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Where to Stay in Tibet

Last Update: June 30, 2020

Tibet, the land of monasteries and the land of mountains, is quickly becoming one of the favorite destinations in Asia by many seasoned travelers. Tibet is called as the roof of the world as it is one of the highest habitable places in the world. Tibet has not caught up to the infrastructure of the modern world mainly because of the terrain and availability of many resources. But, this has not stopped travelers from exploring the beauty and spirituality in this mystic land. This doesn’t mean that the infrastructure in Tibet is bad or uncomfortable. Tibet has decent living conditions with all basic necessities.

Accommodations in Tibet could meet different needs of tourists from all walks of life, which can be generally classified into three categories, namely Tibet luxury hotels, cheap hotels in Tibet & Tibetan youth hostel, and guesthouses & tents in Tibet. However, due to the remote position and slow development, the standard of Tibet hotels is generally lower than those in mainland China.

Tibet Luxury Hotels

Generally speaking, the top luxury hotels in Tibet are mainly located in Lhasa city, and there are also some 4-star hotels in Shigatse. These luxury Tibetan hotels are most decorated in Tibetan style and well equipped with modern facilities, which offer you comfortable living environment while you travel in such high altitude land.

Some Popular Luxury Hotels in Tibet:

Star LevelHotel in Lhasa TibetHotel in Shigatse Tibet

The St.Regis Resort Lhasa

Shangri La Lhasa Hotel

Inter Continental Lhasa Paradise

Qomo Langzong Hotel


Four Points by Sheraton Lhasa

The Tibet Gang-gyan Lhasa Hote

Tashi Choeta Hotel

Wanrun International Resort Hotel

Lhasa Five-Star Hotels

The St. Regis Resort Lhasa

The St. Regis Resort LhasaThe St. Regis Resort Lhasa

This hotel is located 75km from the airport and is located very close to star attractions like Potala palace and Jokhang Temple. It is an international hotel with state of rat facilities and jaw-dropping views of the Himalayan range from all the rooms in the hotel. There are a total 162 rooms in the hotel. The restaurant offers various cuisines such as Tibetan, Cantonese, Nepalese, and Sichuan.

Shangri-La Lhasa Hotel

Shangri-La Lhasa HotelShangri-La Lhasa Hotel

This urban luxury hotel is located 50km from the airport. It is one of the very few hotels in Tibet that offers Wi-Fi and has four restaurants within the hotel. The interior designing of the rooms is done in Tibetan style with windows offering majestic views of the majestic mountains. There is a pool in the hotel and the provision to hire cars to explore Lhasa.

InterContinental Lhasa Paradise

InterContinental Lhasa ParadiseInterContinental Lhasa Paradise

This is one of the largest hotels in Lhasa with 472 rooms. It has amenities such as free Wi-Fi, breakfast buffet, oxygen system in rooms, hair driers, personal mini bars etc. There are English speaking staffs that make your stay easier. InterContinental Lhasa Paradise is located about 65 kms from the airport and close to attractions such as Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, and Potala Palace.

Lhasa Four-Star Hotels

Four Points by Sheraton Lhasa - Located 60 km from the airport; Sheraton Lhasa has South Asian style interiors that give you an immersive experience. Along with free Wi-Fi and 24-hour service, this hotel also as separate non-smoking floors and rooms for the handicapped. There are humidifiers and oxygen supply for all rooms to make the stay easier.

The Tibet Gang-gyan Lhasa Hotel

Tibet Gang-gyan Lhasa HotelTibet Gang-gyan Lhasa Hotel

This hotel is located 60km from the airport and is located near Ramoche Temple. This hotel has European style suit rooms, Tibetan style standard rooms, and Chinese style conference rooms. The tea house and in-house restaurant offers Tibetan and Chinese cuisines. You can enjoy the traditional evening drums and Sanskrit chanting during the stay at the hotel.

Shigatse Five-Star Hotels

Qomo Langzong Hotel

Qomo Langzong HotelQomo Langzong Hotel

This 5- star hotel is located at a short distance from Tashilunpo Monastery. It has authentic Tibetan style architecture with executive and deluxe rooms. The in-house restaurant offers Chinese and western cuisine. Other amenities include 24 hours service, free parking, oxygen supply systems, and free Wi-Fi. The presidential suites in this hotel have glass ceilings for star gazing.

Shigatse Four-Star Hotels

Tashi Choeta Hotel

Tashi Choeta HotelTashi Choeta Hotel

Located just 10 minutes away from Tashilunpo Monastery, this is a Tibetan style hotel with traditional paintings and Tibetan style furnishings filling up the rooms and hallways. Along with general amenities like 24-hour service, free Wi-Fi, free parking the in- house restaurant offers authentic Tibetan style food.

Wanrun International Resort Hotel

Wanrun International Resort HotelWanrun International Resort Hotel

Located close to Tashilunpo monastery with the backdrop of low mountains is the Wanrun International Resort Hotel. This hotel is built in Tibetan architecture style, which gives you an authentic feel of staying in Tibet.

Budget Hotels and Hostels in Tibet

Beside the luxury hotels, there are also budget hotels and hostels in the major cities, which are also common in some remote places. The living standard is quite basic and there may be no private bathroom in each room. Travelers need to share lounge and a public bathroom with other tourists. Usually Tibetan youth hostels and cheap hotels would provide you with different options, like family rooms, dormitories and individual berth, etc.

Where to Stay in Mt. Everest Base Camp?

Tibet hotels become less and limited at remote scenic regions like Mt.Kailash and Mt.Everest where Tibetan guest houses and tent hotels are more popular. However, you can just have basic facilities and simple conditions. Sometimes it would lack of running water and indoor toilets. It’s highly recommended to bring your own sleeping bags and toiletries while trekking Mt.Kailash and Mt.Everest. Although comfort is something you have to compromise on, the views you wake up to are worth it.

Guesthouses at EBCGuesthouses at EBC

You can also stay in the Rongbuk Monastery’s guesthouse, which is probably the highest guesthouse in the world. It is 8km from the EBC and has only the most basic amenities. There is no heating options for the room and does not have private bathrooms. It has a simple restaurant that has noodles and eggs.

Read detailed information about accommodation around Everest Base Camp and some useful tips, including documents, oxygen supply

Where to Stay during Mt. Kailash Kora Trek? 

Camping nearby Mt. KailashCamping nearby Mt. Kailash

During the Mount Kailash tour, there no guesthouses or hotels, camping or staying in tent hotels are the only options. If you are getting your own tents make sure they are water proof, bring your own sleeping bags and self- inflating mattresses. Please do not litter the camping grounds when during your stay.

Where to Stay While Visiting Lake Namtso?

Guesthouses at Lake NamtsoGuesthouses at Lake Namtso

Since Namtso Lake accommodation is limited and no hotels are built in scenic region of Lake Namtso, you would have to stay in tents or simple iron rooms. You will be sharing the rooms with fellow travelers and only common bathrooms are available. Not all rooms have charging points or heaters. Personal sleeping bag is suggested for the dense moisture. It is suggested that you bring your own toiletries and even tissue rolls. Anyway, camping overnight at Lake Namtso is an excellent chance to appreciate the stunning sunrise.

Can I Stay in a Local Monastery When I Visit Tibet?

It is not possible for foreigners to stay in the monasteries. Even the time permitted to visit the monastery is regulated for foreigners. Some monasteries have guesthouses where can you just do an overnight stay. This is mostly to preserve the monasteries from being commercialised and also because of the religious taboos.

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