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The Most Complete Guide to Nyenchen Tanglha to Holy Lake Namtso Hiking

Last Update: March 27, 2020

Tibet can be considered a treasure house for adventurers owing to the fabulous trekking routes that Tibet has to offer. Not only does it attract mountain lovers but also pilgrims by its foreboding spirituality and holiness. A religious air looms large all over Tibet, capable of transforming hikers into pilgrims and vice versa. Tibet by virtue of its peak and ranges offer a great many hiking routes. One such amazing route is Nyenchen Tanglha trek to holy Lake Namtso. A bewildering experience waits for the tourists opting for this trek.

Hiking along the Lake NamtsoHiking along the Lake Namtso

Distance covered between Nyenchen Tanglha to holy Lake Namtso

It is a 4 to 5 days trek from Nyenchen Tanglha to the holy lake of Namtso. The trek starts at a point that is 160 km from Lhasa. Namtso Lake, the ultimate destination that this trek proceeds towards is at 250 km away from Lhasa. The trek starts from Damxung valley and passes through a high elevated forest towards its reaching point. The tourists hike to the Nyenchen Tanglha range passing through fantastic glaciated valleys and meadows. Tourists also get to see a lot of streams as they traverse the route.

Nyenchen TanglhaNyenchen Tanglha

Highlights in this trek

The trip begins at Damxung, hence the tourists often drive the Qinghai-Tibet Highway to reach the place which is 4130 m above the sea level. This trek offers you a vivid scenery of meadows and valleys. A monastery will also greet you on your way. The next day hiking would include traversing the glaciated valleys and reaching Herder's camp. Trekkers generally camp there for a night and observe the beauty of nature with all they can. On crossing the Kong La , tourists get the enthralling view of Nyenchen Tanglha ranges and Namtso Lake. The trail passes across the magnificent Nyenchen Tanglha range and then proceeds towards Tashi Do. Nyenchen Tanglha is a famous holy Mountain of Tibet which remains snowy all the year encircled by clouds and mists. A view of this magnificence is breathtaking and awestrucking.

This trek offers you a vivid scenery of meadows and valleysThis trek offers you a vivid scenery of meadows and valleys

After hiking several nomad camps, hikers follow the jeep trail to Tashi Dorje hermitage. Namtso lake is the biggest salt lake of Tibet situated at an elevation of 4700 metre. Locals believe that the holy Mountain of Nyenchen Tanglha and the holy lake of Namtso are like lovers protecting the vast expanse of Tibetan beauty. Tashi Peninsula must be explored to the fullest. Tourists also pay a necessary visit to the Tibetan nomads for an all encompassing experience. Namtso lake is holy and so is a site to observe Kora. Pilgrims also flock there to circumambulate the lake and complete their pilgrimage.

The fascinating scenery in NamtsoThe fascinating scenery in Namtso

Altitude change about Nyenchen Tanglha to holy lake Namtso

The altitude varies as the hikers ascend and descend the trek route. This hiking starts at Damxung (4130 m) and ends at Namtso Lake (4718 m). As you can see, the altitude remains high with frequent descents to valleys and basins. Before embarking on this trek, tourists are thereby advised to acclimatize in Lhasa at least for one day. Altitude sickness like dizziness, insomnia, vomiting tendencies is common occurrences in this hiking route. Proper precautions should therefore be carried along to avoid spoiling your trip.

The trekking route is a fantastic trek having to display great natural beautyThe trekking route is a fantastic trek having to display great natural beauty

Best time for hiking this trip

Tibet is beautiful irrespective of any seasons. It has something memorable to offer in each of the seasons. However, there is always something special about each season and spot. For instance, the best time to go hiking this route would invariably be summer months. Summers are very pleasant here. The green meadows are populated with yaks grazing and basking in the warm sunshine. Several migratory birds adorn this place at this time of the year. The entire trek route covers various valleys, lakes and meadows to enjoy the natural beauty to its core. During winters, the weather is generally unpredictable in the mountains. The temperature drastically falls at night and icy winds dominate the mountains at this time. It becomes critical to hike if you are not a regular and experienced hiker at this time. So, hike this route in summers and gather a blissful experience for your travel diary.

Best time for  Nyenchen Tanglha to Holy Lake Namtso HikingBest time for Nyenchen Tanglha to Holy Lake Namtso Hiking

Tibet travel permit and other permits

Travel permits, however, is a basic necessity in this tour. Without it your plan will become null and void. All the hikers must carry two most important permits every time they tour Tibet and plan to hike in the Tibetan mountains. A regular and serious checking procedure of Tibet travel permit and Alien's travel permit is compulsory in Tibet. So, a prior arrangement of these two must be made for sure.

Tibet travel permitTibet travel permit

What to pack and other tips

Hiking in the mountains amidst wilderness requires great many things to be packed. For once you embark on your journey, this item shall be of great help. Up there in the mountains, the temperature may vary from peak to peak valley to valley and time to time. You ought to prepare for all of it to make your journey a comfortable one.

Our guide help the tourists derive better pleasures from the tripOur guide help the tourists derive better pleasures from the trip

In Lhasa, during summers, the weather maybe hot and sunny but at higher altitudes like in Nyenchen Tanglha ranges and Namtso Lake, the temperature may fall. It is also recorded that up there days are cold and nights are extremely cold with temperatures falling below zero degree. So winter garments are compulsory. These garments may include thermal underwears, jackets, woolen hats, gloves, scarf, beanie and such others. Rainfall is also quite ritualistic in the hilly terrain so it is safer to carry raincoats and rain boots along.

Trekkers must carry proper camp wares like light moisture proof pads and lightweight sleeping bags. Sunglasses with UV rays protection, goggles for higher elevation and strong sunscreen are also very necessary. It is obligatory to keep the body hydrated all the while, so trekkers should carry lots of water bottles and water purifying tablets. You will probably need to camp in here and there which makes tent a belonging you must carry. A quality tent with accessories to put it up must be your trekking partners. Oxygen canisters must be taken along for emergency purposes. Two portable oxygen cylinders for each person will suffice.

Proper fooding becomes very essential during hiking. You may build a bonfire and try cooking some delicious dinner amidst wilderness. Carrying a few culinary accessories thus becomes necessary. However, trekkers should always eat healthy and nutritious foods to prevent any sickness coming their way. Hot porridges, pasta, salad, light dessert make a great meal while hiking. Some snacks like nuts, chocolate bars, hard candies and beef jerky shall be taken along to chew on while hiking.

Hiking alone can be dangerous if you are not at home with Tibetan mountains. A local, knowledgeable guide is a good company on your tour. He shall keep you aware of dangers and difficulties, safety measures you should follow and obviously will keep up your interest with stories and histories of each of the places you trek. A proper packing shall help you derive better pleasures from the trip.

This trekking route from Damxung via Nyenchen Tanglha ranges to holy lake Namtso is a fantastic trek having to display great natural beauty and spiritual solace. If you drive your way from Lhasa to Namtso lake, you may miss most of the adventures that you may encounter on your trek from Damxung to Namtso lake. While Nyenchen Tanglha range stands as a god figure to Tibetans, Namtso Lake engulfs the tourists sprinkling holy blessings on them. As earlier said, Tibet is a place that blends trekking and pilgrimage into one journey and continues to mesmerize those who come to it.

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