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Budget Tibet Tour: Is it Really Cheap to Join in a Group Tour in Tibet?

Last Update: December 26, 2023

Tibet, one of the most mysterious and holy land on the Earth, is always on the to-do list for many travelers. You might be thinking of travelling with your partner, a few friends or even travel solo in a Tibet private tour, but a group tour makes a lot more sense not only in terms of the fun you’ll have but the amount you’ll save. Due to the mountainous environment and shortage of supply, expenses can go through the roof however Tibet group tours will make it easier on your pockets.

If you enjoy private tours and keeping company with loved ones, you’ll be glad to know that private tours too can have its benefits. There are downsides to travel Tibet in a group tour which will be highlighted in this article, so you can outweigh the good and bad about Tibet group tours and make a decision on which suits you better.

Why Tibet Group Tours are Cheaper than Private Tours

Reason One: Share the Cost of Travel

The group that is decided to be together will be picked up by a coach to transfer you’ll to a hotel. This means the cost of a private taxi which charges way more is cut down. A private taxi is about USD$1.5 per Kilometer which can add up to plenty when travelling from the airport to your respective lodge. A group pickup also means a White Scarf given with a lovely group photo in front of the airport before boarding the coach. This photograph will look lovely in your photo album of memories! Be part of interesting conversations on the way to the hotel with the interesting personalities who will be part of your long group tour. Together enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Budget Tibet Group TourHappy sharing from travel partners from various countries

Through the Tibet tour you will be sharing cost of travel, which will mostly be in a coach or van together. This brings up a few challenges for the adventure seeking, as using public transport in a lively city like Lhasa will be a problem. Activities will have to jive with the other members of the group and so using public transport to visit certain locations would not be permitted. Hence you’ll miss out on the local buses where you can interact with locals and witness in the busy town of Lhasa.

Reason Two: Get More Discount in Hotel

The best part about a group tour in Tibet is most of the hotel is packed with the same people you will be roaming around with. That means eating your meals together, and the sharing of tips in surviving the cold weathers of Tibet. Hotels give a much better rate since the tour operator books most of the rooms for the group and hence a group discount is valid. The larger the group, the bigger the discount will be. It really depends on what you prefer, as sometimes in a larger group attention maybe divided and hence a 4 to 6 member group maybe better in terms of exploration of Tibet.

If you decide on a group tour, the hotel being booked is pre selected by the operator and so the quality and hotel may not be to your liking. It may be cheaper to stay, but sometimes the view or location of the hotel may not be according to what you prefer. Changing hotels will not be an option, and so you will have to be happy with the hotels you will be lodged in.

Reason Three: Cut Down the Cost of Personnel

The driver and tour guides work tirelessly ensuring your comfort, safety and enjoyment. It’s worth the cost, but it can exceed your budget when trying to hire them privately. Driver costs are included with vehicle cost, which is usually divided by the number of people travelling in the vehicle. So whatever vehicle you take for example, a small bus which accompanies 10 people, the total cost of the vehicle rent and driver cost will be divided by 10 people. The cost of the vehicle and driver is the biggest expenditure throughout the journey, as locations are far away from each other. The biggest way to cut down on this major expense is by a group tour of many people.

Budget Tibet Group TourFor our beautiful encounters, to be good friends with each other, Cheers!

Without a tour guide, you will be confused and your whole trip will be nothing but a great movie without subtitles. The tour guide will take you to the right spots and help translate the lovely histories of locations. Tour guide rates are normally between 250 and 350 RMB per day, and if you want him to speak another language other than English is can be pricier. This price is split amongst the group and you don’t have to bear the entire cost which will burn a hole in your pocket.

BE AWARE It is Not as Cheap as You Think

Pricier than Most Tours in China

Travelling to Tibet is not that cheap especially when compared to tours in other cities of China. The high altitude and remoteness of Tibet along with the cost of living is what adds up to the expenses.

The flights to Tibet are pricier as it is in the far west of China, and so if you want to cut down on travelling expenses choose the trains with the scenic views.

With tourists flocking to Tibet, the increase in the demand of hotels in Tibet has lead to expensive rooms for less quality. The food too is much expensive compared to China. A meal in China costs roughly CNY 20 but in Tibet it can cost CNY60, due to the harsh climatic conditions and transport required for the raw materials needed. It is suggestible to eat the local traditional Tibetan food as it is far cheaper.

Hidden Details about Group Tours

Sometimes a cheaper price of a group tour means that you need to pay more in the shops during your trip. Don’t let this mistake happen, go through the group tour information properly and find out if the group tour has shopping included in the itinerary or not.

One important suggestion is to look at what all is included in the total group tour package. The cost of arriving and departing from Tibet by train or flight is usually not included in the tour package. The expenses for food and drinks are also not included and so you need to carry extra cash for meals. Many a times you will not notice there are hidden charges such as taxes so it is best to ask the travel agency you book with for a breakdown of what is included and what is excluded in the group tour.

Budget Tibet Group TourGain good friendship and enjoy the unforgettable scenery during the journey

Overall if you are looking at a Tibet budget tour with great friendships made, a group tour in Tibet is ideal for you. From the time you are picked up to the time you are dropped back in the airport or station your expenses for travel, accommodation and personnel will fall down. Take a look at the itinerary well, and feel free to question the tour operators on what is included in the whole package and how many people will be there in the group. Remember the bigger the group the cheaper it becomes in certain aspects as highlighted in this article. After the group tour, you will make great new friendships with a lot more money saved in your bank account.

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