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The Most Complete Guide to Lhasa to Namtso Lake Cycling Tour

Last Update: March 27, 2020

Tibet’s fabulous roads are waiting to be explored and what better way to enjoy them than cycling. Moreover, cycling is a great activity to keep the body fit and it increases the blood circulation greatly. You can pick any route you like and begin your journey, Tibet will never disappoint. In this article, we will discuss about cycling to Namtso Lake from Lhasa and find out why it is a journey to remember.

The local tibetan guide is cycling to Namtso LakeThe local tibetan guide is cycling to Namtso Lake

What you need to know about Namtso Lake?

This lake contains salt water and it is only after China’s Qinghai Lake, in terms of size. It is situated very high and quite naturally and is the highest lake of planet earth. The exact location is between Lhasa’s Damxung County and Bango County’s Nagqu region. Its beauty is beyond words and gives a feel of heaven to the visitors. Acclimatization is required, during your visit, as the climate can be very rough sometimes. Lhasa can be the perfect place for acclimatization and all travellers do that.

Namtso Lake is situated very high and quite naturally and is the highest lake of planet earthNamtso Lake is situated very high and quite naturally and is the highest lake of planet earth

The mountain range of Nyenchen Tangula gives the water supply to Namtso and the snow melts in a magnificent way. The lake supports various life forms and lush grass always surrounds the surrounding land. This is the perfect habitat of rare wildlife creatures and Namtso is brilliant in many ways.

Stunning sunrise over Namtso LakeStunning sunrise over Namtso Lake

Namtso lake is not very far away from Lhasa and the distance is just 250km. You can reach your destination either by cycling or by driving.

Lhasa to Namtso Lake Cycle Tour

The best part about enjoying Tibet is getting the most out of the short but sweet cycle tours. A traveller can travel to any destination from Lhasa, but going to Namtso Lake on a cycle has its own charm. The grasslands are colourfully dotted with beautiful sheep and the famous yaks. The shepherd camps are traditional in nature, but they also look good under the snowy mountain. The sky-railway just passes beside the road and Namtso looks fabulous under sunshine. For travelling, the Qinghai-Tibet track must be picked and it is a well-built road. Lucky tourists can often see pilgrims performing their unique rituals.

Lucky tourists can often see pilgrims performing their unique ritualsLucky tourists can often see pilgrims performing their unique rituals

The trip can be divided into 8 days and a separate thing happens each day. On the very first day, tourists come to Lhasa and soak in the atmosphere, it is absolutely amazing though. Stay in a good hotel and acclimatize yourself slowly. Day 2 is all about Lhasa Tour and you can roam around this region and pay a visit to the top religious attractions. From Potala Palace to Barkhor Street, there are plenty of amazing options. Day 3 is equally vital and it can be spent by visiting Sera and Drepung Monastery. On Day 4, after a little bit of cycling along Qinghai-Tibet highway, Damxung can be reached. The journey continues on Day 5 and tourists have to reach Namsto from Damxung using Mt. Nagenla pass. Day 6 is all about enjoying the lake atmosphere and exploring the meditation caves. Keep on cycling and reach Yangpachen and stay the night there. The return journey to Lhasa happens on the seventh day and cyclists have to cover a distance of 75km.

You can pay a visit to The Potala Palace or other religious attracions at LhasaYou can pay a visit to The Potala Palace or other religious attracions at Lhasa

Tackling the high altitude change during cycling

Cycling enthusiasts love Tibet and they get a lot of gifts from this amazing region. As the road continues, cyclists climb up the altitude. Lhasa is 3,656m above the sea level and it is where people acclimatize. Drepung Monastery is a little bit higher and it stands at 3800m. On the 4th day, when cyclists go towards Damxung, the elevation touches around 4718m. The elevation of Namtso Lake is also the same and altitude sickness can happen easily. The altitude varies greatly and each day travellers are at a particular height. At the last part of the trip, cyclists reach Yangpachen and the maximum elevation in this area is almost 4500m. The body needs time to adjust with this situation and so cyclists must ensure that the oxygen content is sufficient with them and no emergency situations take place.

Best Time for Lhasa to Namtso Lake Cycle Tour

Cycling tours can only be enjoyed if the right time is chosen for it. We can recommend the best time to you and we mainly pick the month of June to begin this tour and the favourable period continues till October. However, the cycling journey can also begin in April as well. As the cold months arrive, the terrain becomes challenging and travellers can face a lot of difficulties. If the routs are sealed by snow, cycling becomes almost impossible. During winters, cycling can prove to be a dangerous activity.

Cycling tours from Lhasa to Namtso LakeCycling tours from Lhasa to Namtso Lake

Getting the Tibet travel permit and other permits for the cycling tour

For foreign travellers, Tibet travel permit is a highly essential thing and we can help you get that successfully. Chinese Visa is important, but to travel around Tibet, you need this important document. If you choose our tours, we can take care of every single thing and make your travel experience smoother. As you prepare for the trip, you must take the issue of the permits very seriously. Getting the right permits can facilitate the process and help you go anywhere. Apart from the usual travel permit, Aliens’ travel permit is also required for going to some prohibited areas. Skip the troubles, by getting in touch with us and get your permits easily.

Tibet travel permit for foreign travellersTibet travel permit for foreign travellers

What to pack for Lhasa-Namtso Lake cycling trip?

The packing should be absolutely perfect and no compromises should be made in this aspect. The mountain bike is supplied to travellers by us, but professional cyclists can take their own. Apart from this an elevation watch, spare batteries and compass is also needed. In some areas, wild animals can create problems, so take firecrackers to scare them away. Injuries are normal during cycling and a small amount of alcohol should be present with you, to treat the wounds. Moreover, carry a sufficiently long stick and knife for your own safety. If you plan to stay in a particular place overnight, bring a tent, comfortable sleeping bag and mattress. As far as clothes are concerned, padded jackets, raingear and sunglasses is must. Choose the right routes and always carry useful medicines to protect your body. Keep your valuable belongings in a safe saddled bag and perform the trip in the presence of a professional. Our travel agency can help you a lot in this trip and the permits and other passes are handled by us. Get lodging options are also listed in the itinerary and the accommodation class needs to be selected by you. We also take significant measures to prevent tourist accident and provide casualty insurance to them.

Packing things for Lhasa-Namtso Lake cycling tripPacking things for Lhasa-Namtso Lake cycling trip

This route is truly exceptional and we have listed all the information you need to make your trip safe and rewarding. Explore the joys of cycling and get acquainted with a different side of Tibet. Some destinations are challenging in the world’s roof, but this experience is one, you can never forget. The cycle tour to Namtso Lake is taken by most travellers and they love this interesting journey. This guide will help you know everything and your tour will become much smoother. You focus on your experience and we can take care of everything else.

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