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What to Pack for a Tibet Tour

Last Update: January 5, 2023

Tibet is a high-altitude and remote region, and there are a lot of points for attention on what to carry. And deciding what to pack for the Tibet tour is not easy, but do remember this principle: pack the minimum! Try to avoid carrying any unnecessary items. Here we offer a packing list for the Tibet tour.

Basic Packing List for a Tibet Tour

For all Tibet tours, there are some basic items to carry. The prime purpose of this list is to make your trip easy and comfortable.

1. Required Travel Documents

Your passport, Chinese Visa and Tibet Travel Permit are the first and most travel essentials you need to remember!

Passport and Chinese Visa: Never forget your original passport and Chinese Visa. Your passport must be valid for more than six months. Chinese Visa is applied on your own from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in your home country.

Tibet Travel Permit: TTP is the most important required document for Tibet tour. Without the Tibet Travel Permit, you can’t enter the Tibetan region. You have to obtain the permit through a certified Tibet local travel agency. And we can help to obtain it on behalf of you.

The permit will be checked before you board the train or flight to Tibet. After we get the issued permit, we will immediately mail it to your address in mainland China. Then you can carry the permit to get to Tibet.

Tibet Travel PermitTibet Travel Permit is a must-have for all Tibet tour.

Chinese Group Visa: Chinese Group Visa is an alternative to the Chinese Visa for visitors entering Tibet via Nepal. Issued by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, you can only get it through a certified Tibet local travel agency. We are always here to help.

Alien’s Travel Permit: If you want to travel to any place outside of Lhasa. The Alien’s Travel Permit is required and can be obtained at the Foreign Affairs Office either in Lhasa or Shigatse. Your Tibet tour guide will help you to process the application.

2. Clothes and Footwear

T-shirts, Hoodie, Fleece - Bring 4 to 5 T-shirts with both short sleeves and long sleeves to cater to the changing temperatures of Tibet, 1 hoodie, and at least 1 fleece.

Sweaters - Pack 1 to 2 sweaters, convenient to warm yourself when the weather is cold and easy to be taken off when the temperature bounces back to a higher level.

Long-sleeve Jacket or Windbreaker - 1 long-sleeve jacket or windbreaker is essential for any time of the year to have a Tibet tour.

Thick Down Jacket - A down jacket is important especially if you plan to visit Everest Base Camp or Mount Kailash, or head for a winter tour in Tibet.

Windproof Pants - Prepare 3 to 4 water and windproof pants is a wise choice as the pants are most likely to get stained during a Tibet tour.

Sports Footwear or Climbing Shoes - Wearing a comfortable and durable pair of sport shoes works on most occasions. Climbing shoes are needed if you want to take a trekking tour or travel to some remote areas with a higher elevation.

Breathable Socks - 4 to 5 pairs of socks make your feet more comfortable while walking.

Underclothing - Pack 4 to 5 quick-dry and breathable underclothing to ensure your tour more comfortable.

Basic Travel Clothing for Tibet TourTry your best to keep warm in Tibet.

3. Bags and Suitcases

Big suitcases are not suggested. Backpacks make you move more freely. A big backpack, a smaller one and a belt bag are perfect for your Tibet tour. Just travel as light as you can.

You can put all your belongings in the larger one and use the smaller one for daily activities. A belt bag or alike should be brought along to keep important certificates and travel documents safely with you all the time.

No need to take the big backpack with you everywhere, you can leave them at the hotel and carry the essentials for the day in a smaller backpack.

4. Skincare Items and Toiletries

Sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses are essential items to protect you from sunburn at high elevations. Moisturizers and lip balms are important to protect your skin and lips from the dry weather of Tibet.

While most toilets in Tibet don’t provide toilet paper and hand sanitizer, you can pack some necessary toilet items including small packages of tissues, wet tissues, a quick-dry towel, etc. Men should prepare a battery-operated shaver or razor.

5. Electronic Gears

For photography lovers, don’t forget to bring a camera with enough memory cards to capture the beauty of Tibet. You may need to bring a tripod for better photography.

A power bank for your cellphone is necessary since you may find few places to charge on the way during the trip. Portable adapters are also required to charge your digital devices.

6. Medicines

Medicines for Altitude Sickness - Take medicines for altitude sickness before you start the trip from your physician. Even though altitude sickness medicines are available in Tibet, it is best to get the medicine prescribed by your physician.

Multivitamins - It is a good idea to take a good quality multivitamin to supplement your diet since a supply of vegetables and fruits may not be readily available.

First Aid Kit - A first aid kit including aspirin, antibiotics and AMS medication is highly recommended. If trekking, add Band-Aid, eye drops, cotton wool, gauze and bandage to the kit.

Medicines for a Tibet TourPreparing some medicines for a Tibet tour is necessary.

7. Cash and Bank Cards

Credit cards are not so popular in the whole Tibet area and only accepted in a few big hotels in Lhasa and Shigatse.

Cash can be withdrawn everywhere in Lhasa. Remember to bring a sufficient amount of cash when you head for remote areas of Tibet since there are fewer ATMs. Carrying a lot of cash in hand may seem dangerous especially while traveling, but worry not, it is quite safe to tour in Tibet.

Special Items for Everest Base Camp or Mt Kailash Trek

In addition to the above-mentioned items, you need to bring the following items if you are going to take an EBC tour or Mount Kailash trek tour. Although some trekking gear can be bought in Lhasa, it is still highly recommended to make preparation in advance if you plan to trek in Tibet.

1. Travel Permits

Required permits to visit the Everest Base Camp include Tibet Travel Permit and Alien’s Travel Permit. To trek around the sacred Mount Kailash, except for the two permits, you also need to apply for Military Area Entry Permit and Foreign Affairs Permit.

2. High-calorie Food

Bring some high-calorie snacks such as energy bars, chocolate, mixed dry fruits, nuts, biscuits, air-dried beef, etc., as supplementary food in case you have no appetite while trekking.

3. Drinking Bottle

You need to replenish your body of drinking water during the trek.

4. Gloves and Winter Hat

Temperature drops in the evening at higher altitude areas. Wearing a pair of warm gloves and a winter hat can effectively prevent you from cold.

5. Neckband

This is necessary to protect your neck from getting burnt by the strong sunshine while you are trekking.

6. Garbage Bag

Travel responsibly and collect the garbage you produce to protect the environment of the Land of Snow.

Note: A trekking pole, camping lantern, portable chargers, oxygen bag, sleeping bag, and hand-warming slot are what we will provide if you choose us. Or you can rent the equipment once you arrive at the destinations where you start the tour in Tibet.

Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour EquipmentYou are recommended to be well prepared before trekking to Tibet EBC.


Now you know what to pack for Tibet tour. Try your best to pack the minimum and make your trip comfortable. If you plan to head for Mount Everest or Mount Kailash, do remember to consult with your guide and make a good preparation. Hope you enjoy a lot from your upcoming Tibet tour.

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