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Why Small Group Tours In Tibet: More Care with Big Fun

Last Update: December 26, 2023

You picked Tibet as your next vacation, after reading all the material online and speaking to a couple of friends who have already had a blast in the stunning country. Next you made a decision to go with a group of strangers for a group tour to Tibet. Not only because it will save you money but because it allows you to meet people from all over the world. ‘The more the merrier!’

Now the confusing decision on how many people should be in the group tour is pending. We, at Tibet Tour, suggest and promote small group tours of a maximum of 12 people, for many reasons. The average size of the group is 8.5 people, and this is ideal for a grand tour in the highlands of Tibet. This article covers why small group tours are preferable than large group tours.

Why Our Small Group Tour is Your Best Choice to Visit Tibet?

What Is A Small Group Travel?

Tibet small group tour emphasizes on an adventure with a standard group size of fewer than 12 travelers. Ideal for the traveler who loves to explore new places with the unique culture which Tibet has much to offer. There is a variety of adventures to choose from such as exploring the city of Lhasa to trekking in the high Mount Kailash. Many people love to travel alone, but touring with a small group allows an overall sensation of meeting new people and going to locations much safer when in a group. There are plenty of reasons why you should opt for a small group tour.

Why To Join In A Small Group Tour In Tibet?

More Flexible

A smaller group means that access is allowed to specific areas where large tour groups are prohibited from entering. Also the likelihood of sudden changes of plans in case someone becomes sick due to altitude or gets injured can take place. It is much easier to control a smaller group than a larger group.

Decisions to stop at a particular location to admire its beauty or stay a little while longer to munch on more Tibetan local snacks is possible with a small group. The spontaneous encounters and freedom enabled will not be available in large groups exceeding 12 members. Explore the public transport in the busy city of Lhasa to meet locals and understand their way of living. That will never be able to be done in large group tours as coordination becomes hard.

Tibet group toursEnjoy the splendid sunshine of Tibet, unique architecture, unique cultural environment

We believe in the saying ‘Too many cooks, spoil the soup.’ That is it basically confirms that a decision is far easier to be made when it comes to being flexible in a smaller group. The central decisions are made by the tour company, and so you can worry less about the arrangements for accommodation to traveling.

Much Attention From Tour Guide

A smaller group means more focus on individuals. This special treatment by the tour guides will make you feel like part of a family. Personal attention makes the travel experience stand out. The tour guide is with you most of the time, and so shares personal insights which will add to the already exciting Tibetan experience. This genuine specialness felt will differ from regular tours with large groups. Let the tour guide share his invaluable source of information on local culture, history, and sights. He will also ensure the trip is hassle-free by buying train tickets and organizing certain passes.

Tibet group toursOur guides have the patience and professional ability and bring you a wonderful experience

Trouble the tour guide with as many questions as possible, with a smaller group they will be able to share their wealth of knowledge. In a larger group, management of people becomes an issue and so one on one time will not be possible.

Safety Increases

If you are one to get scared traveling alone, sleeping in new exotic hotels and walking down paths that are strange to you, then joining in a group is the best choice for your Tibet tour. You will feel a side of security from the number of people around you. Your possessions will not be stolen from thieves easily. Traveling in the high altitude of Tibet is not very easy, and so the warmth and encouragement from fellow group members will be helpful.

Communication Amongst Group Members

The group being small gives an advantage of getting to know the other participants well. That way socialization becomes more fun. The people you meet have the same burning desire to see the same destination you do, in the same way as you thus making friends with them is more comfortable. In the morning you can bond over some local butter tea and in the nighttime share some exciting life-changing experiences.

If you are shy, the group members are bound to change your personality making you feel brighter and happier. Your relatives and friends will meet a completely changed person who is full of life after your adventures with the lovely group members.

Perfect For Busy Travelers

In today’s fast-moving world, which is becoming competitive by the day travelers only have a few days to travel around. If you have chosen Tibet and you have a few days to explore the beautiful heavens on top of the mountains choose the small group tour package. You will cover more ground in less time and save your time from lining in queues, finding places to eat or hotels to accommodate in. Best of all, travel comfortably with more room on the coaches, as there will always be plenty of empty seats.

Tibet group toursThe group members are bound to change your personality making you feel brighter and happier

Overall a more customized itinerary is formed with plenty of attention and great friends in a smaller group tour. You will travel to places in Tibet you don’t have access or an opportunity to plan yourself and witness local life like never before with the help of the experienced and knowledgeable tour guides.

A small group tour in Tibet gives you high value as it is similar to a Tibet private tour, but much cheaper and with a group of amazing people from all over the world. Not forgetting a lifetime of photographs with the fantastic group and scenery. Let us do all the hard work of making arrangements while you are free to enjoy the small group experience.

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