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Tibet Weather

With strong winds, low humidity and a rarified atmosphere, the climate in Tibet is a dry continental climate, which formed by the unique terrain and topography of Tibetan Plateau. With an average altitude of 4,950m, Tibet Plateau is bounded by the Himalayan ranges from south to west, and the Tanggula Ranges in the north, which catch the rainfall before it reaches the plateau.

So, when is the best time to visit Tibet? This is the most frequent question tourists may have when planning a trip to Tibet. The best season for the best weather is from April to October. However, winter is also a good time to visit Tibet for the cheaper cost and fewer tourists to bother. Also, since the weather condition are different by regions in the large Tibetan plateau, to travel to specific destination, the best time to go for the best weather may be different.

To help you plan a smooth travel to Tibet, here we gather the detailed information about Tibet weather. From month to month, from destination to destination, you will get a clear understanding of the climate and weather condition before you go. Check the following guides now to find your best season to visit Tibet.

Monthly Tibet Weather and Travel Plan

Haven’t decide which month to visit Tibet? Here is the guide on Tibet weather in different months for your reference. Click to find our travel experts’ tips for inspiration.

  • Tibet Weather in January
    Tibet Weather in January

    Fewer tourists, no queues, more nomads and pilgrims, lower budget, all these make January in Tibet is quite attractive.

  • Tibet Weather in February
    Tibet Weather in February

    It is dry and cold in February, but most of the scenic spots in Tibet are suitable for travel, such as those in Lhasa and Shigatse, etc.

  • Tibet Weather in March
    Tibet Weather in March

    March alarms the return of warm weather on Tibetan Plateau. But for most part of Tibet, March is still the winter except Nyingchi where one can experience spring season.

  • Tibet Weather in April
    Tibet Weather in April

    April is the ideal time to visit Tibet as climate and weather of Tibet warm up gradually. Check what to wear, where to go, Tibet weather and festivals in April.

  • Tibet Weather in May
    Tibet Weather in May

    May is one of the best months to visit Tibet as it enters spring.Trees turn green and flowers are flourishing everywhere. Tibet weather in May is sunny, dry and cool.

  • Tibet Weather in June
    Tibet Weather in June

    June is a good time to visit Tibet for its most sunny days. Sometimes weather of Tibet in June would also be cloudy. The rainfalls mainly occur at nights and then it turns out to be a sunshine day.

  • Tibet Weather in July
    Tibet Weather in July

    July is one of the best months for touring Tibet. Being warmer and relatively humid, it often rains at night and remains sunny in the day. Generally speaking, Tibet weather in July is pleasant, hot and rainy.

  • Tibet Weather in August
    Tibet Weather in August

    August is the rainiest month in Tibet throughout the year. Luckily, Tibet precipitation would fade away gradually at late August. Tibet weather in August is warm and rainy.

  • Tibet Weather in September
    Tibet Weather in September

    September is one of the perfect months to visit Tibet. As the monsoon faded away and cold air hasn’t set in, Tibet weather in September is still warm, sunny and cozy.

  • Tibet Weather in October
    Tibet Weather in October

    Tibet weather in October is warm, sunny and dry. It becomes cooler, and leaves and grassland turn to yellow. If you want to see a golden Tibet, traveling Tibet in October would be a wise decision.

  • Tibet Weather in November
    Tibet Weather in November

    November is still suitable to go to Tibet for most sunshine days and clear weather. As dry season comes in, it seldom rains at Tibet in November. In short, Tibet weather in November is sunny and dry.

  • Tibet Weather in December
    Tibet Weather in December

    Tibet in winter is not so cold as people think. Although temperature keeps cooling down, the weather is usually sunny, dry and relatively comfortable. The rainfall hardly occurs to Tibet in December.

Weather and Climate in Popular Travel Destinations

Not a single trip to Tibet can include all its hot attractions and cities, as the snowy land is quite large as everyone knows. Therefore, we edit the weather guide respectively for the most popular destinations, which you may cry out for. Check for the details.

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