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When to Go

Last Update: March 16, 2016

Climate is not such a major consideration when visiting Tibet as many people might imagine. For a place nicknamed ‘The Land of Snows’, there’s a surprising lack of snow. The boom in domestic tourism means that Lhasa swells with Chinese tourists in the summer and particularly in the week-long holidays around 1st October. Finding accommodation can be trickier during these weeks.

Winter is very cold, many restaurants are shut and snow can close mountain passes, but some travelers swear by the winter months. There are few travelers about at this time and Lhasa is crowded with drokpas (nomads). 

Potala Palace in the Good WeatherPotala Palace under Clear Blue Sky in the Good Weather

Spring, early summer and late autumn are probably the best times to visit Tibet. March is a politically sensitive month in the country and there is occasional tightening of restrictions on travelers heading into Tibet at this time, but the weather’s pretty good. April brings reliable weather in eastern Tibet and discounts on accommodation and vehicle rental in Lhasa. Mt Everest is particularly clear during April and May.

Sping in Nyingchi TibetSping in Nyingchi, Tibet, which is the best time to see the blooming peach blossoms .

From mid-July through to the end of September the monsoon starts to affect parts of Tibet. (The months of July and August bring half of Tibet’s annual rainfall.) Travel to western Tibet becomes slightly more difficult, the roads to the east are temporarily slashed out and the friendship sometimes becomes impassable on the Nepal side or on the border itself.

Yamdrok Lake in SummerIn the summer, the Yamdrok Lake, on the way to Shigatse, is shinning like turquoise.

Trips to Mt Kailash can be undertaken from April to October, although September and October are considered the best months. October is also the best time to make a trip out to the east. Lhasa and its environs don’t get really cold until the end of November.

Lhasa in AutumnThe autumn scenery of the outskirts of Lhasa city in Autumn.

It’s worth trying to time your trip with one of Tibet’s festivals. New Year (Losar) in January or February is an excellent time to be in Lhasa, as is the Saga Dawa festival in April or May. Also, there are some exciting horse racing festivals in summer

Tibet Horse Racing Festival in SummerVisiting Tibet in Summer, you may also have the chance to experience the horse racing festival with the locals.

Author: Tsering , Local Travel Expert

I am from a small town near Ngaqu and now live in Lhasa. Working for as a Tibet local travel expert, I'm glad to help more travelers experience and enjoy the beautiful land and culture of Tibet.

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