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Top 10 Must-Try Tibetan Snacks: Affordable and Delicious Treasures Not to Miss!

Last Update: October 18, 2023

Hidden in the side streets of Tibet are tasty treats waiting to be discovered. These street foods are not only affordable but also full of amazing flavors you'll want to try again and again. Enjoy true Tibetan snacks made from fresh ingredients, like flavorful noodles, mung bean jelly, crispy fried potatoes, and delicious beef dishes. Every bite is a taste adventure.

These snacks are special because they come from Tibet's unique environment. If you miss out now, you might have to wait until your next trip to try them. Make sure you give them a go!

Top 1 of Tibetan Snacks: Authentic Beef Momo (2 Yuan)

Tibet's signature delight, Momo, has gracefully danced its way across the Tibetan expanse and found devoted followers in Nepal, India, and Bhutan. This culinary sensation boasts delicate, thin skins, generously filled, promising an explosion of authentic meaty flavors. Each bite transports you to the vast Tibetan meadows, letting you relish the sun's embrace and the richness of yak meat, accompanied by its succulent juices.

While Tibetan Momo draws parallels with the dumplings of Han cuisine, its heart lies in the hand-minced fresh yak meat, seasoned with hints of salt, ginger, and scallions. Enclosed in soft, airy wrappers, they are then steamed to a melt-in-the-mouth perfection. Paired with a tangy chili sauce, the myriad of flavors promises an unforgettable gastronomic symphony.

Tibetan Fresh Beef MoMoIn Tibet, fresh beef MoMo is a must-try delicacy.

Top 2 of Tibetan Snacks: Fried Potatoes (5 Yuan)

Known as Tibet's top street snack, these fried potatoes, priced at just 5 yuan, are a must-try. Unlike spicier versions in other parts of China, Tibetan fried potatoes stand out with their simple flavor. Made from fresh potatoes, they're fried to perfection and sprinkled with a hint of red chili.

Grown in the high-altitude sun, these potatoes have a crunchy outside and soft inside. Every golden piece offers a taste that's distinctly Tibetan. Taking a bite feels like experiencing the sunny landscapes of Lhasa, with the perfect mix of warmth and spice.

Tibetan Fried PotatoesIn Tibet, fried potatoes rank as the most popular street snack.

Top 3 of Tibetan Snacks: Pure Yak Yogurt (6-8 Yuan)

Tibetan yogurt is special because of the pure yak milk from animals grazing in high-altitude pastures. These yaks, eating nature's best, give their yogurt a unique taste. Although it's not made in large quantities, this creamy delight can be transformed into butter for various purposes, including the delicious yogurt itself. You can try this treat for just 6-8 yuan on the streets.

Instead of big factories, local producers make this yogurt with care. They boil fresh yak milk, let it cool, and add a bit of yesterday's yogurt to start the fermentation, keeping it natural. It's thicker than most yogurts, needing a spoon to eat.

Tibetan yak yogurt is tangy but becomes a dessert when mixed with coarse sugar. This combination turns it almost custard-like. The blend of tart and sweet flavors showcases the true taste of Tibetan yak yogurt.

Tibetan Yak YogurtTibetan Yak Yogurt is unbeatably delicious with fruits or raisins.

Top 4 of Tibetan Snacks: Silky Potato Starch Jelly (8 Yuan)

Dive into the flavors of Tibet with potato starch jelly, a delicacy valued for its smooth sweetness and distinct texture. These highland potatoes, grown under the vast Himalayan sky and in soils with sharp temperature shifts, are packed with flavorful starch. While there are various ways to enjoy potatoes in Tibet, the potato starch jelly holds a special place in the hearts of Lhasa locals.

To make this treat, the potatoes are turned into starch, mixed with water, and then heated. Upon cooling, they set into a clear, stretchy, and smooth jelly. This transformation captures the essence of the highland sun, giving the jelly its unique sweetness. When cut into strips and seasoned with spicy chilies, it becomes irresistibly tempting.

Experience the charm of potato starch jelly for yourself. It's not just a dish, but a taste of Tibet's highlands - a refreshing treat, perfect for both hot summers and cold winters.

ChoMu Liangfen's Potato Cold NoodlesChoMu Liangfen's potato cold noodles is must-try in Tibet.

Top 5 of Tibetan Snacks: Butter Tea & Sweet Tea (1-5 Yuan)

In Tibet, "po cha" or butter tea is not just a drink; it's an essential. This rich and calorie-dense beverage is both a daily treat and a source of energy, often believed to combat altitude sickness. As times change, its preparation has modernized, with many now buying conveniently packaged versions as souvenirs.

Yet, if the savory notes of butter tea aren't to your liking, the sweet version of "po cha" is a delightful alternative. This sweet tea, with its gentle blend of milk and sugar, is reminiscent of milk tea but with a subtle charm.

