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Medical Service on Tibet Train

Last Update: November 12, 2019

Every train from or to Tibet is equipped with modern facilities to provide passengers temporary medical service. Suffering from altitude sickness is a common thing on the Tibet train, the experienced doctors and trained nurses are also available for dealing with and attending the medical emergencies of the passengers. And the passengers can get timely and effective first aid.

If you suffer from breathless, you can ask the attendant for help no matter you are in the car, aisle or in the bathroom. The trained attendant will come immediately to help connect the oxygen tube to the oxygen outlet and make sure the passenger obtain oxygen in the right way.

But the medical care on the train is limited. There have been deaths onboard due to heart attacks which may or may not be related to the altitude, so be aware of your own health before making the trip on the Lhasa Express. And each passenger is required to fill in a health declaration form before boarding to ensure a safety trip. It is also recommended that you get the clearance of your family doctor before taking the journey.

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