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Unveiling the Best Time to Visit Tibet: 5 Facts You May Not Know

Last Update: April 28, 2024

Tibet is a place that can be visited throughout the year. But when is the best time to visit Tibet? The answer may depend on where you want to visit, and what you want to experience here. Moreover, there are lesser-known facts about the ideal time to explore Tibet that you may not be aware of. Join us as we uncover the hidden secrets to help you plan your Tibetan adventure wisely.

The Best Time of Visiting Tibet (Sept & Oct) is Coming: the Golden Autumn Tibetan Scenery is Amazing

Fact 1: The Best Time to Visit Tibet Lasts for a Long Duration - from April to October

Tibet has a unique plateau climate, with strong sunshine, thin air, and low humidity. And the best time to visit Tibet for good weather is from April to October, which includes the spring, summer and autumn seasons on the plateau.

Spring (April to June) is a season for rebirth and renewal, and also the beginning of the tourist season in Tibet. The weather in Tibet in spring becomes warming up, and there is little rain, good sunny days, and clear skies.

Visit Tibet in SpringSpring is one of the best seasons to visit Tibet.

As summer (July to August) arrives, Tibet dons a lush green attire. While rainfall is common during this period, it mostly occurs in the afternoon, leaving ample time for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

While in autumn (September to October), the weather in Tibet is cool but not that cold like that in winter. It is a time with blue skies, little rain and dry air, perfect for travelling to see the scenic nature of Tibet.

Generally, April to October is the best time to visit most places in Tibet, including remote mountain areas like Mt. Everest. It is also the ideal season for doing a variety of activities on the plateau, like trekking.

Fact 2: Summer is the Rainy Season but Also the High Season in Tibet

Summer (July and August) is the rainy season and also the peak season in Tibet. Due to its high altitude, Tibet's summer is not as hot as other low-altitude areas, with the maximum temperature reaching only around 25℃. This pleasant climate attracts numerous people who seek a cool and comfortable summer getaway.

Tibet in summerTibet in summer has incredible scenery and pleasant weather.

With abundant sunshine and rainfall during the summer season, the mountains are at their greenest and flowers are in full bloom. The natural beauty of Tibet during July and August is truly incredible, making it especially ideal for photography.

However, it's important to note that heavy rainfall during this time can lead to mudslides or landslides on certain road sections. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor the weather conditions before embarking on your journey.

Fact 3: Winter is a Good Time to Visit Tibet for Lower Costs and Fewer Crowds

If you are looking for a budget Tibet tour, the best time to visit is during the winter months, from November to next March. Winter is the low season for Tibet tourism, resulting in fewer tourists traveling to the plateau. Additionally, you can often get discounts on tour costs, hotel accommodations, flights, and more.

A winter tour in Tibet is also more captivating, as the reduced number of tourists means that attractions are less crowded, allowing for a better and more authentic local traditional experience.

Visit Tibet in WinterTibet in winter is not excessively cold and the travel costs is lower.

Moreover, you will discover that Tibet in winter is not excessively cold. In fact, Lhasa is even warmer than many other cities in northern China. The weather is dry and clear, with minimal rainfall, making travel much more enjoyable.

Fact 4: The Best Time Varies among Different Places in Tibet

Different areas and altitudes also play a part in the weather conditions across the region. So the best time to visit different places in Tibet varies from each other slightly.

Best Time to Visit Everest Base Camp

For those planning a trip to Everest Base Camp (EBC) in western Tibet, the ideal times to travel are from April to June and September to October. While summer is generally considered a favorable time to visit Tibet, it is not the best time to catch a clear view of the Everest peak due to potential cloud cover caused by rain.

During spring and autumn, the skies are clear and bright, providing a clear view of the majestic Mt. Everest, and the weather is comfortably warm for travel. Embarking on an Everest Base Camp tour during spring or autumn will offer you the most rewarding experience.

