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Washrooms on Tibet Trains

Last Update: March 27, 2020

Washroom is greatly important, no matter wherever you are. And traveling to Tibet by train is a long trip, regardless of where you start. So, good facilities of the restroom can make your Tibet train journey more comfortable. On Tibetan trains, there are toilets, public sinks, and hot water dispensers to meet your basic needs. Compared with other ordinary trains in China, the restroom facilities on Tibet trains are relatively decent.

Toilet on Tibet Trains

The washroom equipment has quite improved in Tibet train. No matter you like Chinese-style toilets, or prefer western-style toilets, or need to use barrier-free restroom, the toilets on Tibet train are well-designed for different passengers. But there is no private washroom on Tibet train. Apart from humanized design for different tourists, the toilets on the Tibet trains are environment-friendly. The Tibet train has a Toilet Waste Collection System which collects the human waste in vacuum collectors, then handles them when the train reaches the station. It will not cause any pollution on the way.

Western-Style Toilet and Chinese-Style Toilet

There are two toilets, separately at the left and right of each carriage, which are open for both genders. The western-style toilets are in the soft sleeper carriages, and the Chinese-style toilets are in the hard sleeper carriages and hard seat carriages. The room for the toilet is small, about 1~1.5 m², with basic facilities inside. It is clean and odor-free most time. The trainman will clean the toilet from time to time.  

Tibet trains western-style toiletsWestern-style toilets are provided on Tibet trains.

The Disabled Toilet

For those travelers who have a disability, the Tibet trains are also equipped with disabled toilets. The disabled toilets are bigger than the normal ones, which can fit a wheelchair inside easily. Inside the barrier-free restroom, there is also a red emergency button in case of various emergencies.

Facilities in the Toilet

There is a water basin and dustbin in the toilet. You can also see two buttons in it, a green one and a red one. After you use the toilet, you can push the green one to flush the toilet. If you have an emergency, just need to press the red button to seek help and the conductor will come at soon.

Tibet trains chinese-style toiletsChinese-style toilet on Tibet trains is well equipped.

How to Read Toilet Sign on Tibet Trains

There are indicator lights at each end of the aisle, which can be seen easily by all passengers in the carriage. When the light is red, it means that the restroom is occupied at the moment. When the light turns green, it is a signal that the washroom is empty, and you can use it.

You can also tell whether the toilet is vacant or not by the small lock window on the door handle. when the lock window is green, it indicates there is nobody in the lavatory. The lock window will turn red when there is someone inside.

It should also be noted that all the toilets on the train will be locked when the train stop at the stations, as the waste collection containers will be changed during the stop.

Tips for Using Toilet on Tibet Train

1. Bring your own toilet paper. Toilet paper is not supplied on the Tibet train, so you have to bring toilet tissue on your own.
2. Keep the toilet clean. In order to keep the restroom facilities clean, please flush after use and do not throw the litter carelessly.
3. Don’t flush toilet paper down toilets. Instead of flushing the paper down the toilet, dispose it in the bin.
4. Be careful when flushing. Some Chinese-style toilets flush with lots of water pressure. Don't let the water splash your trousers.
5.Be careful with the wet water. Sometimes the lavatory is wet, either from splash water when passenger flush toilet or the trainman clean toilet. If it's wet, roll your trousers up, especially if you're in a squat toilet.

Public Washing Sinks

There is a public washing sink at one end of every carriage. The washing area consists of three sinks, and only supplies cold water. Mirrors are installed above the sinks. This area is well lit and is very convenient for you to shave or makeup. No toiletries are provided on the train so be sure to bring your towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc. While the public sinks are available at all times, it is best to avoid the busy time in the morning from 7-9 am or evening from 6-9 pm.

Washrooms on Tibet trainsThere is a public washing sink in each carriage of the Tibet trains.

Besides, don’t drink the water from the washing area, as it is not suitable for drinking. If you need to drink, you can get water for free from the water dispensers, or you can buy bottled water from the dining car or the food trolley.

Hot Water Dispenser

If you need to drink warm water, tea or coffee, or want to eat instant noodles, you can use hot water from a hot water dispenser. It is on one end of the carriages, and is opposite to the sinks. There is an indicator light on the dispenser. If the red light is on, the dispenser is heating the water and the water is undrinkable. When the light turns green, you can get the boiled water.

Drinking water on Tibet trainsOne can get hot water from the hot water dispenser onboard the Tibet train.

Be careful when you get hot water from the dispenser. If you feel greatly thirsty, and can't wait for the water getting cold, you can buy bottled water from the food trolley.

Can I Take a Shower on Tibet Trains?

Sorry, you can’t take a shower on the Tibet train. We suggest you take a bath before boarding on the train. There are no shower facilities on the train. You can go to the washing area to wash your face or hands. Since it may be dangerous to catch a cold on Tibetan plateau, you'd better not wash your hair during the Tibet train journey, and you need to pay attention to keep yourself warm.


According to western standards, the facilities of the washroom on the Tibet trains are average but good enough for the trip to Tibet.

There are three types of toilets on the Tibet Trains: Chinese-style toilet, western-style toilet, and a disabled toilet. The former two restrooms are almost the same, with basic facilities including a water basin, dustbin, and two buttons, while the disabled toilet enjoys a more spacious space to accommodate a wheelchair and more humanized facilities like handrail and automatic door. The lavatories in Soft Sleep Carriages are usually cleaner than those in Hard Sleeper Carriages and Hard Seat Carriages. There are also public washing areas and hot water dispensers in the Tibet train. They can meet the water needs of passengers.

If you have more questions and concerns about the washroom on Tibet trains or want to know more details about the Tibet train, you can just feel free to contact us.

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