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Lanzhou to Lhasa Train Schedule & Online Ticket Booking

Last Update: July 21, 2017

Z917 train starts originally from Lanzhou to Lhasa every other day. Covering the distance of 2,188 km in total, Lhazhou-Lhasa train (Z917) is the only one direct train to Lhasa from Lanhzou running at 11:16. It would only cost you 23:54 hours to cross three provinces to experience the whole Lanzhou-Lhasa train trip. On the way back, the direct Lhasa-Lanzhou train (Z918) departs at 08:50.

Taking train to Lhasa from Lanzhou is one of the most favorite routes for visitors to Tibet. There are seven trains heading towards Tibet. Daily train for Lhasa only leaves from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Trains to Tibet from other major large cities like Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou and Xining would depart every other day.

Except Xining-Lhasa train (Z6801), all the trains to Lhasa would stop over Lanzhou Railway Station. If you want to save time over experiencing Qinghai-Tibet train trip, flying to Lanzhou and enter Tibet by trains from Lanzhou is another good try.

Lanzhou-Lhasa Train Fare & Online Ticket Booking

Train No.

Dep. / Arr.



Hard seat

Hard sleeper

Soft sleeper

Z917 Lanzhou-Lhasa

11:16 / 11:10


23hr, 54min (2,188km)




Z918 Lhasa-Lanzhou

08:50 / 09:24


24hr, 34min (2,188km)




Lanzhou to Lhasa Train Ticket Online Book

Note: The above ticket prices are just the net price you could see on your ticket. Because of the limit supply and huge demand of Tibet train tickets, tourists may have to pay more than the net price to buy tickets, especially in peak season. Please send us an inquiry for the exact price of the train you preferred to take.

24 Hours' Lanzhou to Lhasa Train Itinerary Details

Day1 Board Z917 train from Lanzhou to Lhasa and enjoy spectacular scenery along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Z917 train from Lanzhou to Lhasa leaves at 11:16. You had better bring all your belongings and Tibet travel permit to Lanzhou Railway Station one hour ahead.

Today is the first day on Lanzhou-Lhasa Train Z917. You would indulge yourself in the plateau scenery outside the window along the Qinghai-Tibet railway, varying from vast snow mountains, boundless grasslands to turquoise lakes, ect. Located at the northwest to Xining city, Qinghai Lake is considered as the largest salt water lake in China.

As the Lanzhou-Lhasa train enters plateau area after Golmud, the oxygen supplement system begins to work to release altitude sickness like dizziness and fatigue etc.

Day2 Get to Lhasa from Lanzhou by train

At midnight, Lanzhou-Lhasa Train Z917 would travel through Qarhan Salt Lake, Yuzhu Summit and Chumaer River accordingly.

In the morning, majestic snow-capped peaks and Tanggula Mountains appear on the horizon once in a while. Chances are that you can appreciate the stunning sunrise of Cuona Lake. WOW moments always happen on Qinghai-Tibet Railway. With an area of over 400 square kilometers, Cuona Lake is also considered as the highest fresh water lake in the world. Under the blue sky, you can see Tibetan yak and antelope leisurely grazing on the grassland and fish swimming freely in the clear water.

At 11:10, you would arrive at Lhasa Railway Station safely by Lanzhou-Lhasa train (Z917).

Lanzhou-Lhasa railway map

Lhazhou-Lhasa train (Z917) is the only one direct train to Lhasa from Lanzhou.

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