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Tibet Travel Agency: How to Choose the Best?

Last Update: April 30, 2022

For all international tourists to Tibet, independent travel is not permitted. All tourists to Tibet from international locations must be on a pre-arranged tour with a registered Tibetan tour operator or travel agency. Since all your documents rely on the travel agency obtaining them, there is no way around this, and you will actually be glad of it when you get to Tibet. However, since you are spending a lot of money on the trip, it is important that you find a travel agency that is reliable and trustworthy, and who will make sure your trip to Tibet is the best you have ever taken. Here, we will give you all the criteria that you should be looking for in a reputable travel agency that you can trust with your trip on the Roof of the World.

What Qualities a Trustworthy Tibet Travel Agency Should Have?

Before you book your trip to Tibet with the agency, you should make sure that they can provide you with all your requirements, as well as the necessary procedures for a tour of Tibet for foreign nationals.

Capable of Handling Your Tibet Travel Documents

Your permits are the most important thing you will need for the trip to Tibet, and without them, you will not even be able to board the train or flight to Lhasa. Your travel agency should be able to ensure they can process you permit applications in a timely manner, so that your permits are ready when you are ready in time for your planned departure to Tibet.

We are the most cost-effective tour operator in TibetWe are the most cost-effective tour operator in Tibet.

The most important permit, the Tibet Travel Permit, must be ready before you leave for Lhasa, or you will not get on the train or flight. With our decades of experience in providing tours and permits to travelers from around the world, we can guarantee your permit will be ready, as long as your booking is far enough in advance.

Experienced Local Tibet Guides and Drivers

One of the most important things about a tour of Tibet is the quality of guide and driver that you get to bring you to all the amazing places on the plateau. Having an amazing guide with you is the epitome of a great tour, and is your main connection to this land at the Roof of the World. Your guide should be knowledgeable and friendly, able to handle any situation with ease, and able to converse easily with you and your party.

Our tibetan tour guides and driversOur tibetan tour guides and drivers can give you the best experience in Tibet.

In turn, your driver should also be friendly and professional, able to transport you without problems to your next destination, and dedicated to keeping the entire party safe whilst inside the vehicle and out. Our guides and drivers are all experienced in their careers, most of them with more than a decade of experience in the business. We are confident that our guides and drivers can give you the best possible experience in Tibet.

Reasonable and Safe Tibet Tour Itinerary

Planning your itinerary is an important aspect of your tour, and your entire trip must be comfortable and safe in every aspect, including where and when you are going. To make sure that your tour itinerary is reasonable for the benefit of both you and the environment, and that you are not going to be put at risk in situations and locations that could be potentially dangerous, planning your itinerary with a travel agency is an essential part of the trip. We can help you to plan the perfect itinerary to give you the things you need, and to visit the places you want to see, as well as making sure that you are safe at all times and that the delicately balance ecosystem of the plateau is not damaged by your trip.

Offer Different Kinds of Tibet Tours

When you are planning to take a trip to Tibet, the travel agency should be able to offer you the widest possible range of trips, whether on a group tour, a private tour, or a custom tour. Your travel agency should be able to offer you every destination that is available for visiting in Tibet, and be able to offer itineraries that can match the tour you want.

Join our amazing Tibet Small Group TourJoin our amazing Tibet Small Group Tour.

We have one of the widest ranges of tours available in Tibet, from Small Group Tours to Private and custom trips. Our amazing Small Group Tours allow you to join in on a budget trip to the plateau region that will not break the bank, but has all the quality you require for your tour of Tibet. With fixed departure dates and incorporating a maximum of 12 people per tour group (though usually it is around 8 people per group, on average), these are ideal for solo travelers that want a cheaper trip cost without sacrificing quality. You will join a number of other travelers from all around the globe to visit all the places you have always wanted to see on a pre-determined itinerary. Our group tours include tours of Lhasa, trips across the plateau to Mount Everest, and tours that also take on the arduous 3-day Kailash Kora Trek.

You can also choose to book yourself a private tour, following one of our pre-determined itineraries or choosing your own custom itinerary. While the cost is higher, you get all the benefits of a private tour guide and driver, your own tour vehicle, and the personalized service that some people want when touring around Tibet. This is ideal for families that are not comfortable with traveling in Tibet in a larger group.

We can arrange your private and custom tripWe can arrange your private and custom trip.

And for the best in wide-ranging tours and itineraries, we can also arrange your tours of Tibet to include your travel in either mainland China or Nepal. Or we can cover both, handling all of your tour requirements from your entry to mainland China to your departure from Nepal after touring all three destinations. We can also include the awesome Tibet Train experience in your tour, and arrange your train ticket from your chosen departure location in Mainland China to Lhasa.

Transparent Listed Tour Cost and Included Services

One of the most important aspects of planning a tour is knowing exactly how much you will be paying. Understanding which tour cost are included in the total tour price you will pay and which are not is crucial to many people when planning a trip to Tibet. The last thing you want to find is that there are “hidden” costs for your trip, which you will have no choice but to pay to continue your tour itinerary to your selected destinations. The best choice for a travel agency to Tibet is one that has no hidden costs, is completely transparent in which items are included and which are not, and can give you a definite quote of what your overall tour cost is going to be.

We pride ourselves on not just being the most cost-effective tour operator in Tibet, but also on the complete transparency of all of our tour costs. All of our tour pages give you the complete information you will need to be confident that you can book your tour with us with trust. On every page of our listed Small Group Tours, we provide you with the summary of the trip and the detailed itinerary, with photos for your reference. We also include the dates of the trip departures and the general prices for that date. We tell you how many people are already booked on the Group Tour that you will be joining, and give you a complete list of what is included in the general tour cost, as well as what is not.

Our tour pages also include details on how we will process your permits, the accommodation available, all about tipping the guides and drivers (which is not compulsory), shuttle services available inclusive and at added costs, and some general tips about travel in Tibet. Every tour we offer has all of this detail on the individual tour pages, and is easy to read and understand, with defined separations of inclusive and non-inclusive items.

Professional Team with Prompt Support and Back-Up

One of the things that you need to be sure of when traveling in Tibet is that you have the professional support of the travel agency at all times during your trip. While it is not common, things can happen on tours, and accidents are possible. You need to be confident that your guide and travel agency can handle anything that could occur, and can do so with professionalism and integrity to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

We have almost two decades of experience in handling tours to Tibet, and our professional team of Tibetan experts are on hand to answer all your queries seven days a week. Our guides are the best at their jobs, and are dedicated to making sure that your trip goes without a hitch, while out office staff can answer all of your queries regarding your trip, from the minutes that you first contact us to long after you have departed from Tibet. We pride ourselves on a level of customer service and satisfaction that is second to none, and can provide that essential support and back-up 24/7.


Choosing the best travel agency for your tour is an important part of the process, and you need to make sure that you choose the best options for the best trip to Tibet. Following a few simple set criteria, and investigating the details of the travel agencies you are considering is the best way to find out that we are the ideal travel agency for your trip to the Roof of the World.

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