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How to Choose the Best Group Tour in Tibet

Last Update: December 26, 2023

Touring Tibet in group tour is fun, as long as the company is right. The price you pay for the trip matters, and so group tours help stick to your budget. However, there are several other reasons why group tours end up being the best choice. Here we help you decide what other factors to look into and how important the aspect is to you so you can decide on the best group tour.

Tour Price

No one wants to burn a hole in their pocket, and a group tour does just that. It keeps the tour of Tibet at a reasonable cost which will save most of your hard earned money. However, there are several group tours at different prices. It all depends on the tour operators, the locations visited, the time of the year, length of the journey and many other variables.

Best Group Tour in TibetYou can make the difference between an unforgettable experience and a horrible trip in group tour

A 4 day group tour in Lhasa by Tibet Tours will cost roughly only US$415 while a 15 days Mount Kailash tour costs around US$1700. Compared to Tibet private tours it is far cheaper, however when selecting a group tour do keep in mind your budget, length of holidays and what type of locations you prefer seeing.

Group Size

Many Tour operators in Tibet plan larger group sizes, and so a personalized service is not given. At Tibet Tour, we team you up with like-minded tourists in a group size of a maximum of 12 people so that the utmost attention is given to you. We choose an average of 8.5 tourists per group tour as we believe in letting you experience service quality. The quality itineraries planned are made primarily to ensure you are given the best service with memories that will last a lifetime.

For example, the 4 days group tour in the Sunlight City of Lhasa, is a small group tour with less than 12 people. It shows the best of the busy city of Lhasa, which includes the essential sites like Potala Palace. The people around you are handpicked according to the same interests, and people who want to get the most out of every minute. So if you have long weekend coming up and prefer to enjoy every minute of it this option is the best.


We have all experienced cheap group tours where a majority of time is spent shopping. These types of group tours don’t give value for money. At Tibet Tour, we strictly design our Tibet group tours so that detours and forced shopping never occurs. It does not mean that shopping is not encouraged, but we don’t plan the trip around it.

Best Group Tour in TibetCheer for our wonderful travel experience

During our group tours in Tibet, there is particular dedicated time for authentic local custom experiences such as visiting teahouses and the stone carving market. It will ensure you don’t feel left out of the shopping experience in Lhasa, but still, keep the visiting of essential sites as the original itineraries.

Hidden Costs

Some Tour operators mislead tourists with deceiving tactics which might ruin your dream trip to Tibet. For example, entrance fees for most of the sites may not be included in the group tour, and this will be a significant issue. Crowded places like the Potala Palace need reservations months before as they have a limit of 2500 people only per day. If the agency does not reserve your admission way before time, you may not be able to get to see places like Potala Palace.

Another problem with such hidden costs is the extra bucks you will need to spend while on tour. One of the reasons for a group tour is the price you pay, but this will end up to become similar to a private tour given that hidden costs are deliberately not shown to tourists.

We have a strict admission fee inclusive package which ensures your safety in viewing the favorite locations of Tibet with no worry at all!

Fixed Departure Date

Though there are plenty of tour agencies offering group tours in Tibet, some of them only have few departure dates. It is important to match your time with the tour date. To rearrange your holidays and re-book your flight tickets is really troublesome, right? So in this case, you need to think about the tour date, the agency which offers more frequent departure dates may save you more time and money to re-arrange your plan.

Another thing to mention is that, even some agencies offer the group tour in Tibet with frequent departures, the group may be canceled if there aren’t enough people in the group. Please make sure the date you choose is fixed or not.

Quality Of The Travel Agency

To visit Tibet, you need the travel agency to apply the Tibet Travel Permit, arrange your trip, and provide local guide and drivers during your days in Tibet. There are many things they need to do, and many things you need to know from them. A professional travel agency with experienced travel advisor and senior local tour guide and drivers will make your trip in Tibet more flexible and enjoyable.

Best Group Tour in TibetOur travel agency brings a wonderful experience to your Group Tour in Tibet

When choosing a Tibet Group Tour, it is advisable to speak to as many travelers who have been to Tibet in the past, and to read the countless reviews online. The internet has made it far easier to understand what is inclusive in the group tour and what is not. Take a look at the general guidelines of the tour operator along with asking many questions till you are comfortable.

Choosing the best group tour can make the difference between an unforgettable experience and a horrible trip which you wished you never took. The above points highlighted brings to light how best to choose your group tour. We,, have been in the tour business for over 15 years and is a pioneer in ensuring the best service and experience in Tibet. You will never go wrong in choosing Tibet Tours to take you around Tibet in a group that is like minded as you.

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