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China Group Visa in Nepal

Last Update: March 27, 2020

China Group Visa for travelers entering Tibet from Nepal is a single entry tourist visa that issued by Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. Whether you have already got a China Visa before or not, you need to apply this Group Visa in Kathmandu. Once it is issued, any type of Chinese visa obtained before would be invalid. Therefore, if you don't have any Chinese Visa yet and plan to enter Tibet from Nepal, you just apply for your Chinese Visa in Kathmandu, not in your own country.

The Chinese Group Visa for entering Tibet from Nepal is usually valid for no more than 30 days, with which you can also enter mainland China. It is a sheet of paper that lists all of the names of the people in your group with their nationalities, birth dates and passport numbers.

How to Get the Group Visa in Kathmandu

To apply for the Group Visa in Nepal, you need to arrive in Kathmandu few days in advance before your tour start, because you need to offer the original passport. Here are the detailed procedures of how to get your Chinese Visa in Kathmandu for your Tibet tour from Nepal.

Step 1: After confirming your tour details, you send us a scanned copy of your passport.
Step 2: We will offer an Invitation Letter to get a Group Visa number. At the meantime, we will help to apply for your Tibet Travel Permit.
Step 3: After we get your Tibet Permit, we will send scan copies of the permit and the Invitation Letter to you.
Step 4: You need to arrive in Kathmandu at least 3 days before your tour and our local staff could take you to Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu to fill the group visa application letter and sign it in person. Please remember to take your original passport, the permit, invitation letter, as well as a passport size photo (white background) with you to apply for your Group Visa.
Step 5: In couples of days, you will get your Group Visa.

It seems a little complicated, but we can help you make it simple. Our tour packages include the application services for all the permits and visa you need for your trip and our 1-on-1 travel expert will always follow the whole procedures and keep in contact with you.

How May Days Should I Stay in Kathmandu to Get My Group Visa Processed?

It is suggested to arrive in Kathmandu at least 3 days in advance. The working day refers to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It normally takes 3 working days to get the ordinary Group Visa, 2 working days for urgent ones, and 1 working day for top urgent ones. Though it’s possible to get the visa same-day, which means you submit it in the morning and get it in the afternoon, on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, it is not advised to do that for it’s really to hectic. And the more urgent your application is, the more service charges you need to pay.

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