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Xian Tibet Train Tours

To someone who is fascinated by both ancient Chinese culture and Tibetan Buddhism, travelling from Xi’an to Tibet is your wisest choice.

Though Beijing is the capital of China, historically Xi’an far outweighs Beijing in that Xi’an used to be the capital of first feudal and centralized empire in Chinese history and also served as the capital in Tang Dynasty, the most glorious period of ancient Chinese civilization.

As the third shortest railway linking to Lhasa, Xi’an-Lhasa train covers 2,864km and it takes about 31 to 32 hours to reach Lhasa. You will enjoy the massive full-blossomed rape-seed flowers while passing Qinghai Lake and snow-capped Yuzhu peaks even in summer and lofty Tanggula Mountain Pass, vibrant Changtang Prairie on Tibetan Plateau, etc.

To facilitate your Xi’an Tibet train tour, we promise to offer Tibet Travel Permit service to you for free. As a leading Tibet train tour operator for over 10 years, we help you secure Tibet train ticket and provide tourist-friendly service to arrange hotel and dining and other options to meet your need.

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Most Popular Tibet Train Tours from Xi'an

We handpick the top 6 best traveler-choice itineraries and ingeniously make them into the best Xi'an Tibet train tours for worldwide travelers. With tourist-friendly service and quality guarantee, we make sure you enjoy the authentic Tibetan experience, with the affordable and reasonable budget.

We Guarantee You Tibet Train Tickets

With over 10 years’ Tibet train tour running experience and long-term partnership with the insiders of China railway system, we promise to secure your Tibet train ticket as planned. Just tell us your tour date, and personal preference, then leave the rest for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Xi'an Tibet Train Tour

What travel documents do I need for Xi’an Tibet train tour?

Well, firstly you need to get your Chinese Visa on your own before moving to Shanghai. Then, to enter Tibet from Xian, you need to have original Tibet Permit to board the Xian-Lhasa train. Normally, our stall will deliver it to your hotel in Xi’an. We suggest you have one more copy of it in case you get lost and do keep original one well. Then to travel beyond Lhasa like to EBC or Mt.Kailash, other travel documents like Alien’s Travel Permit, and Military will also be needed. No worries! Our Tibetan guide will help you get necessary before you hit the road.

When is the best time for taking Tibet train to Lhasa?

Undoubtedly, July and early August are the best time to board the Xi’an-Lhasa train to Tibet. As the full-bloomed rapeseed flowers blanket the shore of picturesque Qinghai Lake, you will get the amazing view of China’s large saline lake. Meanwhile, the glittering Tuotuo River, massive grazing yaks on lush pasture, snow-capped Yuzhu peak, even in summer, etc. will leave you in awe. While mid-April to May and Oct would be a perfect time for visiting Xi’an and Tibet.

If you have a tight budget for Xi’an Tibet train tour, then do time your journey from late Oct. to mid-Feb, you will enjoy surprisingly cheap train ticket and many discounts for hotels and dining in Tibet. And the grand Chinese and Tibetan festivals allow you to soak up the vibes of distinct culture and customs.

Will I suffer altitude sickness if I take Tibet train?

Compared with the drastic ascent to soaring Tibetan Plateau by flight, Tibet train gives more time for acclimatization. So far, no one has been reported suffering Acute Mountain Sickness for taking Tibet train. As the Tibet train enters the Tibetan Plateau and ascends to high passes like Tanggula Pass (at 5,072 m), the oxygen will be pumped into the airtight cabin to relieve the symptom of altitude change.

To the majority of people, you may feel dizzy or have slight headache, etc. There is no need to panic because it is the natural physical response to altitude ascent over 3000 elevation. You may ask the conductor for oxygen tube and have it connected to the oxygen outlet in the train to inhale oxygen. It’s totally safe for the train ride.

What to eat aboard the Xi’an-Lhasa train?

Well, the convenient boxed meals will be sold on food trolley at meal times. While the Tibet train has a designated dining carriage, available for dining. Normally, traditional Chinese dishes can be easily found. We suggest you buy some snacks or fruit before you board the train. Then you will have a great time eating tasty food while enjoying the stunning window view. Even veggies have different options in the train.

Can I have a shower in the Tibet train?

There are no showering facilities in the train. You may bring your toiletries and clean yourself at the basin beside the restroom. The boiled water dispenser can also be found nearby.

Is Wifi available in the Tibet train?

So far, there is no free Wifi access in Tibet train. But as you arrive in China, you may buy a SIM card with 4G for your smart phone. Then you can enjoy fast internet access throughout your journey from Xian to Lhasa.

Can my girlfriend and I enjoy one soft sleeper cabin?

Yes, indeed. The soft sleeper promises the ultimate comfort and privacy over train cabins in the Tibet train. It can accommodate 4 passengers with a door to shut during the night. If you are willing to pay the extra two seats in a soft sleeper cabin, it can be done.

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