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Ten Best Tibetan Dishes to Try During Your Tibet Tour

Last Update: September 26, 2023

When traveling in Tibet, indulging in local delicacies is an amazing experience. This enchanting and beautiful place not only captivates with its breathtaking landscapes but also offers various specialty dishes waiting to be discovered. Here we will introduce the best 10 recommended classic traditional Tibetan dishes.

Tibetan Dish 1: Tibetan Yak Meat Hot Pot

When touring Tibet, enjoying a Tibetan hot pot is an essential experience. Tibetan hot pot features a clear broth made by simmering yak bones, imparting a delightful flavor.

Tibetan yak meat hot potTibetan yak meat hot pot uses traditional copper pot.

There are various options for yak meat, including plain yak meat, yak tongue, and seasoned yak meatballs. The selection of vegetables is also extensive, with commonly used ones like Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, potatoes, white radish, and glass noodles. The dipping sauce for the hot pot is unique, combining barley sauce with cilantro and chili sauce for a sweet and savory taste.

Tibetan yak meat hot pot primarily uses traditional copper pots, filled with ingredients around the rim in the kitchen and then brought to the table for cooking. The standout feature of yak meat hot pot is the delicious yak bone broth, infusing all ingredients with rich flavors.

Unlike the "blanching" hot pot in mainland China, Tibetan hot pot is more of a "boiling" hot pot. Due to the lower boiling point of water at high altitudes, meat needs to be precooked in a pressure cooker, and vegetables require more time to cook.

Savoring an authentic Tibetan yak meat hot pot not only lets you relish its deliciousness but also allows you to experience Tibet's unique culinary culture. During your journey to Tibet, be sure not to miss this culinary delight.

Tibetan Dish 2: Grilled Lamb Chops with Yak Butter

As one of the top ten classic Tibetan dishes, Tibetan grilled lamb chops represent the essence of Tibetan cuisine and are an absolute must-try when visiting Tibet! These succulent lamb chops are made from well-marbled fresh highland lamb, marinated with seasonings, and slowly grilled over charcoal until they become fragrant, tender, with crispy and sizzling skin.

Delicious Grilled Lamb Chops with Yak ButterDelicious Tibetan Grilled Lamb Chops with Yak Butter

Despite its simple preparation, the grilling process requires patience and precise techniques. The result is lamb chops that are juicy and tender on the inside, crispy and flavorful on the outside, without any gaminess.

When enjoying grilled lamb chops, you can be paired with fried potatoes, lettuce, and garlic, offering a unique texture and flavor that is truly enchanting. For those who appreciate hearty meals, this delicious dish is simply irresistible.

Tibetan Dish 3: Potato Beef Buns

Tibet's unique potato beef buns are a distinct and flavorful delicacy. Cooked potatoes are mashed into a pulp and used to make the dough, which is then wrapped around minced yak meat. This unique preparation method can only be savored in Tibet.

Potato Beef BunsPotato beef buns are a distinct and flavorful delicacy in Tibet.

The potato buns are deep-fried at a low temperature, resulting in a golden, crispy exterior and a soft and tender interior. Inside, the fragrant yak meat is enveloped by the crispy potato skin. The simple sweetness of the potato combines with the complex flavor of the yak meat, and when dipped in tomato sauce and chili sauce, it becomes an irresistible earthly delight.

Typically, a serving of potato beef buns consists of 6-8 pieces and is best enjoyed while still hot for a crispy and delicious texture. Whether you're a fan of potatoes or beef, this dish is a must-try Tibetan specialty that caters to both preferences.

Tibetan Dish 4: Yak Blood Sausage

Tibetan blood sausage, unlike mainland sausages, contains not only fresh meat but also yak blood, hence its name "blood sausage." Every year, during yak slaughtering in the pastoral areas, a significant amount of yak blood is produced. Resourceful Tibetans mix this blood with minced yak meat and seasonings, stuff it into yak intestines, dry it, then cook and cut it into sections for consumption.

Tibetan Yak Blood SausageTibetan Yak Blood Sausage

Blood sausage is calorie-rich, providing pastoralists who work outdoors in the harsh cold with essential micronutrients and energy, helping them endure the frigid winters.

While the taste of blood sausage may not be particularly exquisite, its unique texture and flavor are worth a try. During your journey in Tibet, tasting this distinctive Tibetan dish is also a way to explore the flavors of Tibetan culture.

