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Should You Customize a Private Tour or Join in a Group Tour?

Last Update: December 26, 2023

Tibet is a land where there’s plenty to see and do, depending on what sort of traveler you are. If you prefer to seek out adventure, there’s the Everest Base Camp to explore, if you are more of a spiritual being opt for witnessing the marvel called Mount Kailash and if you like to explore new cultures walk around the capital city of Lhasa.

With so much to do you would like to customize it to your specific likes and avoid the dislikes. Hence you might be thinking that a Tibet private tour is the best option, but this is not the suggested choice. Instead of planning a private visit fully customized to your wants and needs, pick a Group tour from Tibet Tour. There are plenty of different types of Tibet group tours for the various travelers which are limited to a maximum of 12 people which means it’s almost like you’re traveling alone but with great company.

Like-minded travelers will be part of the group tour so you can chit chat on the same topics, and spend as little as possible saving most of it for maybe a nice souvenir for your family and friends back home! In this article, we look at why if you’re a single traveler, a small group or even a large group choosing to join a group tour is more beneficial than a private tour.

For The Single Traveler To Tibet

Waiting for your trip to Tibet, to get away from the hustle-bustle of your city and the numerous paperwork? Expecting to spend time with yourself in the cold and high mountains of Tibet? You check on the private tour and are shocked to see the prices! suggests a small group tour. It is far cheaper, as the group shares most of the costs such as transportation, personnel, and hotels. You will also get plenty of ‘me’ time as you can pick a group who prefer the same.

Tibet group toursTibet is a land where there’s plenty to see and do, depending on what sort of traveler you are

If you are looking out for a crazy adventure, the group tour will make you interact with bold risk takers. Make lifetime friends with people from all over the world who share the same interests as you. Take part in a fulfilling spiritual tour to Mount Kailash, where religious people will surround you. They will guide you on the practices and help you undergo spiritual pilgrimages righteously like the Kailash Kora.

If you still live with your parents and want to travel alone, there will be more comfort in your parent’s knowing you will be going with a group. Not forgetting the number of photos that the other members will take of you, which will not be possible if you have traveled alone. Traveling alone is lonely; spending the night alone in a new far away hotel might not be a great experience. Companionship is always preferable.

For A Small Group To Tibet

What about if you have a group of family or a few friends who will be joining you on your trip to Tibet? Cut the costs down further, with a group tour. It will save you so much of money, that you will want to treat them for an exclusive Tibetan dinner when in the cold and different lands of Tibet.

The added security of being in a group means more adventures are possible in areas which people are keen to explore but would not dare if alone. If your group is a close knit of friends who love to hike on the Everest tops it will be allowed if only on a group tour.

Tibet group toursOur travel team brings the best service to friends from all countries

There will also not be any hassles as to who should do the hotel bookings, the Tibet train bookings and stand in queues. In group tours, it is all decided by the tour operators so your family or friends can spend some quality time with each other instead of arguing who needs to book what.

When going on a trip, no one will take the initiative to plan the trip well. All you need to do is speak to our travel experts, and they will guide you on the itinerary for an organized, planned group tour. The agenda can be shared with your group of family or friends for them to understand the plans. It will also avoid confrontation with your close ones when it comes to splitting costs as they have to pay the tour operator directly.

Your friends and family do come first, but it can be boring after a while if it’s just you’ll. Be part of a team of unique personalities who may end up becoming part of your family or be a new member of your friend circle.

For A Large Group To Tibet

Generally, for a large group to Tibet, such as around 10 people or more, it is suggested to customize your own trip for your group. Just like the private tour, you can tailor your itinerary and all the details of your trip to your own needs. You can contact us with your total budget, what your group members prefer and how many days would be ideal. We will plan a group tour for your whole team based on your choices.

Tibet group toursA travel group watches the local Tibetan performances and get the commemorative photos

We have put together the best itineraries based on past experiences which make it very worthwhile. The locals who will be your tour guide and driver have a lot of knowledge about Tibet with a lot of insider information which you will not get anywhere. The places you stay and eat will be according to your preferences but with the guidance of the personnel who will ensure you stay at the most comfortable hotels and eat the tastiest.

A group tour is basically a customized private tour but very much cheaper, more fun, more adventurous and unforgettable. You will notice that sharing your good times with people around you is an amazing feeling. The stories and tips that your fellow group will share will be far interesting over some hot local Tibetan food like Tsampa and Balep.

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