of top things to do at Mount Kailash.

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Mount Kailash Tour

Can I Take Flights to Tour Mount Kailash from Lhasa or Nepal?

Updated on March 23, 2017    by Tashi Namgyal

For tourists who don't want to travel overland from Lhasa to Gang Rinpoche, they are able to take the helicopter from Nepal to Kailash instead. The whole travelling time would cut down to 11 days. See the detailed itinerary about Mount Kailash Helicopter Tour.

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Mount Kailash Tour

High Altitude of Mount Kailash Inner Kora and Outer Kora

Updated on March 30, 2017    by Tashi Namgyal

With an elevation of 6,721 meters above the sea level, Mt. Kailash is one of the most challenging treks in Tibet. Here you'll get more details about the altitudes of Mt.Kailash inner and outer kora as well as the ways to ease altitude sickness.

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