Tibetan Dish 5: Curry Beef Rice Bowl with Potatoes

Curry Beef Rice Bowl with Potatoes is a delicious and flavorful specialty dish. It features yak meat and potatoes stewed in a rich curry sauce, poured over rice, and served with pickled radish and chili sauce. This economical rice bowl meal costs only 25 yuan per serving, making it a convenient and affordable lunch option.

Tibet curry beef riceTibetan Curry Beef Rice Bowl with Potatoes is a convenient and affordable lunch option.

Curry beef rice bowl combines the mild spiciness of curry with the savory sweetness of yak meat and yak meat broth. When paired with fragrant rice and the tanginess of pickled radish, it becomes a delectable and appetizing dish.

Curry, as a spice originating from India, has had some influence on Tibetan cuisine, making curry beef rice a popular and nutritious meal loved by locals.

Tibetan Dish 6: Yak Yogurt with Ginseng Fruit

In Tibet, you can also savor a unique delicacy known as yak yogurt with ginseng fruit. Tibetan yogurt is made by fermenting yak milk overnight, resulting in thick yogurt curds. Tibetan yogurt has a tangy flavor and is typically sweetened with a moderate amount of sugar before consumption.

Yak Yogurt with Ginseng FruitYak Yogurt with Ginseng Fruit is a unique delicacy in Tibet.

Ginseng fruit, also known as "jue ma" in Tibetan, is a local specialty with both medicinal and culinary uses. Its thick and fleshy rhizomes are rich in starch and can be used as a food ingredient or for brewing alcohol. Ginseng fruit has various health benefits, including aiding digestion, quenching thirst, and tonifying qi and blood.

When the softened ginseng fruit is cooked and mixed into the yogurt with a dash of sugar, it becomes a delightful dessert. This dish combines the refreshing tanginess of yogurt with the sweet and aromatic flavor of ginseng fruit, creating a unique and enjoyable taste.

Tibetan Dish 7: Tsampa

Tsampa is a hearty Tibetan dish made primarily from barley, which is a staple crop on the Tibetan Plateau, similar to wheat. Mature barley is dried, ground into flour, mixed with butter tea, and kneaded into dough.

TsampaTsampa is one of the most widespread homemade foods in Tibet.

It can be shaped using the palms of the hands or various molds to create preferred forms before serving. When consumed, it can be dipped in sugar and crushed cheese curds.

Tsampa is one of the most widespread homemade foods in Tibet, enjoyed as a staple in urban areas, rural households, and pastoral regions. For residents of the pastoral regions, it's customary to carry tsampa flour when grazing animals. They would prepare a pot of butter tea, knead the tsampa flour into dough, and have a nutritious lunch wherever they stop.

Tibetan Dish 8: Traditional Boiled Yak Meat

Traditional boiled yak meat is a simple yet delicious Tibetan specialty. This dish involves cutting bone-in yak meat into chunks, typically using yak rib meat, adding a suitable amount of salt, and cooking it along with highland potatoes in a pressure cooker. Once the water has evaporated, the yak meat and potatoes are plated.

Tibetan Traditional Boiled Yak MeatTibetan Traditional Boiled Yak Meat

When enjoying this dish, you directly use your hands to grab the meat, dip it in dried chili powder, and savor the delightful combination of the sweet and sticky potatoes and the tender and aromatic yak meat.

This dish is straightforward to prepare and is a popular choice for gatherings with family, and friends, or in pastoral areas where people can chat and share food.

Tibetan Dish 9: Tibetan Roast Pork

Tibetan Roast Pork is a unique Tibetan delicacy that uses the meat of the Tibetan pig, a special breed of lean pork unique to the Tibetan plateau. These pigs are raised in the mountains and forests at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 meters. They primarily feed on wild grass and native crops like maize and barley, leading to a lengthy growth period and exceptionally pure environmental conditions, resulting in distinctive meat.

Tibetan Roast PorkTibetan Roast Pork uses the meat of the Tibetan pig.

The preparation of Tibetan Roast Pork is meticulous. First, the pork is cut into uniform small pieces and marinated with spices for several hours to ensure it absorbs the flavors. Then, it is slowly roasted over charcoal for several hours, continuously turned to achieve crispy skin and tender, flavorful meat.

The finished product boasts thin, crispy skin, succulent and transparent fat, and tender, juicy meat. The best way to enjoy it is by placing the roasted meat inside specially made thin pancakes and adding unique sauces, creating a perfect combination of texture and taste.

Tibetan Dish 10: Dough Soup with Yak Butter

For vegetarians, Tibet offers a delicious vegetarian specialty known as Dough Soup with Yak Butter. This is a meat-free dish primarily composed of small doughballs made from flour, infused with the aroma and flavor of yak butter.

