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Can I Go to Tibet without a Tour

Last Update: April 27, 2022

Many of our clients have asked us that whether they can travel to Tibet on their own. Well, the answer is no. As an international tourist to Tibet, you are required to join in a tour group to visit Tibet.

While you have the choice to decide what kind of tour to join, either group tour or private tour. And letting a trustworthy travel agency to handle your Tibet tour can make you journey much smoother. Read on to know more details.

One Needs to Join in an Organized Tour to Visit Tibet

Tibet Travel Permit cannot be applied on your own

For all international tourists who plan to visit Tibet, Tibet Travel Permit is the most important and necessary document to obtain. It is the precondition for you to get entry into Tibet and travel around the plateau.

Currently, individual application of the Tibet permit is not allowed. You need to contact a registered travel agency, who is qualified to help you apply for the Tibet Travel Permit through the Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa.

Tibet permit sampleTibet travel permit is necessary to enter Tibet for travel.

But the process is actually simple if you let us to handle your application. You just need to book a tour with us, and then email us the scanned copies of your passport and Chinese Visa. Then the rest of the application are left to us.

After we get the issued Tibet permit, we will deliver it immediately to your address in mainland China. With the permit, you can then take a flight or train to Tibet.

1) It is recommended to start the permit application at least 20 days in advance before your tour dates. The application process normally takes 8-10 working days, and in peak season it can take longer. And it will take other several days to email the permit.

2) Under the current situation with epidemic, expats living in mainland China now can get a Tibet Travel Permit to visit Tibet. But you need to prepare more required documents, including Green Health Code, negative nucleid acid test report, 14-day green travel code etc. The document requirements keep changing with the situation, so it is better to contact us for the latest news.

A tour guide is required and helpful

Throughout your trip in Tibet, you need to be accompanied by a registered local guide. Inside Lhasa, You can wander on the streets, and visit restaurants or teahouses on your own. But when you visit a monastery or attraction, you can only make it with your guide present.

Travel with a local guideA local guide is required during your trip in Tibet.

When you travel outside Lhasa to other areas of Tibet, you will also need a driver and a private tour vehicle arranged by your travel agency. There is no chance for you to take a bus or train on your own. Also, your tour guide will accompany you at all times, including going out of your hotel to eat at a restaurant.

Don’t think it’s bother! A tour guide actually helps a lot during your trip. They don't simply introduce you the tourist attractions, they will help you with the hotel check-in, and remind you of required luggage for trip, recommend authentic Tibetan restaurant, etc. He or she is just like your friend in Tibet.

A tour operator makes your Tibet trip easier

Travelling to Tibet is not quite the same as travelling to other places. The area is remote and has extremely high altitude, with changeable weather and diverse terrains. Only these nature factors alone make planning a trip to Tibet challenging, not to mention the travel policy and restrictions.

Travel with local agencyWe are the leading travel agency with good reputation in Lhasa.

So it is best to let a trustworthy tour operator to handle your trip in Tibet. With a reliable travel agency like us, with tour operating experiences of more than 10 years, you can enjoy your Tibet tour more safely and smoothly.

We will arrange all the aspects of your tour on your behalf, including the application of Tibet travel permit, food and accommodation, private tourist vehicle, airport/train shuttle service etc. Our guides are all local Tibetans, frequent in English and have years of working experiences. They are willing to help to solve any problem you encounter during your trip.

You can Choose from Private Tour or Group Tour

Travelling with a tour actually will not restrict your trip in Tibet. You have many choices to join in a group tour or a private tour, depending on your own situation.

Join in a small group tour

If you want to travel on budget, you can join in a group tour with a fixed itinerary and fixed departure. We offer a wide selection of small group tours with best local prices. And the number of tourists in our group usually is around 8, and won’t exceed 12. This ensures you can enjoy more quality service.

Group tour in TibetJoining in a small group tour can save your cost.

You can also choose from kinds of classic itineraries, which are well-tailored by our experts to cover the most popular landmarks in Tibet. If you want to take a short trip within one week, you can book our 4-day Lhasa city tour, to explore the essence of Tibetan Buddhism and culture. If you want to visit Mt. Everest, you can join our most popular 8-day Lhasa Everest Base Camp tour to realize your adventure dream to the world’s highest peak. If you want to experience the holy kora trek around Mt. Kailash, then the best choice is our 15-day Lhasa Kailash Manasarovar group tour.

During your trip, you can also make friends with other like-minded travelers of different backgrounds. This is especially beneficial for solo traveller. You can get much more fun during your trip, in addition to appreciating the natural scenery and culture architectures.

Customize your own private tour

If you don’t want to travel with other people, or need to spend time alone with your friends, families, or beloved ones, then you can book a private tour with us. Our private tours are available in varied types, from trekking tour to cycling tour, from birding watching tour to festival tour, etc.

Private tour in TibetYou can join in a private tour with your beloved ones.

Also, our travel expert can help to customize your own itinerary, according to your specific demands and interests, if there is no suitable ready-made trip for you. Just tell us where you want to go in Tibet, and we will help to design the perfect itinerary for you, as well as arrange hotels, tour guides, and everything else.


For international tourists who are going to visit Tibet, you still need to join in an organized tour. But it’s your choice to decide to join in a group tour or a private tour. And we can help to arrange a worry-free Tibet trip for you, going through all complicated formalities and procedures, like obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit, booking hotels, arranging local English-speaking tour guide etc. Just contact us for booking or more questions.

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