Sweet tea houses are plentiful in Tibet, providing a comforting stop for many travelers. Lhasa is especially known for its sweet tea spots. Consider the renowned Marjey Ami tea house, where stories of the famed poet Tsangyang Gyatso and his secret love affairs still linger.

In such places, tea isn't just a beverage; it's an immersion into Tibetan culture, history, and community. Whether you're traveling alone or with company, a cup of this soothing tea is sure to enhance your Tibetan experience.

Tibetan Sweet TeaSweet tea is not just in tea houses, but everywhere in restaurants.

Top 6 of Tibetan Snacks: Crunchy Cheese Residue (12 Yuan)

Yaks are held in high esteem in Tibet, and their abundant milk is utilized to its fullest, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. The milk, once separated, transforms its fats into rich butter, while the leftover skimmed milk is set to boil. As the water evaporates, a cherished cheese residue emerges, which is then sweetened with sugar and enhanced with butter. Once formed and dried, it provides a crunchy bite that harmoniously blends sweetness and creamy notes.

Whether it's enjoyed as a daily snack or offered generously to guests, cheese residue holds a special place in Tibetan cuisine. Additionally, it's nutritionally robust, packed with ample proteins, ensuring that those journeying through the highlands remain energized.

Tibetan Yak Milk CurdsYak Milk Curds are diverse in shape, bursting with creamy flavor.

Top 7 of Tibetan Snacks: Sha-baley (5-10 Yuan)

Tibet takes pride in sha-baley, often translated as "beef bread," and it's a must-try for meat enthusiasts. Using fresh yak meat that's finely minced and seasoned with spices, scallions, and ginger, it's then enveloped in soft dough. This creation is shaped into a disc and fried until it turns a tempting golden brown, offering a crispy shell with a juicy, flavorful interior.

If you find yourself in the Kham region of Tibet, be on the lookout for a distinct variant of sha-baley. This version uses fermented dough, giving an enhanced taste. Cooked on a stove until the meat and bread puff up, it resembles a hearty Tibetan hamburger in both taste and satisfaction.

Tibetan Shaba LeShaba Le is crispy on the outside, tender beef inside, with a unique flavor.

Top 8 of Tibetan Snacks: Tibetan Noodles (15 Yuan)

Tibetan noodles are a staple in the region's culinary repertoire. Made from highland barley flour, these noodles have a unique, coarser texture compared to the more familiar noodles from mainland China. They might not have the usual chewiness, but they're packed with health benefits, especially their high dietary fiber content that aids detoxification.

These hearty noodles are often submerged in a clear yak meat broth, slow-cooked to perfection, capturing the meat's inherent sweetness. A favorite breakfast for Tibetans often features these noodles soaked in the rich broth, topped with a fried egg for added richness. And for those looking to elevate the experience, pairing it with a crispy sha-baley, dipped into the broth, is pure culinary bliss.

Tibetan NoodlesTibetan noodles is made from highland barley.

Top 9 of Tibetan Snacks: Dried Yak Meat (100-200 Yuan)

Dried yak meat is a testament to Tibetan ingenuity and tradition. While you might find modern, seasoned versions in stores, the true essence of this delicacy lies in its traditional preparation.

After thorough cleaning, the yak meat is thinly sliced and set out to dry under Tibet's sun. The region's dry climate ensures the meat dries thoroughly, leaving it unseasoned and unsalted, allowing its natural flavors to shine. Many locals enjoy it with a side of Tibetan chili sauce, adding a spicy kick. If you're trying it for the first time, give it a few bites – its distinct taste grows on you.

Tibetan Dried Yak MeatDried yak meat is a delightful snack and a cherished gift for friends and family.

Top 10 of Tibetan Snacks: Potato Buns (15-30 Yuan)

Rounding off our culinary journey are the delightful potato buns. Taking a spin on the typical dough, these buns are crafted with mashed potatoes that encase a savory yak meat filling. Once deep-fried, they offer an enticing contrast of textures — a crispy outside giving way to a soft, melt-in-your-mouth interior. Glistening with a golden hue, pairing these buns with a splash of tangy tomato sauce guarantees a memorable taste adventure.

Tibetan Potato BunsTibetan potato buns are crafted with mashed potatoes that encase a savory yak meat filling.


Tibetan delicacies offer a harmonious blend of simplicity, authentic flavors, and deep-rooted essence. Every dish, from the hearty barley noodles to the crispy potato buns, narrates a tale of ancient traditions, the expansive landscapes, and a culture intricately intertwined with its surroundings. When you indulge in these flavors, you're not merely tasting a meal; you're immersing yourself in the very soul of Tibet. Join us in following the alluring aroma of these dishes on an unforgettable trip to Tibet!

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