Tibetan Dough Soup with Yak ButterTibetan Dough Soup with Yak Butter

The process of making Dough Soup with Yak Butter is straightforward. First, the dough is torn into small, bite-sized doughballs. Then, yak butter is heated in a pan until it melts. The doughballs are added to the pan and stir-fried until they absorb the fragrance of the butter and turn golden brown. Crushed milk curds and powdered brown sugar are then added, continuing to stir-fry until the curds and sugar coat the dumplings.

Dough Soup with Yak Butter has a sweet and rich flavor with a pronounced buttery taste, making it a favorite among many, especially women. This dish has also become a go-to option for vegetarians traveling in Tibet.

Top 5 Authentic Tibetan Restaurants to Explore

In addition, we highly recommend the top five Tibetan restaurants that offer an authentic taste of Tibetan cuisine. Each of them has its own signature dishes, allowing you to experience various cooking styles and flavors while savoring delectable Tibetan food.

1) Aldo Nrozen Tibetan Restaurant (Average Cost: ¥80-¥100)

Located on Barkhor Street in Lhasa, Aldo Nrozen Tibetan Restaurant is renowned for its heartfelt cooking and affordable prices. They offer a variety of signature dishes, including Yogurt Tsampa, Yogurt Rice, Grilled Lamb Chops, Grilled Yak Tongue, Buttered Roasted Mushrooms, and Grilled Yak Meat.

Aldo Nrozen Tibetan RestaurantAldo Nrozen Tibetan Restaurant is located on Barkhor Street in Lhasa.

2) Makye Ame Restaurant (Average Cost: ¥120-¥150)

Makye Ame Restaurant is one of the most culturally rich Tibetan restaurants in Tibet, situated on Barkhor Street in the heart of Lhasa. This restaurant is known for its exquisite dishes and unique atmosphere.

You can enjoy dishes such as Pan-Fried Lamb Chops with Potatoes, Yogurt Cake, Barley Pancakes, and Buttered Pancakes. While the prices are slightly higher, you will have a unique and refined dining experience.

3) Yangqingcang Tibetan Restaurant (Average Cost: ¥100)

Yangqingcang Restaurant is renowned for its excellent Tibetan hot pot. The Tibetan hot pot here offers a wide variety of ingredients, including yak meat, yak tongue, yak meat balls, Tibetan chicken, potatoes, and more, all cooked in a delicious broth.

Yangqingcang Tibetan RestaurantYangqingcang Tibetan Restaurant in Lhasa

The standout feature is the unique beef sauce that adds a distinctive touch to the hot pot. Apart from the hot pot, the restaurant also offers exquisite dishes such as Grilled Lamb Chops with Cumin, Potato Dumplings.

4) Shambhala Tibetan Restaurant (Average Cost: ¥150)

Located in a small alley near Barkhor Street, adjacent to the Jokhang Temple, Shambhala Tibetan Restaurant offers a wide range of delicious and refined Tibetan dishes. The restaurant's interior is adorned in a luxurious Tibetan style, adding a unique atmosphere to your dining experience.

Signature dishes include Cumin Lamb Steak, Yak Tongue, Grilled Tibetan Mushrooms, and Tibetan Pig with Roasted Potatoes, among others.

In addition to the delightful cuisine, you can also enjoy captivating song and dance performances during your meal, allowing you to savor the charm of Tibetan culture while indulging in Tibetan delicacies.

5) Snow Land Restaurant (Average Cost: ¥70-¥80)

Snow Land Restaurant is an established Tibetan restaurant located on Barkhor Street. It maintains a simple and eco-friendly decor. Here, you can savor a variety of traditional Tibetan dishes as well as Nepalese and Indian cuisines, which are popular among foreign tourists. Signature Tibetan dishes include Potato Dumplings, Tsampa Meat Porridge, Boiled Yak Meat, Tibetan Pancake Sets, and Ginseng Fruit Rice, among others.

Lhasa Snow Land RestaurantLhasa Snow Land Restaurant


In Tibet, you will savor a diverse range of delicious Tibetan dishes, such as Grilled Lamb Chops with Yak Butter, Steamed Buns with Yak Meat and Potatoes, Tsampa, and Tibetan Roast Pork. Join our Tibet tours to enjoy a wonderful adventure of culinary exploration! We will take you to some carefully selected Tibetan restaurants where you can try the favorite dishes of the locals and experience the unique culinary skills of Tibetan chefs. Contact us now!

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