Best Time to Visit Mount Kailash

Similar to visiting EBC, undertaking the challenging road trip to Mount Kailash for the breathtaking three-day trek is best done in spring and autumn. Mount Kailash is located in the far northwest of Tibet, in Ngari Prefecture, and the climate there is significantly colder compared to other regions in Tibet.

Spring and autumn bring clear skies and dry conditions to the mountain's Kora trail, which can be rugged and demanding for inexperienced trekkers. Summer rains can cause valleys and passes to become washed out, making the trek uncomfortable and much more difficult.

Best Time to Visit KailashTake a Mount Kailash trek in autumn

Best Time to Visit Lhasa City

Typically, the best time to travel to Lhasa is from June to October, spanning the summer and autumn seasons. Although Lhasa experiences the monsoon season, rainfall in the city is generally less compared to other monsoon regions. Most of the rainfall occurs in the late afternoon and evening, leaving the days clear for sightseeing.

Autumn is even drier, showcasing stunning colors and lush grasslands, making the journey from Lhasa to Shigatse one filled with beautiful scenery and golden fields.

Best Time to Visit Namtso Lake

Situated to the north of Lhasa, Lake Namtso is one of the most breathtaking lakes on the plateau. As with most high-altitude areas that are somewhat remote, the best time to visit is from June to September, during the peak summer months when the weather is comfortably warm for travel.

Best Time to Visit NamtsoBest time to visit Namtso is from June to September.

The road to Lake Namtso crosses the high Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains, which can be covered in snow from December to March during the winter months. Additionally, spring and autumn tend to be colder there compared to Lhasa.

Fact 5: The Best Time Also Depends on Your Choice of Activities

Choosing the best time to visit Tibet also depends on the activities you plan to engage in. Whether it's adventurous treks or cultural festivals, each activity has its ideal season. By considering your preferred activities, you can plan your visit to Tibet accordingly for an immersive and fulfilling experience.

Best Time for Trekking in Tibet

Generally, the best time for trekking in Tibet is from April to May and September to October, encompassing the spring and autumn seasons. During this period, the weather is dry and the air is clear, with almost no rain across the plateau.

Trek in TibetEnjoy a comfortable trekking in Tibet in spring.

As spring approaches, temperatures are mild and gradually warming up, providing a more comfortable trekking experience compared to hotter months. Similarly, in autumn, temperatures begin to cool down, and the dry period following the rains paints the countryside in vibrant colors, resembling an oil painting, as leaves gracefully fall from the trees.

Best Time for Photographing in Tibet

For those with a passion for photography and a desire to capture the best shots on the plateau, July and August is the best time of year. While spring and autumn offer clear skies, the summer months provide even clearer and crisper air, ideal for photography.

Throughout the year, Tibet experiences clear skies with occasional light clouds, but the changes in July and August are particularly dramatic. Before and after the rains, the skies display a distinct transformation, often adorned with deeper clouds and a multitude of colors. Additionally, rainbows are a common sight across the plateau following rain showers.

Everything on the plateau becomes even more beautiful in the monsoon season, as the rains fill the lakes, making the waters more shimmering than usual, with the haze after the rain painting the mountains different colors.

Best Time to Enjoy Tibetan Festivals

While festivals take place in Tibet throughout the year, there are specific periods that are particularly appealing for those who enjoy traditional Buddhist ceremonies and celebrations.

Summer is the prime time for numerous major Tibetan festivals, including the Shoton Festival, the Nagqu Horse Racing Festival, and the magnificent Ganden Thangka Festival. These three festivals are typically held in July or August, depending on the dates of the Tibetan calendar. They offer a remarkable display of traditional festival ambiance and cultural richness.

Shoton FestivalEnjoy Shoton Festival in Summer.


The best time to visit Tibet is typically from April to October, as the plateau boasts a pleasant climate during this period. However, the best time for your Tibet tour may vary slightly depending on your desired activities and destinations. By aligning your preferences with the optimal time, you can maximize your experience and fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the world's rooftop.

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