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Tibet Tourist Map

Last Update: December 1, 2021

While planning your lifetime trip to Tibet, you may need to check many things, such as where you want to go and what you want to experience in your Tibet tour. Here we offer you tourist maps of Tibet, which show the main attractions in Tibet, in order to help you know clearly about the locations of the main attractions and help you arrange your tour.

Tourist Map of Tibet

Tibet has seven tourist areas, mainly focusing on Lhasa area. Based on the administrative division, the other six tourist areas are: Shigatse, Nyingchi, Ngari, Nagqu, Tsedang and Chamdo. The most famous and must-see for tourists to visit in Tibet include: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Everest Base Camp, Ganden Monastery, Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake, Mount Kailash, Tashilhunpo Monastery etc.

 Tibet Tourist MapTibet Tourist Map

Map of Classic Tibet Travel Route

The land of Tibet is quite huge, but most of the highlighted are gathered in the central and southern Tibet plateau. One of the most popular Tibet travel routes is from Lhasa to Mount Everest via Shigatse, during which you will not only visiting the splendid landscapes of the world highest land, but also explore different culture and religions in Tibet.

Following this travel route, you will have chance to visit the must-see attractions like: Yamdrok Lake, Korala Glacier, Gyantse Kumbum, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Sakya Monastery, Everest Base Camp etc. Normally, it takes about eight days to enjoy a classic trip from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp, plus two days’ sightseeing for landmarks in Lhasa city.

 Tibet Tourist MapTourist Map of Lhasa - Shigatse Travel Route

Tourist Map of Lhasa

Lhasa, also known as the City of Sunshine, is in the middle of the Tibetan Plateau and is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Lhasa is the religious center of Tibet, boasting many prestigious culture relics and Buddhist architectures that one cannot miss. At the same time, it also offers brilliant scenery landscapes around the city.

Must-sees in the downtown of Lhasa include: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka Palace, and the Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery. It usually takes two days to visit the main sites in the city. Adding one day for arrival and one for departure, a four-day Lhasa city tour will be an excellent choice for a short trip to Tibet.

 Lhasa Tourist MapLhasa Tourist Map

Around Lhasa city, one can take a trip to Namtso Lake, or enjoy a trekking from Ganden to Samye Monastery. In this case, you will add one or two more days for your planned Lhasa tour.

Tourist Map of Shigatse

Shigatse is in the southwest of the Tibetan Plateau, east of Lhasa. From Lhasa, go upstream along the Yarlung Tsangpo River, cross one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet – Yamdrok Lake, then you will enter the Shigatse region. Continue moving southwards, you will reach the beautiful glacier and arrive at the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest. Then if you go west further, you will arrive at the border crossing to Nepal.

 Shigatse Tourist MapShigatse Tourist Map

Shigatse has many distinctive scenic spots. The main attractions in Shigatse include Tashilhunpo Monastery, Perkhor Monastery, Mount Everest, Everest Base Camp, Rongbuk Monastery, Rongbuk Glacier etc. Many tourists planning to visit Mount Everest will travel the route from Lhasa to Shigatse, as mentioned above. Besides, there are some less traveled sites like Shalu Monastery, Nartang Monastery, Sakya Monastery etc.

Tourist Map of Nyingchi

Nyingchi is located in southeastern Tibet, in the middle and lower reaches of the Brahmaputra River, and is connected to Lhasa and Shannan in its west and southwest respectively. With an average elevation of 3,100 meters above sea level, Nyingchi is the lowest region in Tibet. The must-sees in Nyingchi include Mount Namjagbarwa, Niyang River, Basumtso Lake, Lulang Forest, Midui Glacier etc.

 Nyingchi Tourist MapNyingchi Tourist Map

One can travel from Lhasa to Nyingchi following the newly opened highway, which takes only 4-5 hours. It will be a light-hearted trip to Nyingchi after you visit Lhasa, as you have adapted to the altitude and then move to the lower places. Besides, some tourists will travel overland from Chengdu to Lhasa, and pay a visit to the main sites of Nyingchi while they pass the region on the way. It depends on your preference to choose different travel route.

Tourist Map of Ngari

Situated in the northwest of Tibet, Ngari Prefecture is a remote and wild place that only a minority of people have reached owing to its harsh natural environment. Its administrative office is located in the town of Shiquan River, and the straight-line distance from Lhasa is up to 1100 kilometers. In addition to its remote location, Ngari is also the highest average altitude in Tibet, known as the "roof of the roof of the world".

 Ngari Tourist MapNgari Tourist Map

But the region of Ngari boasts extreme scenery almost universally known and is the birth of mysterious and splendid ancient civilization. The famous tourist attractions include: Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Guge Kingdom, Zanda Earth Forest, Toling Temple, Pangong Lake etc. And the region is a paradise for wild animals like yaks and Tibetan antelopes.

Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar as the most famous sites in Ngari, drawing thousands of devout pilgrims to pass over mountains and rivers to worship. It is one of the most sacred deeds to do the kora around Mount Kailash. And for ordinary tourists, one can join a 15-day Mount Kailash tour from Lhasa to experience the legendary pilgrimage.

Tourist Map of Nagchu

Nagqu is located in northern Tibet, between the Tanggula, Nyingchi Tanggula and Gangdis Mountains. It is neighbored to Chamdo to the east, Ngari to the west, and Lhasa and Nyingchi City to the south. It is the largest prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and the home to the nomads. Well-known sites in Nagchu include Qiangtang Prairie, Nyenchen Tangula Mountain, Siling Tso, Tangra Yum Tso etc. And there is the grand Nagchu Horse-Racing Festival held every year.

 Nagqu Tourist MapNagqu Tourist Map

Tourist Map of Tsedang

Tsedang belongs to Naidong District of Shannan Prefecture. It is 191 kilometers from Lhasa and 87 kilometers from Lhasa Gonggar International Airport. It is the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of Shannan. And it is the known as the cradle of Tibetan civilization.

 Tsedang Tourist MapTsedang Tourist Map

The main attractions in Tsedang include: Samye Monastery, which is thought to be the first monastery and university in Tibet; Trandruk Monastery; Yumbulagang Palace; Yamdrok Lake; Yarlung Tsangpo Valley; Dorje Drak Monastery etc. Tourists who are fond of Tibetan culture and history can travel from Lhasa to Tsedang and then to Gyantse and Shigatse, for the route collects all the cultural highlights in Tibet.

Tourist Map of Chamdo

Chamdo is in the eastern part of Tibet, sitting in the Hengduan Mountains and the valley of Three Rivers (Jinsha River, Lancang River and Nu River), where the Sichuan-Tibet Highway and the Yunnan-Tibet Highway will pass through. The place has complicated terrain and multiple landscapes, thus presents distinctive sights. The famous attractions in Chamdo include: Galden Jampaling Monastery, the biggest monastery of Gelug Sect in Kham area; Ranwu Lake; Lhegu Glacier etc.

 Chamdo Tourist MapChamdo Tourist Map


No matter which region of Tibet you will visit, there are recommended places to enjoy your trip. From cultural sites of monasteries and temples to the scenic mountains and lakes, Tibet has numerous treasures to be explored across the broad land. If you still have any question about planning your trip to Tibet after reading this passage, please feel free to contact us or leave your comment below.

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