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What to Pack for Tibet Trekking Tour?

Last Update: March 27, 2020

Tibet gives a unique opportunity to travellers and they can engage in a lot of other activities. From photography to trekking, there is so much to do here. Trekking is an exhilarating activity and the breathtaking view of the Himalayas offers a heavenly sight to the mountaineers. They can have the time of their lives here, as the trekking activities are hugely different. Tibet is such an amazing place, that it has become everyone’s dream destination. The attractions of Tibet are too tempting to resist and travellers can do more than such absorbing the natural beauty.

What makes trekking in Tibet so special from other places?

Trekking is one of Tibet’s major attractions and there are plenty of options too. This experience will stay in your mind forever and the little things are simply fabulous. From stunning landscapes to generous people, everything in Tibet reflects a refreshingly vibrant culture. The beautiful lakes paint a serene atmosphere, while the religious prayer wheels speak of ancient stories. Trekking acts as a cherry on the cake and you should enjoy it to the fullest. Trekking is totally different from normal travelling and it presents a different view of Tibet.

The prayers in TibetThe prayers in Tibet

By trekking here, you can not only experience the amazing scenery, but many secret places can also be explored. Tibetan culture has different faces and every face is charming. Experience this lifestyle once in your lifetime and face the tough challenges presented by nature. It is amazing how these mountains can hold cultural secrets and present something amazingly fascinating.

Experiencing the amazing scenery on the trekking wayExperiencing the amazing scenery on the trekking way

Major trekking regions in Tibet

Based in Tibet, we’ve more than 10 years’ experience in organizing special trekking trips and they are absolutely amazing. These trips see a great number of travellers and the enthusiasm among the people is tremendous. In the Himalayas, there are many adventure circuits, but Tibet’s popularity is the highest. Tibet has a lot more than Buddhism, lakes, monasteries and chilly climate. Let’s look at some of Tibet’s major trekking zones.

Everest Region

This region is mostly in Nepal’s territory and numerous trekkers found out trek routes, which leads to Nepalese Himalayas. This unexplored zone offers ample scope for adventure and the Tibetan part of the Himalayas can also be explored. One of the most famous route passes through Kathmandu and the stunning Nepalese countryside. The Sunkoshi River is touched in the path and beautifully deep gorges also add to the thrilling ride. An ancient village called Tingri falls in the course of the much-awaited base camp and the magnificent Mt. Everest can be seen from here. Extreme cold conditions must be avoided while visiting this route and April is the best month to commence trekking. The spring and autumn season is the recommended time.

Trekking to Nepalese HimalayasTrekking to Nepalese Himalayas

Kailash Mansarovar Route

This route is ancient and it was used by pilgrims for a long time. The mountain contains some fantastic mysteries and pilgrims play on their lives and travel this route. Paying homage is extremely important to them and they take it very seriously. The devotion is showed by countless people and this tradition has not been discontinued. A century old ritual that gets better and better with time. There are numerous passes present in Uttaranchal Himalayas and almost all of them can take you to the awe-inspiring Kalilash-Mansarovar. Few important passes in Kumaon region include Lampiya Dhura, Lowe Dhura, Kungri Bingru, Lipulekh, Jayanti, etc. Two time periods are favourable for this trip. One is between the month of April to June and the other one is from the middle of September to the first weeks of October.

The awe-inspiring Kalilash-Mansarovar routeThe awe-inspiring Kalilash-Mansarovar route

Namchag Barwa

Short treks are the most amazing ones and in Tibet, many short treks are available. Namchag Barwa mainly attracts amateur botanists as well as nature lovers. The lush green forests can calm your senses and the surrounding atmosphere is heavenly. The splendid Nyima La is present here along with the Rong Valley. The trekking starts from Pei, which is a beautiful small village. Big trekking trips to Tsangpo use this region as a staging post. A special ferry service is available here and the breathtaking Rinpoche cave is present along with a monastery. The time period between May-October is the best for trekking activities.

The natural scenery in Namchag BarwaThe natural scenery in Namchag Barwa

Top 3 Tibet Trekking Routes

Some trekking routes are extremely challenging, while others are not that hard. It all depends on you and the kind of challenges you want to encounter.

Trekking to Mount Shishapangma

Trekking to Mount ShishapangmaTrekking to Mount Shishapangma

The 8000m tall Mount Shishapangma gives trekkers a wonderful opportunity and this entry-level trekking tour can be taken by almost anyone. The base camp can be reached in a week’s time and trekkers can also take an advanced trekking tour. The hiking is not challenging at all and the trails are mostly decent. If a professional climbing group is organized, trekkers can complete the tour easily. Tibet has some of the most beautiful mountains of the world and this trek gives an opportunity to witness them.
Most Recommended Tour Itinerary: 12 Days Shishapangma South Face Base Camp Trekking

Trekking from Ganden to the beautiful Samye

Trekking from Ganden to the beautiful SamyeTrekking from Ganden to the beautiful Samye

This trekking trip offers medium-level difficulties and the challenges can be managed easily. This route is extremely popular and travellers can reach Samye Monastery at the end of the route. The route is extremely close to Lhasa and not much time is consumed in the process. Some trekkers don’t have an ample amount of time in their hand and they can easily take this. The logistics issues can be managed effortlessly, but overcoming two passes is difficult. Ganden is in ruins and its location is over a cliff and it attracts plenty of visitors.
Most Recommended Tour Itinerary: 8 Days Ganden to Samye Trekking

Advanced Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Trekking to Everest Base CampTrekking to Everest Base Camp

As the name suggests, this trekking option is meant for the professionals and the route is extremely dangerous. The trek ends at a stunning height of 6340m and the entire trip becomes spectacular. This fabulous trek is completed within 7 days, but an additional 3 days is required for the long overland journey. It all starts from Rongbuk Monastery and trekkers slowly move towards “Advanced base Camp”. Trekkers have to stop at an intermediate position to adjust with the climate.
Most Recommended Tour Itinerary: 8 Days Everest Base Camp Small Group Tour

Packing list for Tibet trekking tour

For trekking tours, packing is the most complicated job, but it must be done smartly. The first thing that goes in the bag is the visas and different permits. These things are extremely useful and totally mandatory. For trekking, small backpacks are absolutely perfect. However, professional trekkers may require a bigger backpack. Tibet is chilly and during the trekking trip, you may have to pass through extreme cold regions. Choose the right woollen clothes and make sure your body remains warm. Don’t forget to take raingear with you, as rainfall is common in some hilly regions. The shoes should be perfectly suitable for the purpose. Don’t stress too much on the basic necessities, as these things can be arranged anytime. Most importantly, take good quality trekking equipment that offers superlative performance. Then comes medicines and you can’t make any mistakes here. Take some important ones, so that you have protection during illness. Some useful skin-care items are important to, as your skin needs proper protection during trekking. Along with cash, take some food items that provide instant energy. Lastly, take an oxygen bag for the high altitude.

Trekkers always search for unforgettable moments and trekking in Tibet can offer them this precious gift. Different routes are there, with a spate difficulty setting, the choice depends on your courage and experience.

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