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Golmud To Lhasa Train

Last Update: May 6, 2020

All trains to Lhasa would make a 20-minute stop at Golmud Railway Station. Covering the distance of 1,142km, Golmud-Lhasa Railway has been completed on Oct.12th, 2005 and then put into use on Jul.1st, 2006.

Golmud-Lhasa train map
All the seven trains bound to Lhasa would stop over at Golmud railway station for twenty minutes.

What to See on Golmud-Lhasa Railway?

Taking Golmud-Lhasa train along Golmud-Lhasa Railway, you could be amazed at the essence of Qinghai-Tibet plateau, including boundless grassland, vast snow mountains and turquoise lakes, etc.

  • Yuzhufeng, also named Sob Gangri Peak, is at the altitude of 6,178m. Without exposing any rocks, the top of Yuzhufeng is snow-capped all year long.
  • Chumaer River would become red in summer due to its unique climate and terrain. Witnessing Tibetan antelope and yak migrate northward to Hohxil Nature Reserve would be an once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.
  • Cuona Lake is known as the highest fresh water lake in the world,covering an area of over 400 square kilometers. Under the blue sky, you can see Tibetan yak and antelope leisurely grazing on the grassland and fish swimming freely in the clear water.
  • Kunlun Mountains and Tanggula Moutains appear on the horizon once in a while.

Recommended Trains to Lhasa from Golmud

Among seven trains to Lhasa via Golmud, Shanghai-Lhasa train and Guangzhou-Lhasa train are the first two choices for you to enjoy the longest daytime sightseeing.

  • Shanghai-Lhasa train departs from Golmud at 04:01 and gets to Lhasa Railway Station at 17:55.
  • Guangzhou-Lhasa train runs from Golmud Railway Station at 02:45 and arrives at Lhasa 16:25.

Other trains from Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xining and Lanzhou would drive you to Lhasa at noon.

Schedule of All Trains to Lhasa from Golmud

Train No.Dep. / Arr.DurationFrequency
Shanghai-Lhasa (Z164) 04:01 / 17:55 13hr 54min Every Day
Guangzhou-Lhasa (Z264) 02:45 / 16:25 13hr 40min Every Day
Beijing-Lhasa (Z21) 22:50 / 13:27 14hr 37min Every Day
Chengdu-Lhasa (T22) 00:07 / 13:56 13hr 49min Every Other Day
Chongqing-Lhasa (T222) 00:07 / 13:56 13hr 49min Every Other Day
Lanzhou-Lhasa (Z917) 22:26 / 12:30 14hr 04min Every Other Day
Xining-Lhasa (Z6801) 22:26 / 12:30 14hr 04min Every Other Day

Note: Here are the latest train schedule updated in Mar., 2016. 

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