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How to Get Nepal Visa

Last Update: March 26, 2020

Many tourists will choose to visit Nepal as well as Tibet to experience the exotic culture and amazing landscapes of the Himalaya mountian ranges. Compared with applying for the Tibet permit, it is quite easy to apply for Nepal Tourist Visa

Nepal Tourist Visa

There are three kinds of Nepal Tourist Visa, including the Single-entry Visa, the Multi-entry Visa and the Transit Visa. The cost of Nepal Visa depends on your duration in Nepal and you can extend your visa in Kathmandu or Pokhara with extra fees.

Single-entry Visa: valid for 60 days and costs US $30. Tourists can change it into a multiple-entry visa at Kathmandu's Central Immigration Office for US $50.

Multi-entry Visa: with which you can enter Nepal for multiple trips in any calendar year. Eahc stay valids for 60 days, and up to a total of 150 dyas in a year.

Transit Visa: If you have an air ticket out of Nepal within three days, you can get a free Non-extendable three-day transit visa at the airport in Kathmandu.

How to Apply for Nepal Visa

Tourists can obtain Nepal Tourist Visa either on arrival or from nearest Nepalese Embassies, Consulate Generals or Honorary Consulates by mail.

Nepal Visa on Arrival

It is possible for UK, EEC, Australia, Canada and USA passport holders to obtain Nepal Visa in Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport, or Nepal-India Road Boad Border. If you take a Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour, you can just apply for your Nepal Visa at the Kodari Checkpoint on China-Nepal road border.

Nepal Visa by Mail

You can also apply for Nepal visa before you enter Nepal in your home country. Just send all the required documents to the nearest Nepalese Embassies, Consulate Generals or Honorary Consulates. It usually takes 2 working days. Or if you visit Tibet first, you can apply for Nepal Visa in Lhasa.

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